---Kgosi Kgomo---

I was driving around the mall looking for beautiful flowers to give my fiancee when we meet.

I have no idea what kind she likes I hope this ones will blow her mind..well I've heard that women love flowers...

Well u know about me now ain't u? Ok let me do a little bit of introduction..I'm Kgosi the second son to chief Albert Kgomo..I'm 25 years old lawyer I recently opened a law firm..

I can say that I am a cool person...and about my fiancee well she's beautiful just that I'm not sure I love her u know?..

My family and hers arranged for us to get married..well apparently since my brother doesnt want anything to do with father and the chieftaincy I had to step up.

My father is old and he's about to retire soon so i will take over...although I'm not looking forward to this but who am i to go against father? He will bury me alive  if I were to mess this one up.

I paid for the flowers and drove to my fiancee's school 




----THANDO ---

My friend Nazo finished up applying Make up on me and asked me to open my eyes and look on the mirror. 

I am naturally beautiful but today I look like a goddess... my friend  should seriously take a beauty and make up course after matric..shes good.

She tied up my long silky black hair to a neat bun..did my eyebrowsapplied mascara on my long eyelashes and eye liner to my make my big eyes visible 

My sharp small nose was touched with gold powder and my eyebrows trimmed and Shaped nicely 

I put on a nude lipstick on top of that...people always asked me if I'm coloured judging the way i am...my mom told me to never mind that nonsense..I'm black..and  my father was black too..

I was on my off shoulder long body hugging dress that showed off my assets pretty well..

I'm a size 32 woman and I so love my body..my figure to die for with my hips and ass..

Me: so friend how do I  look?

I said turning around in the mirror Nazo covered her mouth with her hands..

 Nazo: friendship u are so flames right now...how I wish I was the so called chief's son...I bet u if he's not stunned today..dump him

I laughed Nazo is crazy..I put on my navy heels

Me : its not like we are dating to begin with friend..If it was me I was not even going  to go all this trouble...

Yeah Nazo forced me to put on a make up...this girl will be a death of me I tell y'all 

We finished up everything and around 5 he called saying he's outside the gate..it was starting to be a bit chilly so i put on my short fur coat to cover my shoulders 

Nazo and I walked to the gate where we bribed the security guard to let us out...well the guy is screwing Nazo so we always have an access to go in and out...

I  spotted his black Mercedes-Benz parked opposite our school..when we were so close to him he got out and for a moment my heart jumped..fuck! He's hot...wait scratch that..he is handsome..really hot...pink lips smooth facethick eyebrows.. yellowish

He was holding flowers..we arrived to him he hugged me and handed the flowers to me  that i gave Nazo 

Kgosi: u look so beautiful damn

I blushed..Nazo winked...

Me: thank u...u look hot too

Kgosi: well i try..shall we go?

He said taking my hand and opening a door  for me...his hands are so cute and soft..like really cute...

Me: friend don't sleep I will call u to open up for me..

Nazo: alright friendship have fun 

Kgosi took his wallet and gave Nazo a couple of notes I'm sure it was 2000 

Kgosi: here " friendship " go buy yourself a drink 

Nazo was crazy she laughed and mini hugged him then ran back..Kgosi got in the car..

Ok I've forgotten that i don't like the guy and all that but nje he charmed me

We drove in silence for a moment while listening to 5fm..I decided to break the ice...

Me: so where are u taking me to?..

Kgosi: to my brother's house...we are going  to have dinner there..I hope u don't mind? 

Me: no not at all its cool

Kgosi: ok

Again silency  filled the car as he drove..he would steal glances at me and smile here and there...I guess he's the shy type...


I was halfway done with my cooking when boo bae walked in...

Me: just on time..supper will be ready soon

Sechaba : that's great..my brother and his fiancee are on the way...let me take a shower quickly 

Me: ok cool I will be setting the table

He kissed my cheek going up stairs..

I finished up and realised I had few minutes to spare and rushed up to the bedroom to get dressed too..

I took off te apron and went to shower...Sechaba was still in..I realised that he was in deep thoughts when I walked on the shower...because the water were just dropping on him...he looked up at me  and his eyes were totally red..it was like he was crying

Me: I..I'm sorry I will use  the other bathroom 

He smiled weakly and pulled me to him..his dick rose up immediately poking my belly

Sechaba : don't be silly...there's enough space for u here..

With that he squeezed my cheeks and turned me around to bath me...

Him  bathing me turned out to a steamy sex session with my legs wrapped around his waist him pinning me on the shower walls giving me deep thrusts and me screaming my lungs out...he was so rough..that how he gets when his emotional state starts..

We finished up and dried ourselves..he was a bit better and my legs were shaking..my punani  was on fire..

He helped me get dressed and he was on his simple black trousers..golf  polo white t-shirt that revealed his well built body and muscles...

I wore my short floral dress and flip flops...applied a little bit of make up and lipstick 

I heard a door bell

Me: love that must be them..please go get them in I'm coming

Sechaba : ok

He said getting off  from bed...he lazily walked out..I shook my head..one would swear they are my guests...yena nje he's so chilled 

---SECHABA ---

To be honest I'm not in the mood to be talking about weddings chieftaincy and all that but I don't have a choice..I don't want to disappoint my brother so i will just pretend  I'm excited and this is going to be a very long night ever

I went to open the door and here they were...my eyes flinched for a moment when I saw the lady that was next to him...I noticed her beauty when he showed me her pic on his phone but in person...wow! Is she even a human? Damn! 

I bring myself back to reality by coughing and smiling

Me: my brother...I'm glad u didn't get lost...please come in

They make their way in and I followed them looking at the lady's walk...everything about her is perfect...even from how she walks..smile and oh Jesus 

Thabi appeared upstairs..she smiled and made her way to them

Thabi: hi u must be the brother and the fiancee..I'm Thabi...Sechaba's...

Me: ...friend...

I saw her looking at me and I gave her the " what " look

Thabi: I'm pleased to meet u guys...

Kgosi: same here..I'm Kgosi Sechaba's younger brother and here is my beautiful fiancee Thando...

Thabi : beautiful indeed...u are welcome my dear

Thando: thank u

Thabi : please sit down I will bring u drinks

We  made a way to the table and Thabi disappeared  to the kitchen...there was an awkward silence...I kept on stealing glances over this girl ...damn she's hot..but what shocked me was the romance gap between them..with a girl like this next to me I would be crazy...

Kgosi was busy typing on his phone..he seemed a bit irritated by something 

Me : so Thando right...

She smiled revealing her gorgeous white teeth

Thando: yes...

As I was about to speak Kgosi's phone rang and he stood up

Kgosi: excuse me I need to take this

He left and I was left alone with this kid making things so awkward 

Thando: u were  about to say something...

Me : oh yes..I wanted to know a little bit more about you...

Thando: oh..well there's nothing much to know about me..I'm Thando Ngobese. ..my mother and I lived in Limpopo but she's Pedi and I'm  using my late's dad surname

Me:oh so your father was Zulu. ?

Thando: that what my mom says...I don't know him..he died when I was very young...

Me:oh I'm sorry about that...so carry on...

Thando: yeah I'm 18 doing my matric so that's all..

Me: what do u wanna study next year? 

Thando:information technology 

I raised my eyebrow in shock..its rare to find women in that department..she laughed at my reaction..her voice..angelic I tell u

Thando:i know..I know...most people thinks I'm crazy but honestly it's something I love and plan to do..I just love computers and technology I mean at the age of 15 I had taught myself how to hack and all that

Me: wow impressive..looks like u are going to be a a great asset to this family

Thando :I just hope my husband to be will approve me to study it further 

Me: I don't see why not..Kgosi is a modern man...

With that said he walked back in followed by Thabi with drinks and we sat down talking about random stuff 

I noticed that Kgosi was a bit off...I had to  ask him what is wrong because he hardly participated in the conversations...I mean I myself was not looking forward to this but I was trying 

Thabi: Thando please come and help me dish up

Thando smiled and took of her coat lacing it on the chair I noticed a beautiful tattoo just above her left breast...the ladies left to the kitchen and I was alone with my brother 

Me: chief what is wrong with you?

Kgosi : what do u mean?

Me: u are awkwardly silent what is it?

Kgosi:(scratching his head) eix I need to go somewhere...can u please look after Thando and drive her back please? Thank u...cover for me..I will explain later..u  the best

He spoke so fast the next thing he was gone! What the hell ! What is Kgosi playing at? Why would he bring this kid here to leave her with  Me? I hate this I seriously hate it...I will deal with him when he comes back...right now I need to manage the situation 

The ladies came back with food..the disappointment in Thando's face when I have to tell her that Kgosi left he has some business to urgently take care off..like the mood was no longer  the same

We finished  up eating...Thabi offered dessert but Thando said she was leave..I fetched  my jacket and car keys then walked with her to my car

We drove in silence to her school...I could tell she was mad..she finally spoke 

Thando :u know I know this an arrange marriage and that none of us is looking forward to but to drop me off like this after all the effort I made to see his ass. ..ungijwayela kabi!

Wow she was pissed and I kinda understand where she was coming from..I was just shocked at the "arranged marriage " issue...I will ask Kgosi about it later 

Me:I apologies on his behalf..he had to..

Thando : please stop..don't talk for him..he did this ngamabomu..so nje don't bother

Me:(raising my hands surrendering ) okay

Thando: I'm sorry I didn't mean to snap like that..just that I'm hurt

She blinked her big eyes trying to stop tears..oh Lord have mercy on me...what am I to do if this kid cries?

Me:I understand but u don't have to worry all will be fine

Thando: thank u..ive arrived let me call my friend to get me...

She said taking her phone from her back...

Thando : shit its off..can  I use your phone to call her?

Me: sure

I said handing her my iPhone X..she knew her friends number by heart so she just dialled them...they spoke for a minute and she came out 

She was wearing a peach short silky pyjamas...sexy as hell..unlike our bride here..she has thighs..fresh ones...an round ass and a glass figure...she was dark in complexion..not the navy dark the sexy dark..

Nazo: thanks for bringing her back..where's Kgosi?

Thando: friend forget about that jerk...thanks for the ride..I hope to see u again some day hopefully...

I just nod with my head with my eyes fixed on her friend...she smiled and they left...I started the car and go back to the house...

I arrived and still Kgosi  was not back..I wonder what this boy is playing at 

I parked my car and went inside...I found Thabi sleeping so i let her be and took off my clothes and got in the bed covers 

My phone beeped  with a message...I took it..it was a whatsApp notification

" Thando told me what happened...she's a bit sad but she's sleeping now"

I viewed the pp..oh its the sexy friend..I sat up and looked at Thabi who was peacefully sleeping...I saved her number and we started chatting 

I'm not into high school kids but this one...is yummy..we chatted up untill  we set a date to meet up

Shes hyper..I think I like her..I gave her my other house Address and told her to meet me there during lunch time...to encourage her I Sent her a couple of thousands she was excited

I logged of from whatsApp and realized it was 23:45...wow first time to be on whatsApp for this long...I heard a car driving in

I clicked my tongue..this dog thought I would be sleeping 

I wore my sleepers and walked downstairs...just as he switched  on the lights he was met by me...

He was drunk..kak drunk he couldn't even stand straight 

Kgosi : oh shit...bafo..why are u still up?

Me: Kgosi what the hell man? Why are u this drunk? On a Monday? 

Kgosi: yooh my brother please give me a break..I'm so stressed..my life is hell..I'm trying to fix things but its not working

He said that throwing himself on the couch crying..I was mad as hell..I wanted to punch his face but seeing him like this broke my heart..I sat down

Me:talk to me Kg maybe I could help..u know I'm always there for u right?

Kgosi : this mess I'm in my dear brother u won't understand..I'm sure after discovering the truth u will disown me...I mean I'm the disgrace to the family after all...

Me: come on Kgosi  stop saying that..why would  u say such a thing to yourself? 

Kgosi: I mean broe if I mess this wedding my dad will officially disown me..no he will shoot me...

That man again? I realised there's a lot going on..and talking to a drunk Kgosi won't help...I need him sober minded...

I carried him to the guest bedroom Thabi prepared and dropped him there...he sleep immediately. ..I took off his shoes and put  a blanket on him

Then I noticed a love bite on his ear..I shifted the earring  a bit. .it was so deep and red..my brother is yellow in complexion unlike me and Thato who are dark 

I shook my head in disbelief  and let him be and walked out...



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