Chapter 8


I was woken up by sharp sun rays penetrating my eyes. I shut them tighter and the covers were pulled off me as I try to protect myself from the sun. A very bad headache came on and I couldn't stand it. I moan in pain.  

“Good morning” Is it a good morning ? 

“I have a very bad headache” I say while squinting my eyes. I open and look at him.  

He is in overralls and a black vest as well. 

“Thats your first punishment. ” I sat up while holding my head.  

“Are there pain killers?” I ask. He folds his arms 

“The were pain killers but I flushed them down the toilet this morning” What ?

“What ? How co...ahh” I moan while holding my head. 

“Come so you can prepare bath water no sleeping” I want to cry. 

“I am sorry I won't drink again” I say 

“Cholo come“He is waiting. 

I get off the bed slowly. I get dressed before we walk out. I will never drink again mark my words. 


Did I say I wouldn't drink again? Well I was lying What convincing women they are in desperate times. I am downing it like there is no tomorrow. Sane takes the plastic and I throw my bottle inside it. We are watching Slindo take a bath we have already done our bathing. She has some marks on her body and I am worried. Did he hit her ? Is he abusing her yet she is laughing at whatever Sane is saying like she is normal. 

“Cholo” I look at her snapping out of my thoughts 

“What is wrong ?” I look at her waist. 

“No man it's not what you think” She says while wiping her body. 

“I need to throw these away” Sane says 

She takes the plastic and takes a bag from the bed and shoves the plastic inside. 

“Thats Nazi's gym bag”Slindo says 

“What is he going to gym with? The cows?" Sane says. 

“I think my headache us better now ” I say. It does feel better. I feel better. 

“Thats how you cure a hangover. Bebethi basibambile kanti Cha silithile ( They thought they have got us but nowe Alert” Sane says. 

“What happened to your waist ?” I wanted to ask. 

“A heavy punishment look at mine” Sane pulls her t-shirt up and they high five” I am confused with these two 

“They hit you” 

“Oh Cholo no Nazo has never laid his hand on me” I look at Sane 

“Igwayi Mntase iyasebenza. ( their Machine does the work)" 

I am still confused. 

“Punishment Sex” Slindo clearified

“Oh ” I don't understand why they look like that. 

“My man knows his stuff shame. I will drink any day for what I had lastsnight.” Sane says and Slindo laughs.  

“Let me get dressed ” she says

“Let me go and throw this away” She takes the plastic and goes out Slindo looks at me. 

“You seem distracted” she says 

“I don't know how Ntozakhona will punish me ” She giggles. 

“Good luck” 

“Is it going to be bad?” 

“I don't know ” the door opens and Sane is back 

“Cholo your man is looking for you ” 

“Yoh here is some mouth wash and sweet say you drank coffee ” Slindo hands to me and I wash my mouth and spit in her water and take a sweet. 

“Be alert ok?” Sane says and I nod. I walk out of the room and we to find him. He was by his car

I swallow 

“You called for me ” I say 

“Get inside. We are going somewhere ” He says 

I look at the car and him. 

“Get in Cholo so we can come back” I am scared. I got in the car 

He got in as well and drove off. My heart is beating fast. 

“How is the headache?” he asks 

“Ok” I say and he looks at me. 

“You got pills?” I shook my head and he squinted his eyes. I remember the lie I was told to say 

“I drank coffee” he doesn't seem to believe me.  

It is silent until we get to the river. When was the last time I was here. He hops out and comes to get me out. I do and he closes the door behind me.  

“Strip” What?


“Now Cholo” I take off the skirt I am wearing slowly

He is looking and waiting as I strip everysibke cloth on me. 

“Even the head wrap” he says. 

I take it off and I am left in my natural hair.  

“Go inside ” Haah never I can't . 

“What If a snake comes and takes me ” I say. 

“It won't go” he is so sure . I walk slowly onnthe rocks. I am naked on my birthing suit. I step on the cold water and I slowly make my way inside.  

He takes off his shoes and folds the bottom ends of the overrall. He crouches and looks at me .  

“Are you comfortable?” I shake my head

”Good” He goes to the car and comes back with a 2L bottle and throws it to me and I catch it.  

“I want you to finish it ” He says. 

“What is this ?” it looks yellowish 

“Drink” I open it and take a sip 

“Again" I take another sip and it doesn't taste nice. 

“Thats everyone's pee” I gagged he chuckled. 

“I am joking” He says 

“I hate you“

“I will see you after an hour drink all of that or we will have problems ” I don't know what it is.  

“I am sorry Please” 

“Drink Cholo” He walks to the car. The water is cold at the same time I am freezing. 

“Ntozakhona!” He takes my clothes and gets in. Soon he is gone. I stay there and I cry. 

I didn't drink what he gave to me. I spilt it inside the running water. I couldn't get out mainly because I don't have clothes here. He doesn't know me yazi. He really doesn't. I saw his car approaching and I swam by the rocks and I laid on my back closing my eyes. I breathed slowly yet unnoticeably. 

“Cholo!” I ignored him.  

“Baby !” Still I kept my silence. 

“Shit ! 

I stayed rooted where I am not moving. I felt him picking me up from the water 

“Shit what have I done ” He says. I am wrapped in a blanket and he places me on leather. 

“Bafo Its Cholo bafo I made the biggest mistake of my life ” I could hear his voice breaking a bit. Shame Man.i am not falling for it. 

“I am coming ” The sound of the door closing made me open my eyes. He seems frustrated and his head is onnthe steering wheel. 

I sit up and touch his shoulder. He turns to the back and I smile at him. 

“Check mate” I say. 

“You fucked me up Cholo !” I laugh 

“You left me in the cold ” 

“Stop drinking" he says 

“I am sorry” He clicks his tongue wiping his face and starts the car 

He is angry once again. He is at fault here. 


I wasn't allowed to enter the family rondaval when they were consulting the Ndlovu ancestors as I am not part of the Ndlovu family. Ntozakhona hasn't talked to me since the river incident and Slindo fed me her kids medication so I wouldn't get a cold. She didn't have medication for adults I think she is still a bit drunk as well and I would hear her saying she wants Nazo she is feeling fuzzy. When the goat was slaughtered they disappeared so it could only mean one thing.  

“He doesn't want to talk to me” We are making steam bread for tomorrow so we can just cook and not have much to do. We did the peeling as well with Sane. 

“We will go to my room. I have just the thing that will make him talk” She says. 

“What ?" she just giggles. 

“You will see ” This one always has tricks up her sleeve 

The aunts aren't very pleasant but the fathers are. I didn't want to bump into anyone of them and I did the best as I could. We get done with the dough and put it away. It's getting late anesy and we have to wake up early tomorrow because it's the eating day and the neighbours will be here. I follow Sane to her room and she takes out a suitcase she fiddled inside 

“Perfect!” She takes out a black mosquito net and hands it to me. 

“Its for the flies?" I ask. 

“No man it's for a man. Go and bath. Then wear that and let your hair loose” I touch it 

“Its tangled” 

“come let me do it” I sit down and she undo my benny and betty. She combs it and gets done.

“Just bath Wear and sleep all over the bed. He will start talking” She says 

“Thank you” I walk out.

I go and prepare bath water and I go and bath. I get done and discard the water. I get inside and I go and get dressed I look at myself and I don't feel bad actually.  

“Izobonana bafo ( I will see you back)” I hear him outside. I switch off the lights and get on the bed and close my eyes.  

The door opens and the lights are switched on. I keep my eyes closed and I hear him coming closer. His warm breath against my neck he kisses it softly

“Mphefumulo wami ” I pretend to groan. 

“Baby are you asleep?” he asks. 

“I am trying to sleep Ntozakhona ” 

“I am sorry I was a jerk earlier ” he says. 


He runs his fingers over my body and he is ontop of me. I feel his buldge on my butt. 

“Ntozakhona I want to sleep” 

“Please baby just two ” 

“What ?” 

“Rounds. You can look this amazing for me not to touch” 

“You are angry at me” 

“I am not ” he kisses my neck 

“Please” he moves the lady thong to the side 

His finger is inserted and I moan. 

“I will just put in a tip real quick” This man Bathong !


“A tip has been inserted now let's sleep” he rests his hand firmly on my back and goes deeper. I gasp and moan. 

“Khona ” he groans 

“Fuck baby you look sexy” he spanks my butt cheeks.i am sure they danced somewhere and too long as well . 

He thrusts in and out and creats pain and pleasure. 

“Ohahh ” i moan 

“Mmmh shh he says. And I bite my bottom lip and he increased his pace


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