Chapter 7


I am in the kitchen waiting and preparing. He walks in and I look at him. 

“I should've told you I would be gone for the past two days" he says and I carry on with setting the food up. 

“How many are you ?" 

“Its Qiniso Sakhile Afika and me ” he says. Sakhile another one I haven't seen in so long. 

“Ok” he kisses my forehead. 

“I love you ” he says before waking out. I smile. 

I dish up for them and I take a little bowel and I put warm water and some soap and took a clean dishcloth. I walk out and they are seated with papers Infront of them. 

“I just earned another route to Makhutha ” Qiniso says. 

“Thats good. I will take care of the petrol transportation contract ” Ntozakhona says.  

I get to them 

“Hello” I greet 

“MaGxabashe I did hear you are back” Sakhile says. 

“She removed Nelisiwe quiet quick” Afika says and Ntozakhona gives him a look. 

I looked away. 

“Don't mind Him " Qiniso says and I nod. They all wash their hands and wipe them.  

I walk away to the kitchen and collect the food before I start serving them their food. I leave them and I go to the kitchen. I don't eat but wait for them to finish so I could take the dishes. I keep myself busy by playing a game on my phone when Ntozakhona walks in with the dishes. That was very quick. 

“You could've called me ” I say while he places the dishes. 

“Its ok we are going a bit. Thank you for the food ” He perks my lips. 

“Ntozakhona ” he rushes off and I sigh. He is out of sight. 

I take the dishes and put them in the sink before I wash them. 


I am packing the washing away. I washed today because the sun was nice and hot and this was the perfect weather to do laundry. I walk inside the main bedroom and I place his things nice and neatly in the wardrobe. He walks in and I look at him and carry on with my work. 

“I promise I am not leaving anymore” he says and I just keep quiet. 

“Cholo” he sighs and comes to stand behind me placing his hands in his pocket. 

“This weekend we are going to Msinga ” I stop what I am doing and look at him.  

“You are going ?”

“We are going ” he emphasises the We 

“Its a thank you ceremony ” he continues

“But I am not married to you ” I say. I can't just show up with him there. Obviously we will share a bed. 

“But you used to....” 

“That was years ago we didn't know better” he chuckles.  

“You look beautiful frustrated” he says. 

“Come here ” I go to him and he holds me. 

“There will be alot of explaining. Alot of work being done and trials but we will stick through them ” I nod. 

“ That will happen ” 

“I love you ” he says. 

“I love you too” he kisses my lips.  

“Where were you ?” I look at him he looks down on me. 

“I am trying to secure a contract with a fuel company ” he kisses my forehead. 

“You will know along the way” he says 

“Is it the one Nelisiwe was talking about ?” he is silent for a moment. 

“Its similar content just different people” I just nod because he won't explain further or in simple form.  

“Let me go and bath ” he holds my hand 

“I won't hurt you Cholo. I am trying to fix us so we can be together happily” 

“You think we won't be happy ?” I ask. 

“I know we will beI will make sure you are happy with me” I smile. 

“Ok let me bath”

He let me go and I went to bath. I hope Msizi and his father have given up. I am not prepared to loose Ntozakhona because of my carelessness but I am not changing my mind of being here. 


We are heading to Msinga. It has been exactly 10 years since I have set foot here and I am nervous. Maybe I will bump into my father and I am afriad of that. The first question he will ask is Why am I here ? How will I explain that to Gxabashe. How will I say I am here because I am with my boyfriend? I just pray that I don't bump into him honestly.  

I am looking out of the window as my phone rings. Maybe it's MaNdawonde I haven't talked to her in two days. I miss her honestly I look at the screen and it's my sister. I huff because she has something to gloat about. That's the only reason she ever calls me and it's how much her life is going well than mine.  

“Nofotho” i answer. 

“How are you?” she asks 

“I am well and yourself ? ” 

“Wonderful. Eyi phela we have new furniture. Leather My husband got them on lay bye. Finally they are here ” see 


“I am sure Dabula couldn't buy any furniture after his downfall” 

“You are speaking illof the dead now ” I didn't love Dabula but I hate it when she talks like this about him. He was still a good man who tried his best ! 

Ntozakhona looks at me.  

“Haibo I am just saying” I hang up on her and throw the phone on my lap. 

“Are you ok?” I nod he lets me be.  

We arrive at his home and it has changed. Much bigger than the last time I was here and has running water by the tap outside. I am nervous as we get out.  

“Where is Nelisiwe ?”one of them asks.  

“You boys like bringing such things ” 

“Don't start with my wife or we will have serious problems” Nazo says pointing at each and everyone of them. I swallow. 

“Come ” Slindo takes my hand and kids follow after her. I look behind us at them. 

“These are my children” I nod they look cute but the boys look like Ntozakhona's Grandfather.  

“Mommy there is Daddy” they rush off to Sakhile who hops out of his car with another child that looks just like him. They are climbing and fighting over him. I am confused at the moment. 

“I need some wine and I think you will too. It's going to be a long stay " she pulls me in a room and takes out some wine. 

“I have never drank” I say 


they look cute but the boys look like Ntozakhona's Grandfather.  

“Mommy there is Daddy” they rush off to Sakhile who hops out of his car with another child that looks just like him. They are climbing and fighting over him. I am confused at the moment. 

“I need some wine and I think you will too. It's going to be a long stay " she pulls me in a room and takes out some wine. 

“I have never drank” I say 

“Oh sorry then. More for me ” she pours it in a glass and hides the wine under the bed. 

“Nazo will go ballistic If he sees it” she smiles. 

“So tell me. Have you found a job ?" I shook my head. 

“What do you want to do ?” she asks. 

“I am not sure my sister suggested that I study " 

She gulps the wine. 

“She is right. You should ” 

“I don't have money to do that” I say 

“Get a part-time job and study through UNISA and dont let any man pay for it. It will feel good when you have done it on your own ” I nod. 

“I will try looking for one” 

“I will help you” she smiles she is beautiful inside and out.  

“Mmmh I need more of this before we go and help out ” she grabs it from under the bed and pours more. The door swings open and a face painted lady walks in wearing heels and a dress that sits her well. 

“Mrs Ndlovu the first !” she shouts. I close my ears. She is loud. 

“Mrs Sikelela” Slindo says and they laugh and hug. 

“Yoh I missed you oh hi” she greets me after hugging Slindo 

“Hi" I wave 

“This is Cholo Ntozakhona's Soulmate and Cholo this is Sanelisiwe Sikelela's wife ” 

“You removed Nelisiwe just like that ?You deserve a bells shame ” I feel embarrassed Everytime someone says that. 

“Speaking of alcohol. Look what I have !” she pulls out two bottles of wine and a vodka from her big hand bag. 

“Oh my God. Did Sikelela see you ?” Slie asks. 

“No I put some clothes so they wouldn't touch and get me in trouble ” she opens the wine.  

I assume their husbands don't want them drinking. 

“If we get caught it's all your fault" Slindo says as they pour wine. 

“Wine ?” Sane asks. 

“I don't drink" I say 

“Its healthy. It's nice " she pours one for me and gives me a glass.  

“Cheers to the Ndlovu Wives club growing ” she says. 

“Cheers !” Slindo says and they gulp it. I take a sip and at first it's not nice for me but after more sips it got nice.  


“Tswala bami tswala bami 

Ohh ngiyabukhalela ....” Sane is singing. 

“Where is that child with our Ciders?" 

“Maybe he got caught” I feel woozy but great. We didn't even go to help out. 

Sane rolls off the bed and lands on the floor.  

“Zidakwa zami ngiyanithanda yezwani ?( my Drunkens I love you ok ?)" She shouts. 

“We love you too ! ” 

I push the glass away I am done for tonight. The door opens 

“Baby I have been...”

I vomit on the floor. 

“Yoh you drank alone " Sane says. Slindo rubs my back . 

“Nazo it's not what it...." He walks out banging the door. 

“Yeye sisenjeni lah ( We are in trouble )” Sane says. I vomits again. 


They are all looking at us. We managed to clean my vomit and leave the room looking clean and smelling like Lavander. We are outside sitting under a tree and the three of them are looking at us.  

“I am tired” Sane says. 

“No one is going anywhere" Nazo says 

“I am sorry Thembalam we were getting in the reunion mood" Slindo says. His face softens a bit but goes back to the way it was. 

“Yes and having a welcome to the wives club party Nyana ” Sane adds. 

“Oh wena uyu-organizer? ( You are the organizer)" Sikelela speaks  

“You get it " she says and he shakes his head.  

“I think a we should deal with our own woman ” Ntozakhona says while looking at me. He is talking after a long time and I haven't spoken as well. 

“Slindo" Nazo says. 

“Visit me in the morning " She whispers to us and stands up. He takes her hand and they walk off. 

Sikelela carries his wife and she waves at me and says I must call her. I don't even have her number. 

“Come ” He pulls me up as well and carries me as well. I can't even walk that I discovered when we had to come here.  

We get to the room we are using and he places me on the bed. 

“You drink now ?" he says after closing the door and I fiddle with my fingers. 

“I am sorry " I say 

“I am asking a question " he says. He is angry calm ? I don't know. 

“No " 

“Then you vomit miracles ” I am silent. 

“Sleep. I will deal with you in the morning " he says and strips me off and gets me under the covers. He kisses my forehead and walks out. I try to sleep after that.  

What is he going to do in the morning ? I am now scared for the morning to come.


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