Chapter 6


I open my eyes and touch the side of the bed. I am alone and in a foreign roomn I remember being brought here after last night and arriving at this Zulu wonder land. Everything in here is cultural if I could say. I don't know where I am but I know who brought me here. I get off the bed and I make it before sitting on it. I don't know if I move where I would go or who I will bump into so I will wait here. The door opens and he walks in and throws the keys on the bed. 

“How is everything ?” I say while standing up and is kisses my lips while pushing me on the bed. 

“Ntozakhona” I say 

“I need you ” he says and goes to kissing my neck while pinning me down. He is a bit heavy on me . 

“Gatseni let's talk" I really want us to talk. 

“We will talk later Cholo ” his fingers run all over me still pressing me down. 

“Ntozakhona ” I say once more and he stops. 

He gets off me and I sit up and he runs his fingers through his hair roughly.  

“What's going on ? ” I ask. 

“Nothing Qiniso will bring things for you ” he gets up from the bed. 

“Talk to me ”

“I will be back” he walks out after that. 

I think he is angry he is angry but sex wouldn't solve anything right now. I get off the bed and I walk out of the room. I stand there for some time before navigating myself around the house and I get to the lounge. It looks like the chief's house 

“Good morning ” 

I look at her and she smiles at me.  

“Come and sit down. Breakfast is ready” she says and I go and sit down . She dishes up she has a dress on and a doek on her head as well. A doek. I stand up from where I am then I remeber I don't have my things here.  

“How are you Cholo ?” 

“I am ok” I look away and she comes to place a plate Infront of me.  

She goes and takes her food and she the sits down.  

“So tell me the full story because I need that from you ” she says I can't get over her beauty. 

“Its complicated” I say. Where is her child ? 

“Complicated you said you were going home” she raises her brow. 

“I am sorry I will pay back your money.” I did need to go home.  

“Its ok you will tell me one day” she smiles.

“Slindokuhle is my name. Call me Slindo ” I nod.  

We start eating the breakfast Infront of us and the door opens. The man from yesterday walks in followed by Nazo and Sikelela. I am looking for Ntozakhona but I can't seem to see him.  

“Makoti ” Slindo stands up and I do the same.  

“Baba ” Nazo goes and kiss his wife's forehead. 

“We have this handled. Popayi has drama ” he says shaking his head.  

“Lets move on from me being here ” Nazo says.  

“I made breakfast” she says 

“We will eat later Makoti” the man walks away. 

“The prodigal girlfriend” Sikelela says and pulls me in a hug.  

“Hi ” 

Slindo laughs a bit. 

“What's wrong ?” Nazo asks. 

“Just an inside memory” she says and moves to the kitchen he follows. 

“I have a crazy wife I want you to meet maybe she can be like you ” 

“I will see ” he takes the bacon from my plate and moves to the kitchen. 

I sigh and sit down to carry on with my meal I get done and I help Slindo with the dishes. After that we are done Afika comes with the things I needed and I thanked him. I wanted to ask about Ntozakhona but I will wait for him to come back if he will. 

I went to bath and my body felt fresh right after. I got out and made my way to the room I was in. I closed the door and I stripped to lotion my body 

The door opens and I turn around to look towards it as he walks in. I take the towel and wrap it around my body. He places his hands in his pocket and looks at me.  

“I am sorry” I go towards him and perk his lips.  

“It's ok”

“I will do better next time ” he says. 

I run my fingers on his neck. 

“You left me ” I say and smile

he chuckles 

“Ngiyaxolisa Nkosazane ( I am sorry)” 

“Its ok”

“Don't worry. Everything will be ok eventually” 

“Alot is coming our way ?” 

“I don't know. We just have to be prepared” 

We hear breaking sounds and burst out of our little bubble.  

“Get dressed. I will be back” I nod as he rushes out. I get dressed and I walk out as well. 

“You think you can play me wena Nqaba uzongazi ! ( you will know me )” the lady shouts who is held by Afika. The case is broken and Nazo's father is sitting on the couch changing the channel while having his food. 

“Leave her alone ” he says 

“No take her out !” Nazo says and walks off. Slindo follows after him. 

“Woza Nana Khona uyogcina ukuthanda obaba abadala ( Come Nana So you will stop dating old men )” Afika says throwing the lady over his shoulder. 

She is fighting and screaming as they walk out. 

“Babomncane ”

He just ignored us. 

“You are old for this. All of you and your brothers” Sikelela says 

“We are old to get married too” 

There is silence. The helper comes and sweeps the broken substances away and rushes off. 

“Come” Ntozakhona takes my hand and we walk to the bedroom. I sit on the bed as he goes to the wardrobe and takes our a top and changes it. I look at him. 


“They have arrived ” one of the ladies said. 

“Who ?" We were at the river getting water we turn our heads and look at the direction they are facing.  

“Oh abafana bakwaNdlovu bahle boh ( The Ndlovu boys are handsome )” one of them says. 

It was my first time going to get water from the river. My father never allowed me to go around till I was 17. It was usually my sister or mother who went to get the necessary things like water but after she died I had to help. 

They were sitting all together. Many of them together and their bond was so much visible that it can't be easily broken. Seemed as a big family and it was my first time seeing one of the family members. Seeing them. I have always heard how my sister and the rest of the people I knew praised that family and I didn't understand. All I saw is a family that has Taxis. 

We got the water and I put the bucket on my head. We started walking off with the other girls as they started singing just to get their attention and they were looking at us. They kept on singing and I joined in as well. 

Someone whistled and we stopped turned to look back and it was them. 

“Zaze zacula kahle Intombi ( The ladies sing so beautifully)” That was Sizwe oh may his soul rest in peace. 

He was gunned down on the N2 at the age of 26. I was 18 when that happened the taxi business is very rough.  

“Thank you " one of the ladies say. Ntozakhona came towards me that time and just stood Infront of me.  

“Uyathandeka ( You are lovable)" he said softly but I heard him. I swallowed and looked at him. 

“Thank you ”

“Ngabe iNkosazana yekwa bani ?( Who may I refer the lady to ? )” 


“MaGxabashe ” he says. 

“Cholo let's go ! ” my sister was shouting. 

“Go well" he said I nodded 

“Ntozakhona Ndlovu " he said and I walked away from him. That was the first time I met him. 


“Aren't you going to work ?" I ask. 

“The rest will cover well" he says while getting dressed and pulled me up.  

“I am not ready to loose you ” he says 

“Me too”

He kisses my lips and I respond to the kiss quiet passionately as well. 

“Ntozakhona nangu uyihlo wakho ( Ntozakhona here is your father !)” someone shouts. 

“Ngizkushaya Mfana uweyisa ( I will hit you boy for disrespecting me )” a Deep voice roars . Ntozakhona pulls me by my waist. 

“Your father ” 

“Come ” he pulled me away from the room and we went out to the lounge. His father looks scary. 

“Why have you stepped on other people's territory?" He asks 

“I didn't they did that ”the man clicked his tongue. 

“You " he points at me.  

“I want to see her emagcekeni akwa Gatseni ( In the Ndlovu yards)”he says. 

“Hayi uzombona Babomdala ethi shwii shwii ngamaphinifa aGogo ( You will see here running around wearing my grandmother's clothes)"Afika says and they give him a stare. 

“Fix this ” he says 

“ I will ” he walks out.  


Choosing things in life and mIung decisions are really hard but we have to pull through right ? Make the best decision we have inticpated for ourselves. 

“I am glad you chose him. Kunini yoh ( It's been when )” Ciyela says . I am having a call conversation with her. 

“Yes ” 

“We are in school. You should go back too” she says. How ?

“I don't know what to do and I haven't thought of that. I don't have money for it” 

“Your new boyfriend " I shook my head. 

“I will try getting a job. I don't want to be trouble to anyone ” I say 

“Yeah you are right. Men tend to have too much power over a woman. Some sort of ownership and he will remind you that he made you ” I have never saw it that way 

“Ntozakhona is not like that ” I say 

“You don't know you haven't seen him in years ” she has a point 

“I will find a job then ” 

“Good. We love you " 

I smile. 

“I love you too” she hangs up after. 

I switch off the stove after making lunch. The door is opened and he walks in.  

“Hi " he kisses my forehead. 

“I have to go somewhere” he rushes off to the bedroom side. I am confused a bit till he comes back with a bag. 

“And then ?" 

“Business proposal. Ngiyabuya ( I am coming back )” 

If I knew that coming back ment two days later. He walked out and I let him be.


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