Chapter 5


It's dark yet silent as well. I can feel his fingers running on my skin slowly creating little tingles along the way. I feel him shift and I look at him and he looks at me. The moon light from outside is the one thing that is giving light into the room I am sure in 2 hours he has to go to work and start his day yet he hasn't slept and neither have I I took a short nap and woke up to him touching and caressing me slowly. He chuckled softly 

“What?” I say softly. He pulls me close to him. 


“You are waking up in a few” I say 

“I know” he keeps on tracing his fingers on my body. He takes a breath in.

“I don't want to sleep” he says 

“What then ?” I ask.  

He is silent still tracing his fingers around my body. 

“You know I was thinking” 

“Yes ” 

“I love Polygamy” he says and I am silent. 

“Would you allow me to take a second wife?” why ? Isn't one a headache and enough ? 

“I ... Why?” I ask. 

“I love the idea of having two wives ” I sit up.  

I won't handle it. I can't handle sharing even if it's situations like this. 

“Oh ” 

“Are you ok?” he asks. 

I turn to him. 

“I don't think I can do this. I thought I can but...” 

My mind starts jogging. 

“What ? Cholo you can't do this to me ” he says. 

“I am sorry” I turn and look the other way. I should make up my mind. I know what I want and what I was taking a journey on and I will fulfil it even if I fail.  

I close my eyes hear him sighing and I sigh as well.   

We woke up in the morning and I help him prepare. I make breakfast and lunch for him as well and I wait at the kitchen for him to be done. He walks in after some time and comes to hold me.  

“Cholo” he says softly. 


“Did I upset you yesterday?” he asks 

“No I just don't want to waste our time on things I am not sure on” He nods slowly like he understands but I can see he doesn't.  

“Find the other wife ” I just say 

“What if you are pregnant?” he touches my stomach. I know I am not Ciyela took me to those injections at the clinic before we left. 

“We can check” I say 

“I will bring back pregnancy tests” I nod.  

He sits down and eats when he is done he stands up and takes his food.  

“I will see you in the afternoon” I nod and he takes his car keys and walks out. I look at the door for a while before I turn and switch off the lights. I am tired for real.  


It took me days Weeks hours to take in everything that I am about to do. Dabula I am sure he is asking himself alot of questions wherever he is. I thought I could handle but another few years with another man I don't truely love would've ended me on the second one. Mah's words also ran in my head for the past two months. I wish things were just as simple but let me make them simple for myself now. I hold onto my bag and I breathe out. I softly knock and there is silence. No man Cholo ring that door bell.  

I press my finger on the door bell and it rings. I am nervous but I push those nerves back no this can't hold me backit's during the day. It's either I will find him or not. His fiance is a workaholic that I have confirmed in just the little time I have had with them. I am snapped out of my thoughts by the door opening 

“Cholo”I look at him and take in a deep breath. I hold onto my bag tightly and step Infront of him. 

I look at him and I went on my toes before I kiss his lips and he responds placing his hand on my waist. That made me place mine on him and touch him like he is mine. I break the kiss and step back a bit.  

“It hasn't ended until the love fades” I say 


“I love you Ntozakhona. I am sorry for hurting you leaving you and choosing other people before us. I am willing to change that I am willing to put us first more than anything else..” 

He picks me up and I giggle. He closes the door and walks inside. 

“Please put me down”i say and he lays me on the couch and hovers me he looks at me.  

“MaGxabashe” he says 

“Gatseni” he shys away a bit.   

“Ngiyakuthanda Mphefumulo wami ( I love you my soul)” I smile 

“Nami ngiyakuthanda ( I love you too)” 

“You see this ” he points at his heart area and I nod.  

“Wayephula kodwa ngisakuthanda( You broke it but I love you)” I placed my hand on his chest and he placed his over mine.   

“Sengiyofa ngifile manje( I will take whatevee risk)”

He smiles and perks my lips.  

“Let me sort things out this time ” I nod.  

“I will let you be Gatseni” he lays his head on my chest and I hug him. I feel better much better than I was before I don't care what anyone says I want to be here. I close my eyes and listen to his breathing patterns.  


I opened my eyes and I look around. I am in a bedroom it's one of the rooms in Ntozakhona's house. I hear a breaking sound and I jump from where I am. I get off the bed and I walk out of the room and walk through the passage. I arrive at the kitchen and I look at them. The glass is broken.  

“You don't respect me Ntozakhona ! What you are telling me is shit !” she screams ontop of her voice. I hide myself but still look at them.  

“Nelly we are talking. I don't get why you have to break every dish inside this house Ziqede zonke ke !( finish all of them then !)” he shouts. I jump a bit as well Ntozakhona has a big voice when he shouts it's scary. 

“Talking for what when you just told me you love your useless Ex ” 

“Never I mean ever refer Cholo as that or we will have serious problems than this ” he says.  

“You know I love you Ntozakhona. Why are you doing this to me ?” she starts sobbing If I didn't throw my consious away when I came here I would be leaving but I saw him first. I am not going anywhere. 

“I know baby” he goes around and hugs her. I feel a bit hurt.  

“You have to choose who you want I won't share you ” she says while on his chest. 

“Nelisiwe ....” he says 

“No choose. You know my father won't be happy about this.” She says. She is blackmailing him I can see. 

“I know ” he says softly. 

She moves her head from his chest and has a little smirk. This skinny thing has him by the pinky now. Oh god

no calm down Cholo. He said I should let him handle things.  

“So what is it ? A girl from the rurals or me and the new contract ? ” what contract. He is silent for a moment and I am nervous.  

“Dad gave it to me today. It has been finalized” she takes papers out of her bag and pushes them towards him. 

He takes it and looks through.  

“Its good ” She continues. 

“It is ” Ntozakhona says. My heart sinks and I lean against the wall I place my hand on my chest . 

Calm down Cholo but I can't seem too. 

“But I can get another one sometime. No big deal” he tears the papers.  

“What !? What does this mean ? ” 

“I think you know the answer I am sorry” he says 

“You are going to regret this with that thing” she walks off up the stairs. I look at her disappear and I turn around.   

He is standing by the wall looking at me with hands in his pocket.  

“You were listening” he says 

“I just woke up” I say 

“Come here” I go to him and he places his one hand around my waist.  

“You are sure about this ?” he asks and I nod 

“I am sure” 


I stood on the rock and jumped into his arms. He caught me and spun me around kissing my whole face as I giggled. I always felt joy being with him even though my father wouldn't be happy having a boy hold me like this make me feel like this but I loved that feeling. 

“One day you will forget about me ” my face softened from the laugher and he looked at me.  

“I will never forget you ” he placed me down and held my hands. 

“You know why ?” I shook my head. 

“Bevause you will be my wife and have many kids with you ” I laughed. 

“How many ?”

“50 kids” I giggled as he wrapped his arms around my body.  

“I love you MaGxabashe” I laid my head on his chest. 

“i love you too Gatseni” 

“I promise to love you forever. Till death does us apart” I look at him. 

“Me too” he held my chin and gave me a kiss on the lips. I was starting to get the hang of the kissing thing. 


“There is no going back” he says softly. 

“There isn't” it's the way forward now.  


The sounds of someone shuffling woke me up from my sleep I looked around and I sat up.  

“Go back to sleep” He says softly. 

“Its late” I say. Its dark outside. 

“I will be back Sleep Cholo” he says. 

He takes his phone and he puts it on his ear.  

“Bafo Sheshisa kushubile Ok sho ( Hurry up bro things are heating up )” he hangs up. 

“Ndlovu what Is going on ? ” 

“Your in laws and ex I should say” what did they do ? 

“What did they do?” 

“They are in my yard trying to get in the house. They want you ” I got off the bed and went to check the window. I see someone shouting and 3 Taxi's parked outside full with guys in it. I see Msizi as well.  

What is this ? I turn around to him. He is on the phone making a call. 

“Ok no they haven't got inside the house... call when you arrive ” he hangs up.  

“I am sorry for being trouble ” I say 

We hear a gun shots and he comes to me.  

“Go to the closet ” 


“Now Cholo ! ” I go to the closet and he is behind me. He goes to the wall and opens a safe it's just there. He takes out a gun I swallow. He has a gun for what ?

He closes it and turns to me.  

“Don't move. I will be back” he says 

I nod and he gives me a kiss.  

“I will sort everything out ” he says 

“Ok” he rushes out and locks me In here. 

The little roof lights turn on in a dimmed manner I see a comfortable looking chair and I went to sit on it. I am sure it was for the fiance. It looks almost empty. She had alot of clothes then.  

“Cholo come out now ! ” I hear someone shouting.  

I am scared I won't move until Ntozakhona comes and takes me out.  

“Check in there ” I see the door handle move and my heart is beating fast. 

The sounds of gun shots scared me alot and the door was kicked. 

“I found her ” the guy says and comes to drag me.  

“Please...” I try to speak but I am met by a hard slap that got me on the floor. I hold my cheek.  

“Rubbish wentombazane Doti ! ( rubbish of a girl Rubbish !)” Msizi's father spits on the ground.  

“Voetsek. Move away from her before ngenze ezibukwayo ( Before I cause a scene)” I don't know who that is. 

“Your son played on my Territory” Msizi's father says. 

“Anginandaba nge territory yakho mina. Usendaweni yami naje uvusa inyoka ilele ( I don't care about your territory. You are on mine and you are poking a sleeping snake )” 

More people enter what makes me want to pee on myself are the guns being pointed at each other. Everyone is silent.  

“Go and call your brother ” The man says to Qiniso. Ok I recognise him.  

“I am sure my son has ended him ” 

“Don't take me for a ride wena Popayi. Ucabanga sidlala umasgcozi lah wena Sosebenza ( You cartoon You think we are playing games here we are here to work )” the man says

“Then let's work. I am not leaving without her ” Msizi's father says 

The man swings an unexpected punch at Msizi's father who stumbles a bit. 

“Bamba inkabi yami ( Hold my gun )” he throw it into Afika's hands and goes in for another.  

Afika picks me up and the guns are pointed at us. Ntozakhona came in and I rushed to him.   

“Babomncane ! ” he says and the man stops. Msizi's father is bleeding through the nose and mouth.  

“Go to my house Ntozakhona ” he says 

“Come ” he takes my hand and I hold it as we walk out. We get down the stairs. 

“Where is Msizi?” 

“Dont worry about that ” I nod.  

We get to the garage and he closes my ears but I could hear everything. He let go and opens the door quickly. 

“Get in ” I hop in and he goes to the other side and he reverses out quickly and we are out of his yard soon enough.  

There is silence. 

“I am sorry” I say 

It's my fault now that Msizi is coming for him. 

“I can handle myself ” he says.  

His phone rings and he takes it out of his pants and answers it. 

“Gatseni” he is silent after. 

“Yes we...shit ! ” 

A speeding car was coming towards us but he managed to sway the car around and avoid being hit. My heart was beating fast I thought we would be injured there for a second.  

“I will talk later ” he hangs up.  

“Rest” he says. I don't think I have any rest in me.  

“I don't think I can rest” I say 

He is silent.  

“Why do you have a gun?”i look at his lap. He looks there then the road.  

“You won't see it again ” that's not the answer I am looking for.  

I decided to let him be.


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