Chapter 10


I am in thoughts and not at ease I can't get over how our conversation went from sweet to sour in just a quick moment. Turn even ! I am worried and I am thinking of going to Nongoma to check on things.   

“The subscriber you have dialed is not avai...” I hung up and throw my phone on the bed and I lay on it.  

Chiliza I can't seem to reach her and Ciyela. I wonder what is happening. I am not ok I am not. I take my phone and I try them again. Chiliza comes through at long last. I stand up. 

“Chiliza hey how are you ?” 

“Where are you ? I want to live with you ” she says her voice seems to be breaking" 

“What is happening ?” I am shaking.   

“I am pregnant ” I was tongue tied. 

“It's uncle's child ” she bursts into a cry.  

“Where do you live?” 

“We are in Durban at a place called Glenashely”I don't know Durban. I don't even know that place 

“Uhm I will try I don't know that place” 


She hangs up and I break down in tears. It's all my fault. Maybe he got to Ciyela as well as MaNdawonde. I change the clothes I am wearing and I have to think where will I take them. This is not my house but Ntozakhona's should I talk to him and see his idea. Maybe he has a better plan. I walk out of the bedroom and went down to the kitchen and I found him there eating again. 

“I am sorry I just had to have another plate" that's not what I am here for.  

“I am going to Glenashely” I have !add up my mind.  

He frowns looking at me. 

“For ? " 

“My family. They need me they ....” 

“Talk slowly so I can understand ” I breathe out. 

“My in laws are in Glenashely. I was with Msizi because of the traditions his father put forth and since me and my ex husband didn't have kids together I was there to have kids with him in all of that in exchange of a good life for my in laws. ” 

“They are in trouble ” I nod.  

“What were you planning to do ?” he asks. I don't know 

“Go there ” 

“And do what?" He looks at me. 

“I would figure it out there ” 

“They want you. They want me dead for taking you. ” 

“So I am just going to stand here and let them suffer there. No I won't. I would rather die Ntozakhona. ” he is silent. 

“Even if it means moving to Nongoma for them to be ok I will ” The last statement didn't sit him well.  

“You would choose them over us ?” he folds his arms. This is tricky I love them all. 

“Its a difficult thing to do” I settle for that. He gets up from his chair and throws the plate in he sink. 

“Come ” he takes the car keys and takes out his phone.  

We walk out and get to his car. I get inside while he is busy with his phone. When he is done he gets inside and it's silent. No one is talking to anyone maybe I shouldn't have said what I said because now he is upset. It was very wrong of me. I place my hand over his and look at him. 

“I am sorry. I shouldn't have said what I said ”

he is still focused on the road.  

“You meant it ” 

“It doesn't mean I would choose any of you or leave you. It's just they have became my family and if anything happens to them it's my fault ” 

“Mmmh ” 

“I am sorry Gatsheni” 

We are both silent after that. We get to his home and he parks the car I won't question him until I know what is being done. He hops out and I do the same as well as he signaled. We approach his father who is looking at us.  

“You can go inside Makoti ” I look at Ntozakhona before I walk off.  

I got inside the house and looked around. There is a helper at the kitchen. I sit down and watch her move around she comes and gives me a beverage and I thank her. I drink my drink down and sit there waiting. I will just have to trust Ntozakhona with everything. 


It's 7pm and no one has showed up. I am full and also sleepy it was the helper and me but she went to rest in her own backroom. She told me so I don't have my phone with me to call him and ask what is happening. His father didn't even stay just told me to come inside. I am worried and scared that maybe something has happened.  

The door opens and I stand up on my feet. They walk in and I rush to MaNdawonde's arms and I break down in them. She hugs me tightly. 

“I am sorry mah it's all my fault" I say.  

“Dont cry. I am glad you are ok” She pulls us all in and we hug her. I have missed them and I am glad that they are ok.  

“You should rest" BabuNdlovu says. We nod breaking the hug. 

“Let me show you where you can rest” 

“Thank you ” MaNdawonde says. 

I follow after them but Ntozakhona holds my arm. 

“Lets talk ” I am not ready but I nod. I follow him outside and he stops and looks at me. 

“I am sorry" I say

“What you said didn't sit well with me ” he says and I look down. 

“Look at me " it's a command. I look at him instantly. 

“I don't like it when you doubt my powers as a man. When I ask you many questions it's because I want to know what I am dealing with. Hayi ngoba ngiyislima ( Not because I am a fool)” I nod. 

“This is not over ” He kisses my forehead and spanks my butt.

“Come ” he pulls me by my waist.  

“Are you angry?" I have to ask to know what I am dealing with. 

“No we don't sleep angry at each other" I nod. 

“Ok” he perks my lips and we enter the house.   

“What happened?” 

“You don't need to know " I shut my mouth after that.  


“Happy birthday to you ! ”

Birthdays seem to be a very big deal in this family. It's Qiniso's birthday and it is big. Ntozakhona told me that events in the family are very big and are sentimental.  

“Say cheese !” Afika says to him with a camera and everyone is laughing 

“Get me a beer ” Qiniso says and Afika snaps a photo of him. 

“Kodwa nkosi Ndzena ukuzala ukuzelula ( Oh my God Ncoo)

“Nx ” everyone laughs.  

“I will get you guys something to drink ” I nod and Ntozakhona kisses the side of my forehead.  

“Cholo ! ” I turn my head. Oh it's Sane and Slindo. They rush to me and we share a hug. 

“You are glowing. Having a baby ?" Slindo asks. 

“Oh No. " 

“Its the bedroom life then ” Sane says. 

“Oh Ladies these are my sister's. Chiliza and Ciyela ” I introduce them. 

They came with us to the party and MaNdawonde opted to leave and go back to Nongoma. I am not happy but she assured me that her sister will come and stay with her.  

“You all have names that start with C” Sane says. 

“We also married men that have the same initials as us. ” Slindo says. 

“Nazo is an N nje ” Sane argues. Now they will talk about this ? 

“Its Snazozonke" Slindo corrects. 

“Oh I guess then. ” Sane smiles. 

“Nice to meet you and your face looks familiar " Chiliza says 

“I get that ” Slindo smiles.  

Ntozakhona comes back with juice.  

“Yabora yoh no punch ke ?( you bore No punch ? )” Sane says. 

“Stricy instructions. No drinking. ” 

We nod. 

“I will be with the gents " 

“I need the bathroom ” Ciyela walks off. She has been silent since we got here. 

“Is she ok ? " I ask Chiliza 

“She has a crush" Chiliza spills the beans. She is the one person you can go to when you want information. 

“On who ?” Sane asks sitting down.  

“Haah I won't tell but he is here ” we look around. 

“I hope it's not my husband " Sane says. 

“Which one is your husband ?” she points at Sikelela 

“No not even ” 

“Is it mine ?” Slindo asks 

“Which one is yours ? " she points at Nazo 

“No oh you are the Minister's wife. It's an honour to meet you " Chiliza says. 

“Oh stop it. We are chilled ” Slindo says 

“Then who is it ? " I ask. 

“I think he introduced himself as Sakhile ” The girls choked on their drinks.  

“Sakhile ?” 

“Yeah. Wait there they are ...”

We could see them disappearing. 

“Lets go see " Sane takes off her shoes and puts the glass down. 

“I am game ” Chiliza does the same and we all do it. Ntozakhona looks at us with a frown and I just plaster an innocent smile 

We rush off to the other side of the house. We went around . 

“Here they are ” Sane says in a whisper.  

“I can't see " Slindo says 

We take a chair for her and she gets on it. We see them through the open side of the window. They are talking but we can't hear them.  

“What are they saying ?” we shrug.  

Next thing they are kissing . 

“Hawemah ” Chiliza pushes Sane by mistake and she tumbles by Slindo who jumps off the chair and lands on me.  

“Ouch” I say 

“Shhh” They freeze.  

They pick Slindo up and me as well. 

“Did you get hurt ?" she asks. 

“Just a scratch ” I say looking at my elbow. We rush off. 

“Ayi that was something else " Chiliza says. 

“I don't want to seem like I am jealous when I am not but I am worried about your sister being with Sakhile ” Slindo says. 

Why ?

“Why ?" Chiliza asks. 

“Sakhile can lure her in his charming traps. Trust me I know him.” Slindo says and dusts herself. 

Did they once have a thing behind Nazo's back. ? 

“She was married to Sakhile before. They have 3 kids together ” Those kids are not Nazo's and they are ok with raising your cousin's child. Well that's basically your child as well. 

“Why did you break up ?”Chiliza wants to know. 

“He was a serial cheat. He cheated before we even got married but I was in love with him. We got married and I thought he loves me because he married me. I don't know how many woman he has cheated on me with but I also cheated with Nazo and when he found out.....” 

“Nazo ruined my wedding yazi he has to pay me my money" Sane says and Slindo chuckles 

“What did he do ?" 

“He declared his undying love Infront of my husband and everyone else ” That was messy I can imagine. 

“Maybe he has changed ” I try saying. Who am I convincing. ? 

“Yes maybe. He has over the kids so maybe " Slindo says smiling.  

“Dont tell your sister what we told you " we look at Chiliza. 

“I won't.” 

We walk off.


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