Chapter two


It’s crazy how we are both here in the court room while waiting on what the judge would say. His family is here Sakhile never really grew up around a female figure no he once did have a female figure in his life . His mother but she was on the wrong end of a taxi war resulting in her dying when he was just 5 years old which makes him the only child . He grew up being surrounded by his Uncles and cousins Amasoka ngisho njalo . He once had a good caring heart it was very golden . I still believe that deep down his heart is still Golden like before . I can’t take my eyes off him we as a family are here including my grandmother . She wanted to see this boy clearly the one who impregnanted me the one who disrespects her in this way the Man who still has my heart captured . The man I still love till this day . 

“Ubaba “Owami points at Sakhile who is standing by the stand looking at the judge he is not in boxers. He is dressed up today and it suits him quiet well. I turn to Nosi who is looking at him with anger and disgust on her face. I turn to the front as well. 

“Sakhile Ndlovu “the Judge says and looks at him she takes off her glasses .

“Awondli ngani ngempela ? “

“I sent money “

“Yes 5 months ago the statement is here brought to me by Ms Bhengu you are clearly wasting my time “

“You and me then”

She gives him an intense stare .

“Owami Bhengu is acknowledged as your daughter by this birth certificate and she does look like you so you cannot deny that .”she puts the certificate down . 

“I didn’t want the baby Slie can take care of it “

“Yeyi wena ! the government didn’t sleep with your baby mama and impregnant her you did Ndlovu . Ms Bhengu standup “I stand up and go forth to the other side of the room and stand on the podium. Sakhile looks at me and I swallow. 

“You know this man ?”She points at Sakhile .

“Yes your honour “I reply 

“Do you work ?”I shake my head 

“No your honour “

Sakhile mumbles something .

“ Uyakhuluma ?”The Judge asks “Cha “Sakhile replies .

“Cha udonga yini ?”She asks fixing her glasses .”No your HONOUR “he emphises the word with a little attitude.

“I will come back to you and your attitude Akukhona kini lah wena Sakhile .”She is loosing her patience . 

“How old is Owami ?”

“3 years old your honour “ I reply . She nods .

“we are budgeting crèche food and clothes medical expenses …..”

Sakhile interrupts her .

“ Medical expenses ? Public Clinics and hospitals are available “

“Ngiyakhuluma Sakhile ungangiphazamisi. Ikwam lah “

She looks at him he is silent .She carries on . 

“ And lunch box ngoba uyaphapha . That sums up to R 1000 in my list is that ok sisi?”

That’s more than enough I wasn’t expecting that much .

“Yes your honour “

“Good then . Sakhile Ndlovu is issued to Pay R 1000 per month on the 25 of every month end if payments are not fulfilled within 5 working days he shall appear in the court of the law.”

She looks at Sakhile .

“Uzwile ?”

“Yes your honour “I look at him. He has his Jaws clenched he is not happy with the Judge’s verdict. 

“If he doesn’t fulfill the given dates or he doesn’t pay at all bring him back uzongazi “

“Yes your honour “ I say.

“Visitation rights are 5 days a week from 9am to 5 pm. If he doesn’t abind by these rights he shall appear in court of the Law understood ?”

“Yes your honour “we both say and she bangs the gavel .

“Case dismissed “

Everyone stands up on their feet she walks out of the court room and I make my way to Nosi . 

“Kwahamba kahle uyadelela lomfana ( everything went well that boy is disrespectful )”Gogo says 

“Too much “Nosi adds. 

“Let’s leave “I say .I want to be out of here we take our bags and make our way out of the court room. Sakhile is still fueled up his father is trying to calm him down . Owami pulls my dress. 

“Funu Pona uBaba( I want to see dad )”God please be with me in this time of need . 

“Ok ubuye “she let go of my hand .

“Uyaphi ?”My grandmother asks.

“She wants to see her father “she clicks her tongue. 

“If it was up to me I would have never made her see him again. “

“He is still her father at the end of the day. “

“You always have a soft spot for him Slie and its irritating at times .”Nosi says irritated.

 I ignore her statement and look at Owami who gets engulfed by her grandfather. She is smiling which makes me happy lightens my mood as well. I don’t know what they are talking about but Bab’Ndlovu takes out his wallet while handing Owami to Sakhile who is a bit hesitant in taking her I don’t want her to be disappointed at this age . My smile fades a bit thinking about the pain my daughter will face if her father was not in her life.

“Are you ok ?”Nosi asks.

“Yes “ I reply 

“Ugogo ukhala ngeqolo uDumisani uzosihambisa niyeza ?(Grandma is complaining about her back Dumisani is taking us home . are you coming ?”

“I will catch a taxi with Owami “

She takes out her wallet and gives me R50. 


here is some money “

“Thank you “ 

She nods and walks off . I find the bench and sit down waiting for Owami to finish up .

“Ndodakazi “ I look to who is calling me and its Bab’Ndluvu .

“Baba “

“How are you ?”

“I am well and yourself ?”

“I am well”

There was silence between us . 

“Uyafana Nogogo wakhe ( she looks exactly like her grandmother )”he says . 

I am silent before he proceeds into his statement “Sakhile’s mother .” A very sensitive topic . He sits next to me. This man’s aura is very unsettling. He pulls his black trousers up a bit revealing the black and grey checkered socks. His scent Is filled with Nicotine his wrists are filled with a white and brown Goat skin on both sides I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to Isangoma ukuyoqinisa . He runs his fingers on his black and grey beard showing that he is aging grey overpowering the rest of the black colour.

“Asihlawulanga “might as well forget with Sakhile on that. “ He is a bit hard headed kodwa umbekezelele bandla ( but please be patient with him )”I just nodded out of respect I look at Owami and Sakhile . He is loosening up a bit while talking to Owami. At least he doesn’t take out his anger on her I wonder if Sakhile doesn’t love Owami because she looks just like her grandmother ?

“Baphi abanye ?”His father asks .

“They have left we will catch a taxi “

“Sakhile will take you home “

Me and Sakhile in the same car it doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t know what he might do his angry face scares me as it is .

“No we will take the taxi thank you “I smile saying politely 

“Ngeke Zikhona imoto Zakwa Gatseni MaNgcolosi “he stood up and went towards his Family members and Sakhile he pulls him on the side and starts talking . He is listening attentively to his father who is speaking firmly it’s not an ask but a command. Sakhile is defeated and only nods his head saying “Yebo Gatseni ngiyakuzwa .”His father gives him Keys and he takes them into his hand. They look my direction and I look away holding to my bag I put the R50 in my bag before I loose it. His cologne hits my nostrils so nicely it hasn’t changed it gives the air new flavor as well. 

“Slie “I look up to him and he is keeping his gaze on me .

“Sakhile “That’s all I manage to utter .

“Let’s go “I can’t read his tone . I stand up from the bench and he walks off I follow and wave at his father .

“Nihambe kahle (bye)“I say 

“Sobonana Ndodakazi (we shall see each other my daughter)“

I nod and follow Sakhile out of the court house I clench on my bag as the sun is penetrating my eyes painfully I squint them so they could adjust to the light as I follow after Sakhile we walk down a few steps and out into the street we go we walk beside the pedestrian walk way before we cross the road to the other side and he opens the car and puts Owami at the back the sight is heart warming . I decided to join Owami at the back as well. He stands there looking at the both of us . 

“Slie. “

“Mmh ?”

“Get in front. “He is commanding me . I get off the back and go to the front my nervous kick in . I get in and close the door and he does so as well. He starts the car and drives off its silent before he fiddles with the radio and some music plays its lightening the tension inside the car . I steal glances from him and he looks at me and I look away . 

“Ngisazoyibamba lengane yakini ( I am going to get your cousin )”I swallow . 

“Oh akusakhulumeki ?( Oh you can't talk anymore)He asks .

“What do you want me to say ?”I ask and he chuckles .

“Indaba ungamfuni uOwami ?”I had to ask . He becomes silent instantly and doesn’t say anything .

“Why would you say that ?”he asks .

“If I followed your orders I am sure you would be happy “

“I don’t hate Owami Slie I can’t . It’s just that I am not ready to be a father and take on all responsibilities . You forced that on me “

“ I didn’t “I say softly 

“You did Sllindokuhle ….like you just got me arrested so I can pay bloody maintainance every month . where will that money come from ? You think I am some billionaire waiting on you to give me a child so I can spend my hard worked money on it No!”

He is pissed off .

“She is listening “

“Yeah Kumele ezwe how selfish you are !“

“I am not Sakhile “

He keeps quiet . i am not selfish when he said I am I felt a pang of hurt . He clicks his tongue . 

“Sure whatever you think “I keep quiet . 

“Mama “

I look behind me to Owami I could feel the tears in the verge of coming out but I stop them .

“Nana “

“Uphi Gogo(where is gogo ?)”

“Ekhaya(home) “

She nods and keeps her silence .

“Sobantu or Sweetwater ?”

“Sweetwater “ I say softly and he nods .

The whole car ride is very silent . No one is talking to anyone which is preferable How do I still love this man after all of this ? I ask myself and yet I don’t want to answer anything about that Question . we enter sweet water and I start easing up that this ride is about to come to an end . 

“Kulaphi edladleni?( Where is your home ?)” he asks calmly this time .

“You can drop us at the stop “I say .

“I want to know your home Slie yeka inkani(stop being stubborn) “there we go . 

“Carry on driving then “ he listens to me for the first time today silence still consumes the whole car . 

I keep on directing him until we reach home . He parks the car and looks towards the yard at our RDP then he looks at Owami then me . I look away and take off the seat belt and cling on my hand bag . 

“Thank you “ I utter and open the door getting out . I take Owami from the back and I close the door . I make my way inside the yard not turning back I hear the car starting before it drives off . I open the door and Gogo looks at me while closing the curtain .

“Slindokuhle “she says in a warning tone .

“Gogo “

“I don’t like that boy “she says 

“He just gave us a lift “

She shook her head .

“Put her down .” I put Owami down and she rushes off to the kitchen . “Is Nosi here ?”I ask probably not . 

“No she left with the police man . uqomile yini naye? (is she dating him ?)”I shrugged though I knew they are dating . 

“Ubombuza (you can ask her )”she gives me a look like she could read that I know something . 

“Let me go and change “I walked off to our bedroom. I threw myself on the bed I opened my phone the one that was bought by Sakhile for me . I went onto Facebook and I saw his post it says “ Mawungifuna uzongithola kwaHlophe (if you need me you will find me at Hlophe’s )” . I shook my head and logged off I closed my eyes sighing. Parenting is not so easy at all and Sakhile gives me a Headache on top of everything. 

I sat up from the bed and changed before walking to the kitchen to make something to eat . 

“Wami ulambile ?(Owami are you hungry ?)”.i ask her and she nods 

“Ok then “I took out some bread and peanut butter and her plastic bowel and made sandwiches for her before I could start cooking I know my grandmother’s back is not functioning well these days it comes and goes . I make some juice for her as well and she thanks me before walking off to go and eat. I take the cabbage and Maize meal before I could start cooking well for supper I make a sandwich for myself and munch on it while I am starting with the cooking.


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