Chapter three


“Bring your shoes “She gets off the bed and Nosi is looking at us while laying on it . she gets her pumps and I get her on the bed before I put shoes on her. 

“Niyaphi(Where are you going ) ?”Nosi asks . 

“Sobantu Mom wants to see us “She nods. 

“If Sakhile says anything you tell me . I am not scared of him mina “I laugh . 

“I will tell you “I take my bag and then get Owami down from the bed . 

“Bye bye aunty “Owami waves at Nosi . 

“Wozo cabuza (come kiss)”she goes and gives Nosi a kiss. We make our way out after that. 

“Nisale kahle Gogo!” I say before we walk out. We get to the stop and wait for a taxi to come and it does. We both hop inside and it drives off to town. I placed Owami on my lap and she rested her head. I kissed her forehead. 

“Are you ok?” She nods.

 I pay our fine and get my change back. We get to town and we walked to the Taxi rank for Sobantu. Once we got inside we went to the women who are selling and I bought a Banana for Owami and some peaches as well. I bought chips as well I opened the banana for her and we walked through the taxi rank to catch the Sobantu taxis. Owami pulls my hand as we are about to reach Sobantu please can it not be what I think it is about. We stop by the Man who was washing a taxi. 

“Afunu buya “She says. 

“Mmh?” I stop and look at her she starts gagging. 

“Sisterr mbhekise Ngala (turn her this side)“the man says and I do so at his bucket she starts vomiting inside. She stops and starts again.

“Baby khipha lah futhi (vomit here)”I direct her and she starts vomiting again and holds her head. 

“Ahlungu mama(it hurts Mama) “she cries and vomits again blood this time and I am panicking I put my bag down. 

“She needs the hospital “I take out my phone to call Nosi tears stream down my cheeks . 

My hands are shaking as well while I rub her back she keeps complaining about her head hurting. Nosi doesn’t answer. I put my phone down and I take her top off and wipe her mouth with it it’s dirty as well. 

“Kwenzakalani lah?(what’s going on here?)”

“Groot man icwane…(the child…)”

“Slie “I look up and it’s Sakhile he picks up Owami into his arms and she rests her head on his shoulder while crying. I am a crying mess as well still trying to register that my daughter vomiting blood. 

“Ibihlanza igazi (she was vomiting blood)” The driver says to my rescue I can’t utter anything at this moment. I am still in shock and feel defeated. 

“Zwakala ngizonihambisa(come I will take you to the hospital ) “ I am shook that Sakhile would offer that .

 He walks off and I collect our things and thank the Driver who offered his bucket water to us he nods and takes it away. I follow after Sakhile who goes to the back of the Taxi rank and opens his car I get seated with Owami at the back. I am caressing her as she silently cries. I cry with her. 

“Kubuhlungu kuphi Wawa?(where does it hurt Owami ?)”

She points that her head I think she is experiencing a headache. I brush her face. Sakhile is silent while driving off he is silent but keeps on stealing glances at us. He drove off to Edendale side I don’t say anything. He is offering to drive us to the hospital. We get to Edandale Hospital and it’s a delay once we are in we are told to wait. We fill in forms and he is still here with us its appreciated . He holds Owami while I fill in her information. 

“Slindokuhle !”I look up and its Mam’Zikhali she has some papers In her hand and comes my way clenching onto her bag . I smile at her and she does the same. She reaches us. 

“Awu ufunani lah?(what are you doing here?)”She looks between me and Sakhile who doesn’t seem interested. 

“Are you done filling out?”Sakhile asks clearly annoyed. I nod and he takes them going away. 

“Ubani Lowa ? usunesoka?(who is that? Do you have a boyfriend?)”Oh Lord please save me. 

“Ubaba ka Owami(it's Owami’s father) “

“Oh Ngiyabona Uyena mfana ohlaza lowa . uqinisile kona uGogo wakho (Oh I see he is the rude boy .Your grandmother was right)”she shakes her head. Oh so they gossip about Sakhile .

“Bengilethe uAmahle ushay’we isoka lakhe kade ngimkhuza ayeke lowa Mhlola (I brought Amahle She was hit by her Boyfriend . I have been telling her to leave that man)”

“Oh “

That’s what I settle for. 

“Ayi othi ngikushiye iyobonana(let me leave you I will see you )”

“Yebo Mah”she walks off and I sigh. I sit there alone for some time .After an hour Sakhile comes back and he sits down. I am silent and so as him. 

“They took her blood samples “

I nodded. I hope there is nothing serious my phone rings and I rummage through my bag before taking it out. Its Nosi I answer .

“Nosi “

“I saw your missed call I was bathing what’s wrong ?”

“Owami was vomiting blood “

“Where are you?”

“Edendale hospital “

“Ok ngizoyo gibela manje ngiyeza ( I am going to catch a taxi I am coming )”

“Ok “

She hangs up and I put my phone away. 

“I am leaving now I am sure you can take it from here “

He hands Owami to me be before standing up he dusts himself . 

“Yes thank you “he nods and checks his phone. 

“Sho Ke “

He walks off I look his direction. Where he disappeared off to. I look at Owami who is sleeping on my chest and I sigh she is still breathing by how her chest is moving up and down. We sit there for another hour and I see Nosi approaching us. 

“Oh Nkosi yam “she sits next to us before brushing Owami’s hair . She looks at me.

“Do you know what’s wrong?”

“Not as yet “

She nods as we wait I finally get called in and we went after the nurse they got a bed for Owami and laid her on it. They inserted a drip on her. 

“Her test results will be back after 3 Days “I nodded.

“What is wrong?”

“You have to back tomorrow for that because Dr Naidoo the Pediatrician is currently not here today “The nurse says.

“What do you think it is?”Nosi asks. 

“Angazi nami angiyena udokotela wengane sisi ( I don’t know I am not a Children’s Dr )”

Nosi is fueled up. “Wait an hour then after she will be discharged “she walked off I took a chair and sat down as I looked around to all of these kids laying here. Instead of looking like they are getting better it looks worse to me. I look away and touch Owami. 

“She will be ok “. Nosi says and I just nod . 

“I hope so.” We wait an hour and she gets discharged from the Hospital They gave me a card and just wrote that she must come back tomorrow and has to see Dr Naidoo. We went to the mall to catch a taxi back home. I felt exhausted. I took out my phone to call my mother and I informed her about Owami’s situation and she kind of understood but left it like that. We got to the stop and we got out walking home Gogo was puzzled as to why we came back early and today . 

“Nashesha nabuya boh(you came back early) “She says .

“U-Owami uyagula Kumele siphendele esbhedlela futhi ksasa ( Owami is sick and we have to return to the hospital tomorrow )” Nosi explains . 

“Whats wrong ?”

“Nathi asazi (we also don’t know )”

“Bring her here “ I hand over Owami to my grandmother . 

“Where is the pain ?”

“Her head “I say and she puts her head there and starts praying .

“Lord almighty

Kumele siphendele esbhedlela futhi ksasa ( Owami is sick and we have to return to the hospital tomorrow )” Nosi explains . 

“Whats wrong ?”

“Nathi asazi (we also don’t know )”

“Bring her here “ I hand over Owami to my grandmother . 

“Where is the pain ?”

“Her head “I say and she puts her head there and starts praying .

“Lord almighty we come to you bringing your child heal her from all the sicknesses and pains she is enduring . Wathi ezwini lakho baba ngemvimbo yakho siphilisiwe . Philisa u-Owami wethu njengoba esezinhlungwini umkhulule kuzona . Amen “

“Amen !”we open our eyes and she stands up . 

“She will sleep with me tonight “

We nod as she walks off to put her on the bed its stressing me that I don’t know what's going on with Owami . 

“We will see tomorrow “

I nodded sighing and walked off to our bedroom to go and change Sakhile hasn’t called to check how everything is is he caring or he just couldn’t leave me like that? I don’t understand him now but I am appreciative of what he did. I hear a beep on my phone and I take it it’s a message from him. 

“I sent in Money “it’s not Month end as yet. 

“Thank you “I send a message and put my phone away Nosi walks in the bedroom. 

“Sakhile sent in some money “I look at her. 

“He should vele I don’t play “

She throws her bag on the bed and lays on it sighing . I feel like that right now . I feel like everything won’t make any sense from here on wards regarding Owami . I just hope it’s nothing serious.

We headed to the hospital the next day very early so we could be on time. Doctor Naidoo came in a bit late at the hospital. We got to see her first as well she asked us Questions regarding Owami’s health and the things that were happening yesterday and we explained . she couldn’t explain what it really was for a child she concluded it to a Mild Migraine and also she might be allergic to weather changes as the headaches won’t stop as well. She gave me a letter that I have to go to Northdale so she can get a head scan to check if it’s nothing serious . I didn’t get any medication for her though when I thought maybe they would give me some medication in the mean time . I took a journey from Edendale to Northdale Hospital so I would know what’s really wrong with Owami. We caught a Taxi to town and it dropped us at the Rank and I walked inside and headed to the far end of it. I got to the taxi drivers upfront while holding Owami’s hand . 

“Is it heading to Northdale Hospital ?”I always want to make sure .

“Yebo sisi ngena lah ( get in here )”I nod thanking them and I get inside the taxi . I lay Owami on me once I have taken the money out of my bag . I look at her .

“You feel like vomiting?”She shook her head lightly but she touched it .

“Kuhlungu lah(It hurts here )”She points at her head I rub her head . 

“Ncese (sorry )”

I kissed her forehead. The taxi started getting full and in no time it took off . I paid our amount and got my change . I looked out of the window I hope the job at Parklane pulls through for me so I wouldn’t bother Sakhile with maintainance every month . I didn’t want to bother him in the first place but Nosi and my Grandmother insisted. I really am struggling but I believe if other women can do it so can I if I tried my level best . I brush her cheek with my fingers and sigh as I watch her sleep . 

 We get dropped off at the Hospital and we make our way inside the reception area . I wait for my turn a bit before its my turn . I search for the note I was given to by Dr Naidoo and I found it inside my bag . I handed it over . 

“That side Talk to that Nurse she will direct you “I nodded and turned going to the nurse who was walking off clearly going somewhere .”excuse me “I said and she stopped . 

“Hi I was directed to come to you as you might help me “she takes my Note and looks at it . I adjust Owami properly in my arms . 

“ngilandele (follow me )”I follow after her and we walk in silence through the hospital corridors. I look at Owami for a minute before I look at this Nurse who is still holding my letter. We walk through big long doors and she stops . 

“She is here for a Scan ?”

“Yes”I replied and she nodded and turned walking towards this Dr . she handed the note to her and she took it . 

“Oh I see I will take it from here “she says and the nurse nods and walks off . she gets up from her chair .

“You can sit down I will take her “

I sat on the bench she took Owami and walked off through another door as it closed . I waited waited for them . I clenched on my bag and breathed out . I am not leaving without them telling me what is wrong with her. After some time they come back and she hands woke Owami to me and she is crying . 

“Here are her printed scans for the Dr to see properly . Please go to Dr Ntanzi she will look at it “

I stood up . 

“Thank you “She nodded . I take Owami from her arms and she runs her fingers wiping her face before Owami rests her head on my shoulder. I walked out and made my way through the hospital I asked one of the nurses where Dr Ntanzi could be and He directed me . I went according to the directions and I got to the room I firstly knocked before a come in was shouted. I got inside and she stood up young and seems vibrant and pretty she is. She smiled .

“New baby “I didn’t know what to say .

“Good afternoon “I say .

“Good afternoon how may I be of assistance?”I handed over the note and the brown big envelope and she took them . “Have a seat please “She is very nice . I sat down and she does the same as well she wears her glasses and runs her fingers on the note then looks at Owami’s head scan . 

“Batheni Edeni?(what did they say at Edendale Hospital?)”

“They said it might be a Mild Migraine or due to weather change because she vomited blood yesterday “She shook her head . 

“Its not a Migraine it looks like a Brain tumor to me Buka lah (Look here )”She came closer to me . 

“You see this dark patch in the middle ?”

“Yes “I reply 

“That’s the tumor “My body just went cold .


“We just need to know what kind of tumor it is just a brain tumor or is it cancerous “

I swear I wanted to cry. Cancer is a big word for me and I feel scared just from it.

“She has a headache?”

“Ye…Yes “My throat was dry. 

“What other symptoms?”She took an instrument and came to stand in front of me.

“I haven’t seen anything more “She nods and lights the torch in her eyes then her ears. 

“Ubani igama lakhe? (What’s her name)”She took Owami’s file and she looked through it before turning back to us. 

“Owami Buka u-aunty (Owami look at aunty)”she did as told. 

“How are you feeling?”

She touches her head . 

“We don’t know what type of tumor it is she will have to come back next week for another checkup “I felt defeated I just nodded and stood up. She put the scans in the enevelope and gave it to me . 

“keep it well”

“I will “she nodded “thank you “she smiled 

“you are welcome “

I walked out and made my way through the corridors I felt like they were closing in on me. I looked at my daughter. I pray they are making some sort of mistake. I take out my phone and call Nosi I can’t wait any longer she answers by luck .

“Mntase kuhambe kanjani ?(how did it go?)”

“They said she has a brain tumor Nosi Igama elingaka enganeni yami ngizwe necancer yazi ngiphelelwa amandla (Such a big word upon my child I heard even Cancer you know I feel defeated )”

“woah bathe iCancer!?(Woah they said its cancer!?)”She exclaims.

“Bathe kungaba iyona sesiyobuya ngesonto elizayo bayongitsela (They said ut might be We will hear next week. They will tell me)”

“I don’t know what to say “I don’t know either. I walk out of the hospital and go to the stop.

“I think I should tell Sakhile “she is silent after I have said that. 

“Would he care ?”She asks .

“He is still Owami’s father at the end of the day Nosi he needs to know whether he cares or not. It’s his right “she clicks her tongue. 

“Tell him it’s your child after all “

“Ungasho njalo (don’t say that)”

She keeps quiet. 

“I will see you Slie “I nod as I see the taxi approaching. 

“Ok I love you “

“You know I love you “

“I know “I say softly she hangs up and the taxi stops next to me and other people who are waiting for it. We hop inside and I sit at the back. It moves with us and I send the money off. I look at Owami who is sleeping once more I guess she can’t take the headache pain. We got to town and got off at the taxi rank . I walk to find Sakhile I need to tell him before I go home as already I am here . I see him talking to someone and seems like they are having a good chat I gathered courage and walked up to them . He looked at me and I swallowed . I got to them .

“sanibonani (hello)”He didn’t reply but his friend did. 

“Ngizokubona Ndoda(I will see you man)”His friend says patting him on his shoulder before he walks off . Sakhile puts his hands in his pocket and looks at me . 

“Slie “He says firmly I swallow . I don’t have the courage to stand in front of him anymore .

“Sakhile “My voice breaks trying to utter his name. 

“What do you want?”

“Nothing “

“So why are you here?I sent in the money yesterday”Tears weld in my eyes as I look at Owami then him . 

“O...Owami is sick “he is silent and I carry on . 

“They she has a brain tumor “

“I can’t fix that Slie I am not God “

“Ngiyazi( I know) I just wanted to inform you so ungathi angishongo( you won’t say I didn’t tell you ). We are going to the hospital next week again “

I breathe out he scratched his head  


“I will know clearly next week “

He nods.

“Sho ke “

I nod and turn .”Slindo “

I turn to him and he takes out a R100 note and hands it to me.

“Go home “I nodded 

“Thank you “

He nodded and walked off. I watched him and then looked at the money before walking off. let me buy some chips for Owami to chew on while we head home . She hasn’t eaten since we left home and I am sure she is hungry .


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