Chapter six


It’s a wonderful to be out in the sea and just relaxing yourself; this is what I envisioned every day for my daughter. Both of her parents together and in love trips as well. Everything I look onto the Sea and the speaker is playing light Music you can’t separate Sakhile and Music we are in Durban South Beach. It’s a family trip that Owami and I were included in. I meet his female cousins who reside this side and also two of them are siblings with Nazo they are all from different mothers Nazo has 5 Siblings in total and some are not here all of their fathers are not with the women they impregnated they consult here and there as Sikelela has mentioned I heard Afika say he found a new one this week and she is young. He wants to share the girlfriend with his father I am traumatized by his statement while the rest laugh his Sister says she will inform her father about his thoughts and they just laugh it off. I look at Owami and she is wishing to go to the ocean but she can’t. I carry her around as her knees fail her we did go to the hospital as per return date and they said they will have to do more tests her cancer is spreading. I don’t know why they don’t do anything to help my daughter; they will start Chemotherapy once they are satisfied. She is back to wearing a nappy 24/7 as she can’t control her waste releases anymore Sakhile thought this trip might cheer her up. Being here in Durban might do just the trick but she is silent I miss having conversations with my daughter. I look at her.

“Nana are you ok?” she shakes her head lightly and I stand up from the camp chair the gents are braaing and having a good chat.

“Where are you going?” The female cousin asks majority of them don’t like me and have compared me to Sakhile’s ex who is not boring and dull. Attention is all now on me.

“I am going to change Owami” I say.

“Ayisendala ne Nap’keni (She is old for a nappy)” I look at her then Sakhile who looks away while drinking his beer I feel tears welding my eyes and I take the bag from the floor and walk off to the car I open it and I lay her down before I change her she has peed on herself dark patches under her eyes indicating she is losing some weight I have faith that she will be ok. God gave me her for a purpose. I wipe my tears so she wouldn’t see that her mother is crying I touch her face softly. 

“Speak to mommy” she tries to but her words don’t come out well for me to hear.

“What’s wrong with her?”

 I turn around and look at him before turning back to Owami and I wipe my tears I take out some Purity from the bag and spoon so she could have something to eat. I Sit down and place her on my lap before I open it and feed her he is looking at us. I look up to him.

“Glioblastom” he frowns at the name.

“What’s that?”

“Type of cancer brain cancer” There is silence between us.

“I am sorry” he says and I nod.

“What stage is it on?” he asks

“Stage 4” he is silent.

“Nazo!” his girlfriend was calling him and she didn’t look happy he turned to us.

“I will call Sakhile” He says and walks off to his woman see what I told you.

She holds his arm as they walk off. I put my feet inside and close the car door and lay Owami down once she is done with eating I pack everything away and I get out of the car and I make my way back while she rests on my shoulder. I sit back where I was and Sakhile comes and sits next to me.

“Here is some meat.” He gives it to me and I taste it and he brushes his hand on Owami’s cheek.

“How is she?” He asks 

“I don’t know but she is not well.” I say he nods his head and kisses my forehead.

“She will be fine. “He says


“Yeah” I pray to god that my daughter gets well. I can’t imagine my life without her it’s dull. 

We get some food and start eating and Owami is still asleep conversations are still flowing between everyone and we are all enjoying. Sakhile wants us to take a stroll through the beach so we get up and he takes Owami from my hands and we go take a stroll through the beach as he holds my hand we are just silent and I am in thoughts he looks at Owami and then me before he smiles and I return it as well. We stop walking and we are facing the Ocean we are a bit far from people. 

“It was three years ago when I met you “He says. I look at him and he looks at me.

“You were this Beautiful girl I have ever seen “I blush.

“I love you Slindokuhle”He says 

“I love you too Sakhile”He hugs me with his free arm and I am laying my head on his chest he kisses my forehead. 

“Ngicela ukuzikhipha zonke Inkomo “ He says and I look at him astonished. 

“Can I? Send the letter to your family” I feel tears prickling my eyes he kisses my cheek. 

“Yes” I say. I still can’t believe it but I love this man and for him to want to send a letter home for my hand in marriage is wonderful. 

We watch as the waves hit the sand and Owami wakes up Sakhile goes near the Ocean and he puts her down while holding her as her feet touched I watched them and tears streamed down my cheeks. The pain I am feeling inside is unbearable I want my daughter healed and I pray that God heals her they are my everything.

“You are ok?” Sakhile asks her and I hear her letting out an agreeing moan.

 I wipe the tears that are falling from my eyes and sniff I just want everything to be well with her I am trying to be strong for her but I am failing while seeing her like this. I sat down on the sand and just watched them play around the water and I smiled to myself. 

We got back from Durban and I really enjoyed our trip. Some of his cousins came back this side since we came back late from Durban we slept at Sakhile’s place and I called my grandmother informing her about us arriving and where we are I didn’t want her to stress too much about where we are and she said I should bring back Owami if ngizohlala nesoka lami (Owami if I am going to stay with my man )So Sakhile packed Owami up and went to drop her home I wanted to go as well but he asked me if I could leave tomorrow and I agreed. I was in the kitchen while cleaning around the house I took some Detergents and I closed the cupboard and I went to pour it in the bucket before I started moping around I have already done his washing and changed the linen as well. My phone rings and I tiptoe carefully to go and take it then I answer.


“Baby I am coming to fetch you “he says 

“To what?” I ask.

“Baba summoned us to see him” I am silent. I am so scared.

“Uhm ok” 

“Sho” he hangs up I breathe out and I carry on moping I wonder what his father wants to talk to us about. I get done and I go and take a shower I get done and I lotion myself and wear a dress with sandals and I spray my braids. I hear the door opening.

“Sthandwa Sam!” I peak through the door and it’s Sakhile. I take the washing basket and walk out of the bedroom. I seem him close the fridge and open a can of Heineken and gulps from it. 

“It looks so clean” He says.

“Do you ever clean properly?” he chuckles 

“I do from time to time” he says 

“Ok let me go and take the washing. I am not sure if it will rain” I say.

“Ok “ he comes and gives me a perk and I go out to take the washing down I get back and I take my bag and we are ready to leave . We lock the apartment and go down to his car we get inside and I buckle up before he drives off.

“Where are we going?” I ask him.

“Richmond crest my father’s house” I nodded and relaxed on the red leather seats he plays some music and it lightens the atmosphere inside the car.

Soon enough we reach his father’s house in Richmond Crest and its beautiful has a nice electronic gate Yellow painting with those light green small trees upfront and also two cars before the closed Garages. Sakhile presses the remote and the gate opens and he parks behind the Mercedes Benz kompresser and we both get out he crushes his can before we close the doors and I went to his side. He held my hand as we made our way to the front door and he knocked once before he opened the door we could hear some Laughter and we entered the lounge area that is near a mini bar type of area. It was his father and two of his Uncles. 

“Hello “Sakhile greeted They turned to us and his father got of the high chair with a glass filled with Whisky and came towards us with a hand in his pocket. 

“Ndodakazi” he says while looking at me.

“Baba nikahle?(are you fine?)” I ask and he nods.

“Yes we are fine both of you sit down” it was definitely a command

we moved to the black leather couched lounge and we sit down.

“MaSkhosana!”His voice roars throughout the whole lounge middle aged Woman in a blue uniform came rushing to him.

“Gatseni” She says 

“Can you bring some beverages for Sakhile and his woman “She nods

“Yebo Mnumzane (Yes sir)”

“What will you drink?” He asks.

“Brandy and Juice for Slindo” Sakhile says 

“Bring them that “She rushed off. They all look at us but Sakhile’s father’s eyes were the most piercing ones.

“How is my granddaughter?” he asks and takes a sip from his whisky and pulls his grey pants up a bit while he sits properly the nicotine scent can’t be missed. 

“They are still doing tests on her she doesn’t talk or walk on her own. “ I say 

“What are the tests for?” he asks with a frown.

“To see how far her cancer has spread baba” he closes his eyes and brushes his beard. I look at Sakhile who just holds my hand. 

“They haven’t started any treatment on her?” I shake my head 

“Cha baba (No)”He puts his whisky down.

“Tomorrow we are taking her to the private hospital she needs to be ok” He says he loves his granddaughter so much guess Sakhile’s mother was the woman who had his heart.

“Yes sir” 

The beverages come and I thank her and she nods going off. 

“USakhile ungitselile ukuthi ufuna ukuhambisa abakhongi kwaBhengu MaNgccolosi (Sakhile told me that he wants to come and pay lobola at the Bhengu family)” I smile at that.

“You are doing well my boy better than us” the uncle says 

“Thank you malume”Sakhile says and looks at me.

“Are you sure about this decision?” his father asks looking at Sakhile.

“Yes I am I love Slindokuhle and I want to do right by her” I look at him. 

“We have already sent the letter Sakhile mfana wami uyiphathe kahle lengane ngoba ngizokuqoba amadolo mfana wami uke umphule inhliziyo (Sakhile my boy you better treat this child because I will chop your knees my boy if you break her heart)” his father warns 

“I won’t “He squeezes my hand a bit and I look at him

“Good” his father says Sakhile takes a sip of his drink and so do i.

“We need to do Ceremony for Owami but firstly damages have to paid” Bab’Ndlovu says 

“The ancestors are punishing us with the sickness through her for not taking in our daughter” The uncle says 

“Usho khona Mfowethu (I agree with you)” Sakhile’s father says 

“Ndodakazi uthini umqhibelo? (How is Saturday ?)We will pay the damages Friday and then perform a welcoming Ceremony for Owami” he says 

“I think that’s a good day Baba” he nods.

“Sakhile?” he says

“I am fine with everything Gatseni” He says.

“Good then” His father says.

He gulps the rest of his substance and puts the glass down on the coaster and put his hands in his pocket and looked at us.

“I have a little gift for you Nkosana” he says looking at Sakhile. 

“Oh ok” Sakhile says and his father stands up with his uncle. 

“You can come Makoti; I have something for the both of you”

 I am not yet part of the family and now I am Makoti I drink the juice and stand up leaving my bag on the couch and Sakhile holds my waist I am a bit nervous and Sakhile senses it as he whispers in my ear.

“Relax I am here “I ease up a bit. 

We get outside and his father stands in front of the garages and he takes out a remote and presses it the garages open and you could see the other side of the garage it was open there were 4 taxi’s parked there and they looked new because they didn’t have a number plate as yet. He walked towards them and we followed him he stood before them.

“This is my gift to you mfana wami I want you to take care of them and grow this Legacy I have started for you” Sakhile was flabbergasted. 

“Uhm Thank you Gatseni “They shared a manly hug. 

“Uziphathe kahle mfana isinkwa lesi (Take good care of yourself this is your bread)” one of his uncle says.

“I will do so” He turned to me and just squeezed me in a hug I am so happy for him. He let go of me and gave me a perk.

“I am going to check them out” I giggled and nodded his father took out one of the keys and he threw it at him and Sakhile caught the keys and went to one of the taxis. 



He signaled for me to follow him and I did he goes inside the house and we pass the kitchen this house is really beautiful. I was admiring everything while looking at MaSkhosana moving around the kitchen we walked through the passage and he opened a bedroom and it seems like his room he stood in the middle and looked around before he went to the wardrobe and he came back with a wrapped box and gave it to me. I looked at it.

“You will be the first wife in this Family if Sakhile’s mother was still alive you could’ve been the second Open it”

 I unwrapped and opened the box. It had a framed picture of a woman who looked just like Owami and Owami’s next to it. He wasn’t lying when he said Sakhile’s mother and Owami look the same.

“My heart is truly broken to learn that my granddaughter is suffering this much when I have the powers to help her his father has the powers” 

I looked up to him and he looked broken. 

“I believe God will heal Owami” He smiles while putting hands in his pocket.

“Believe My child” He took the frame out and there was a pearl necklace and a piece of paper. 

“Sakhile’s mother left those the day before she died I believe she knew the next day that she was going to die at times I wish I listened to her gut feelings and her disturbing dreams but I didn’t. I hope Sakhile doesn’t do the same mistake I did with his mother and that is ignoring her cries. At times there are decisions you make as a boss and there are decisions you make as a man they do interfere with both but I hope he makes the right decision and protects you and my granddaughter at all times “he says 

“Yebo baba “He smiles

“You can go to Sakhile’s old room and read it there”I nodded

“Thank you “

 we walked out and he showed me Sakhile’s old room and I opened the door and it was very clean I guess it gets cleaned every now and then it had a picture of him in high school with a hat on and I smile. He was cute back then. I ran my fingers on his study desk and saw a little shelf filled with awards and mostly they are for basketball there is a picture of him in his basketball uniform. I turned around and I sat on the bed and I opened the box and took out the letter I started reading it.

“TO MY DAUGHTER IN LAW “it’s stated 

“I wish I can meet you but I can only look down on you I am happy that someone would come into this family and clean up my son he is his father’s son. I never married into the Ndlovu family but you did. I am saying Good luck don’t be afraid to ask for assistance don’t ignore any bad feeling you have trust me you are protecting your family. I love you already and I give you my blessings from above put God in your marriage as well. Gatseni is always there to clean up his son; I know he wants what’s best like any parent. 

Yours Faithfully 

T.Makhathini “

I looked at the letter for a while. 

“How did you find this room?” I looked up and it was Sakhile.

“Your father showed it to me I am sorry to impose” I put the letter inside the box.

He walks in and comes to sit next to me and he takes the photo and he looks at it.

“They look so much alike” he said softly.

“She reminds you of her right?” he nodded

“I love Owami though “He said looking at me.

“I know” he was silent and put the photo down.

“We are going out “he says going out? I am not really in the mood.

“Where?” I ask.

“Cubana” he says a club? No

“I don’t drink “I say.

“We are just celebrating.” He says.

My phone rang disturbing us and I stood up and walked out to the lounge the uncles and his father were now watching some soccer game I took my phone and it’s Nosi.

“Nosi” I walked off.

“Come back Slindo Owami is not ok she is weak. We had rushed her to the hospital right now”I am panicking.

“Ok I am coming now” I turn to go to the lounge. Sakhile comes from the bedrooms

“Which Hospital are you in Nosibusiso?” I feel the urge to break down.

“Edendale” she says.

“Ok I am coming” I hang up and I grab my bag

“What’s wrong Ndodakazi?” Bab’Ndlovu asks. Sakhile is also waiting for an answer.

“Owami is at the hospital they say she is a bit worse. I need to leave “I say all fast they are all on their feet.

“Let’s go” Sakhile pulls my hand and we are getting inside the car no one is talking to anyone.

 I tell him the hospital and he tells his father before we all drive off to the hospital my heart is beating fast and I am trying so hard not to cry right now. We get to the hospital and I call Nosi and she says they are at the reception and we get there and Dumisani is shouting while Nosi is cradling Owami She is in tears.

“Ngoba uyusomaphoyisa bhuti akucazi ukuthi ikini lah hlala phansi ulinde( Just because you are a police officer that doesn’t mean that this is your house sit down and wait)” the receptionist says I go to Nosi and take Owami into my hands she looks very weak Tears stream down my cheek.

“What’s going on here?” Bab’Ndlovu says with a frown on his face.

“As I have said to this brother here you have to sit down and wait for a bed to be available “She went back to her work.

“We are taking her to a Private hospital” Sakhile says 

“Come Ndodakazi” Bab’Ndlovu says and takes Owami from my hands Sakhile holds me in his arms as I cry.

“I will call you “Nosi says and I nod.

“Thank you “They both nod with Dumisani and we walk off already his father has left with Owami. We get in the car and I just break down he embraces me.

“She is going to be ok”he says

I keep on sobbing. I hate seeing my daughter in that manner . 




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