Chapter nine


“Now that man of yours is coming to his senses “

 She puts the wine down after taking a photo of the whole meal.

“Please I missed you” I say to Nosi .

I haven’t seen her in a week and that was frustrating. Sakhile gave me some money just so I could go out since I get bored inside the apartment just cleaning and cooking for him we have been discussing steps that we are going to take once we get married and he is considering selling his apartment and buying a house that we will both be comfortable in expanding. I am not ready for kids I still have a bleeding spot inside of me about Owami I miss her every single day. 

We are at Essence and I was dropped off here by Sakhile Nosi wasn’t wrong and I wouldn’t afford just coming here to eat. She is on her 3rd glass of wine so I ordered the whole bottle for her so she could drink a bit better. 

“Taste this heaven “ she hands me her wine glass and I look at her


 I took the wine glass and took a sip. Not bad

“It’s nice” 

“ Quality wine “ she gulps the rest of her substance. 

“So update me about your life” 

She seems more interested in my life right now more than ever I cut through my food and I look at her.

“Well things are amazing on my side”

I won’t iron my business out to her even though she is my cousin I won’t tell her I found a G-string in Sakhile’s wardrobe and he denied ever knowing who it belongs to she will just say that he is cheating before I could even finish telling her my story.

“You do look amazing don’t be scared to say what he does to you nana “ she says I smile at her.

“I won’t thank you” I drink my water.

“So you and Dumisani”

“Oh that man is made for me “ she lights up.

“ I am happy that you are happy”

“hey lets go to the Sun dance on Sunday” I give her a look.

“Yeka ukubora ushadile manje( Stop being boring you are married now)”

“I will see “ 

“ Sunday” I nodded.


“If Sakhile doesn’t have plans for us”

“ I love my blanket by the way”

I smiled and giggled she joined me in.

“Are you warming up to Sakhile?”


“That’s good”

We carried on eating and having a good time I missed us so much and she didn’t slow down on the wine as well. I asked for some water for her and the waiter brought it back.

“Slindo!” I turned around and it was Nazo he made his way towards us. 

“Mmmh who is he?” Nosi said while eying him.

“Sakhile’s cousin has a possessive girlfriend”

“Two can play that game” she drinks her wine.

“Nosi!” I whisper.

“Here he comes”she says.

“Ladies” he says.

“Hi” I turn to him and he looks down on me.

“How are you ?” he asks as his voice was low but deeper than it already is.

“I am well and yourself ?”

“I am good”

“Oh this is my cousin Nosibusiso .Nosi this is Snazozonke Sakhile’s Cousin”

He reaches out for her hand and kisses it.

“Nice to meet you in-law” he says.

“Maybe we can bring more relation between our families don’t you think?” She says and I give her a stare. 

“My heart is occupied by one woman” he says

“Bummer then” can this one ever shut up?

“What are you doing this side?” I interrupt this conversation. He turns to me.

“Business enquires I am going back today” I nodded.

“Oh I see”

“Well it was nice meeting you Nosi and seeing you Slindokuhle”

“It was nice meeting you too” Nosi says he smiles and walks off.

“Mmh damn

he smiles and walks off.

“Mmh damn some parents didn’t waste their time pushing humans like him”

“Dumisani will kill you “ I say

“I am just complimenting “


I looked at the time.

“let me get the bill” I called the waiter and asked for the bill.

“Your bill has been settled mam”

“Who did?’” I ask 

“Do you care saved you a lot of shopping money. I am sure it’s that hot chocolate” Nosi says

“Nosi! yoh lets go “ we stood up and thanked the waiter we walked out.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

I can’t seem to put my hands down when reading this book I have just started reading this book that I have just recently got from the book shop. I am not a fan of reading but this one is the one I really indulged myself into reading and its interesting “Keeper of the bride” its title captured me and called upon me into buying it and so I did. A early 90’s release but that old woman from the shop said it’s a very good read so I trusted her and I am glad I did. 

The door opens and I lift my head up to look at him and he seems tired. I close the book and place it on the couch and he comes and throws himself next to me heaving a sigh.

“How was your day?” I ask

“I am tired”

“Let me dish up for you and you go and bath” he smiles looking at me and leans to perk my lips.

“That would be wonderful”


I stand up from the couch.

“And we need to talk about my nursing school”

I say while walking to the kitchen.

“We will just not now” I nodded.

“yes it’s not something I want to do now I have to first fix my matric results”

“I will speak to Zethule about that he knows a guy” he says I dish up for him.

“I hope it’s not something shady Sakhile” 

“No its not”

“Good then” I finish up and I take a dish and fill some water and I go and wash his hands and then I serve him food.

“I feel like a king”

“You are mine”

“You are my Queen baby” I smiled. I went back to my book.


Last week I was home Bab’Ndlovu said I needed to be cleansed for Owami’s death. So I had to go back home and get cleansed. It wasn’t much but he is a very traditional man as I have said . Sakhile and I are going to do the rest of the events next year then. I love him so much and he showers me with love and attention also gifts here and there. Just recently he bought a new phone for me and gave me money to do my hair and pamper myself. I did just that and spoilt myself. 

Today is one of his cousin’s birthday party and we are heading to Durban. I am assuming that its Nazo’s siblings. One of them and so the whole Ndlovu family will be there. I am nervous as it is even though I shouldn’t be but I am . Having Sakhile there will ease my mind a bit.

We arrived in Durban and we got just on time at the party. We got out of the car and I was holding the present. I didn’t know who the party is for so I settled I bought a shopping voucher. I am not really good at Gifting and Sakhile didn’t see the need for it but I think it would be rude coming to a party empty handed. We entered the house and It was very beautiful I noticed a helper and I assume all the men in this family have helpers when they are aging. 

“Makoti” I turn and its Sakhile’s father already downing some Brandy.


He comes closer to us and they share a hand shake with Sakhile.

“Gatseni “ he says

He nods. 

“How are you ?” he asks 

“ I am well baba” I say.

“ I can see I hope he is still treating you well”

“He is Very much” Sakhile holds my waist.

“ I am happy to hear that lets join the rest of the family” we walked outside and already the mingling is being done Sakhile is introducing to everyone in his family showing me off like am the most amazing thing that has happened in his life.

 He will be like“Malume this is Slindokuhle the love of my life or Aunty “Which ever one we are facing that moment. We went to join his cousins and they start being their jokester selves. Nazo’s girlfriend is shooting daggers at me the whole time and I don’t understand what I did to her. We get told to go and help with the serving since the catering team was hired to cook. We get excused as the ladies and went inside. She pulls me to a room and shuts the door with just the both of us inside. She releases a slap on me and I am astonished and wondering what did I do?


“Shut up bitch just shut up!”

 she says and I think she is losing it but over what?

“What did I do?”

“I have spent 6 years with that man I wouldn’t let any tramp come between us not even you”

I am more confused as ever. She slaps my other cheek while I am trying to process what’s going on. 

“Whatever you are trying to achieve won't be “

“I don’t understand” I am more scared now because she is giving me a death stare can't someone see that I am missing and with a psycho?

“Nazo he can’t stop having wet dreams about you and last night he called me by your name while we were fucking ! fucking ! “ 

She starts to choke me and I am not backing down the fight. I push her against the wall and kicked her stomach she gasps and lets me go before I open the door and I rush out. I am shaking. Why would Nazo do that? Dream about me and call his lady by my name ? I just don’t understand . I walk to find Sakhile and I reach him.

“Slindo what’s wrong?” Nazo is the first one to ask while he stands up. I am angry at him for almost killing me with his girlfriend. 

“baby what’s wrong?” Sakhile he stands up too and embraces me and I sob. 

“She… She “ I hiccup 

“Tell me “

“I want to…”

“get her sugared water so she can calm down” one of the aunts say. 

 I can’t even speak I just keep on sobbing in his arms. I can’t speak up because I might come between them about what Nazo’s girlfriend said to me but I am still wondering why would he dream about me.





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