Chapter five


“That’s all I can say Nosibusiso” She is silent. 

I pick the red one and look at it it looks nice and surely Sakhile will love it. Maybe but I am taking it. I check the price and it’s R109.99. It’s on sale even. I am doing just a little girl shopping it has been long and I think I haven’t been out shopping for myself in two years if not the last time I shopped was before Owami when you are a parent you forget about yourself and everything goes to your child.

“I will never accept him Slindo” I sigh. I know that Nosi would never like Sakhile ever.

“I know but he makes me happy he is changing as well.”

“Mmh I hear you” She doesn’t sound too happy about the news of Sakhile and I dating again. 

“I will see you Sunday” I say

“Where are you?” She asks.

“Mr Price at Scottsville mall”

I take the lacy underwear as well two for the price of one; I shove them in the basket.

“Ok then I love you and take care of yourself”

I stop and smile.

“I love you too Mntase”

“Bye then” she hangs up; I am blessed for having Nosi in my life.

I have the nightwear and what I will wear when I leave on Sunday Perfect then. It has been long since I have bought something new for myself. I went to go and pay taking a lip-gloss as well from the basket upfront.

“R420.29”That’s a lot I don’t want to be broke before month end. I hesitate at first before I pay; I shouldn’t go shopping for the next 5 years or maybe go to Dunusa is best cheap and rare clothes as well. I take out the money and give it to the lady my phone rings and its Sakhile. I answer with a smile on my face.


“MaNgcolosi” I swallow I am glad I didn’t answer in appropriately. I am intimidated and yet scared to say anything but I reply.

“Baba “

“Asitselwa ngani ukuthi umntwana uyagula (Why didn’t you inform us that the child is sick)” I am Scared at the moment.

“I told Sakhile baba he knows” I swallow.


He settles for that.

“Siyaxolisa (we are sorry)” Why didn’t Sakhile inform his father about Owami being sick?

“I will talk to Sakhile this is Unacceptable” He is not pleased his tones says it all.

“Yebo baba” He hangs up and I breathe out I take the plastic and walk out of the shop and I go to Kfc and buy some Ice cream. 

“Hey Kuhle”I turned and it was Zethule Sakhile’s friend. He came towards me as I am waiting.

“Hi” he stands in front of me looking at me.

“How are you?” He asks.

“I am fine Thank you yourself?” I ask.

“I am good I have to go. Nice seeing you”

I nodded as he walked off I got my ice cream and my phone rang I answered it.


“Sthandwa sam” it’s Sakhile.

“Why didn’t you tell your father that Owami is sick?” I ask why didn’t he vele?

“It slipped my mind”

“Your daughter being diagnosed with Cancer slipped through your mind Sakhile?”

My nose was itching he is lying.

“It happens “He says. I feel angry as he says that it can’t just happen!

“I can’t talk to you right now. “

I hung up How can forget something this important and say it slip his mind? I walked out of the mall Varsity Students from UKZN are at convenience with this Mall it’s not even far even Sakhile and they who live at these white areas have such Luxury at their Aid .The private hospital from his Flat is probably a 5 minute drive if not 10. A soccer and rugby stadium nearby restaurants as well what do you need to go to town for if you live this side. Even some hair Salons are near as well heeh people are living the life and we have to take a taxi twice just to go to town and coming back to get something you need when they just walk to the shop they need. 

I walk to Sakhile’s flat he gave me his flat Keys to keep as I am visiting in case I come in early and I started at the mall though before heading to his place. I get there and open the gate and go up the stairs to his flat. I unlock the door and I walked inside. It’s clean as well very clean. I went to the bedroom and I put the plastic on the bed and I sat on it and took off my shoes and put them by the door. I breathed out laying back on it. I don’t know if I should cook or wait for Sakhile to arrive in the afternoon. No let me cook he will be tired in the afternoon. I got off the bed and I went to the kitchen I checked the cupboards and there is not much. Just tinned beans and 2kg rice I open the fridge and it’s stacked off alcohol. No this is not good what am I going to do now? I go and take my phone and I texted him. “You have no food” sent. He knew I was coming so why didn’t he buy some food. My phone rang and I answered. 

“Sakhile” I am annoyed. 

“We will shop tomorrow”

“What about now? The only thing that’s stocked in here is alcohol”

I open and close the fridge.

“I will order” He says.

“What time is it now?” I ask 


“You won’t be back till late Sakhile” I pace up and down. 

“Calm down” He says 

“There is no food Sakhile! Argh why do I even bother with you “I say to him.

“I am coming” he hangs up. I fling my hands in the air. What does he eat really?

 I check the cupboards and they are really empty. I sigh and hold my waist. So the whole weekend will be like this? I would rather go home if that’s the case. My eyes land on the dust bin just peaked inside what’s there and its two cans of Heineken and a box of Four cousin and about 6 condoms and they have semen in them. What is going on here? I moved away and went to sit down is Sakhile cheating on me? 

I waited for him to come back I couldn’t stop thinking about those condoms and now the Sweeter wine explains a lot with the white wine in the fridge. Sakhile can’t drink something sweet; he detests juice even so I am wondering as well. I don't drink as well. Well I wouldn’t say he hates Juice but he doesn’t drink it and wouldn’t just drink it. The door opens and he walks in carrying Checkers plastic and Debonairs Pizza box. 


 I watched him as he closes the door behind him and he walks inside. He places the Plastic and Pizza box on the kitchen counter. A lot is already going on in my mind a lot of questions to be answered.

“I bought what you needed and Pizza”

He comes to me and looks at me as I look at him; I am trying to answer myself as well.

“You look sour are you ok?”

I don’t know if I should ask him.

“You tell me what’s going on “I look at him waiting in silence. My arms across my chest while I look at him.

“What are you talking about?” He looks at me confused.

“Sakhile are you cheating on me?” I ask

“Why would I do that when you are the only woman for me” he tries to defend himself.

“It has been 3 months since we got back together and we haven’t slept together so what are those condoms filled with your semen doing there in the bin?” I cringe just by thinking about them not one but six. He looks at me for a while.

“Zethule was here a few hours ago”

I keep quiet. 

“That doesn’t answer my question.” I say.

“Baby I am not cheating on you I promise”

“So you are trying to say that Zethule had sex in your flat a few hours ago? Really Sakhile? It doesn’t make any sense to me “It doesn’t at all.

“He does from time to time” He says 

“Doesn’t he have his own place to do that?” He is silent for a moment; I get up from his couch. I think I have my answer right now. I can’t believe that he hasn’t changed.

“I want to go home”

I go the bedroom and he follows after me I take my stuff.

“Baby I promise you I am not cheating” I turn to him.

“Then explain to me because it looks like it Sakhile Honestly I don’t know what to say to you at this point”

 I am angry at him I know he is lying. I take my bag and turn he is cornering me on the bed and I end up laying on it. He is kissing my lips and I respond as well and he breaks it. I am falling to his trap again and I am allowing it to happen. He looks at me and my face softens a bit to looking at his handsome face.

“I am not cheating I promise you” The idiotic me nods to his statement believing it as much.

“Don’t leave” I nod once more and he gets off me. I sit up as well and he takes my bag away I look at him for a while he moves around. 

“Come let’s go eat”

 I get off the bed and we walk to the kitchen we get the pizza slices and some cold drink he didn’t buy the food. Only noodles and some Tinned fish what does this man eat at this age? Is this what he lives for really? I settle for two slices of pizza and he has 4 slices with a can of Heineken we settle on the couch. We eat in silence; no one is talking to anyone. I am still trying to figure the condom story but I decided to let it go before I make my brain explode and cause myself heartache. I don’t want to know I am not ready to find the answers behind them. He puts his beer down and looks at me; I do the same before continuing with my eating. I get done and take the dishes and go over to the sink to wash them. He goes to the bedroom and comes back no one has touched the bin since the little argument and I don’t have the courage to look back inside it. I finish up and he comes back with a changed hat it’s not a Nike cap anymore it’s a Bennie . He never goes anywhere without wearing a hat on his head. He grabs the car keys on the counter.

“There is a Soccer Game at the Harry Gwala stadium; it will be us and my cousins. Want to come?” I am not a soccer fan but I came here so we can spend time together. I have never entered a stadium before it might be fun maybe.

“Ok let me change to something comfortable” 

I am in a dress and its hugging me; it won’t work in a soccer stadium. I went to the bedroom and changed to black leggings and a white stylish vest its summer and weather here can be favoring I wear my sandals and walk out I don’t think I need anything either than my phone. He looks at me and he smiles mischievously I think it’s the leggings that make him smile like that.

“I love those” He says and I giggle.

 We walk out of the flat and went to his GTI The stadium is not that far the same road just up the road the gate opens and he drives out and takes a left going up to the stadium

we get there in less than 5 minutes and he parks the car people buzzing around ready to watch the game inside. He gets the tickets and we get out and we get inside finding his cousins. I have never officially met them just the touch up subject on them. They stand up as soon as they see us.

“Boi” They share a handshake with each other before they look at me. I am nervous; maybe they hate me for putting Sakhile in jail.

“I am Sikelela “he lets out his hand the others chuckle.

“This is Slindo the love of my life” Sakhile says and I can’t help but blush.

“You seem to keep him straight than the rest Thank you for arresting him. He needed that Qiniso” The other one says I feel embarrassed by that.

 Sakhile comes to the rescue through the awkward moment and the others introduce themselves as well with their girlfriends I presume. We all settle and the game starts playing Sundown’s against Maritz burg united. It’s a very fair game its actually nicer watching soccer live then on television. These men don’t know which side they are on but keep on shouting if the ball doesn’t go in or takes a turn by the goal post. 

“That’s a free kick!” one of them shouts which I learnt is Ntozakhona They are on their feet watching and here I am confused yet enjoying the watch without any knowledge.

“Nazo sit down” his girlfriend says she is the control freak type.

 What she says goes Nazo also fully known as Snazozonke what they have all I don’t know. He has a dominance side as well I have noticed in how he could just “bend her” into doing what he wants. How they do it I don’t know. Some secrets remain in your relationship at making it successful. They finally settle down and we keep on watching the game it ends at a Draw even after the penalty non-of these soccer players were determined on loosing today the score was 2-2. 

Yes! we are leaving and they think of extending some time together by going to Alexandra park for some meat and alcohol its already 6pm already but I am still enjoying the company they are not bad and actually jokesters especially with regards to me getting Sakhile arrested and it’s not awkward anymore because he is laughing it out. It’s settled two of them will go and buy some braai meat from Hlophe’s butchery and the others will go to Scottsville to Checkers and buy the rolls and Alcohol before the mall closes many stores are already closed. We get what we needed and they have bought a bit too much of alcohol Ciders for the ladies and wine and the strong stuff for the gents. We go to Alexandra Park and find a spot by the olive Square the car boots are opened and camp chairs are taken out of the cars I guess they keep them inside. I am sitting at the open boot and Music is playing from Sakhile’s car. He has some great taste in music. They are already drinking and I settle for some Sprite at first they were complaining that they will use it to dash the alcohol but I am not drinking I won’t start now even though Nosi drinks like a pro. Give her anything and she would finish it on her own and go on to the next. Sakhile stands between my legs and his other two cousins come back Qiniso and Afika the fifth one. The meat is more than enough in my eyes but men eat and already they are on the wors Hlope has the most amazing meat and it’s all straight from the animal its self . The rolls are forgotten by them it’s just the meat and alcohol. It’s getting dark now but still we are here in the park and some people as well Sikelela starts dancing around to one of the songs. What I have also learnt during their conversations is that Nazo is from Durban and he just came to visit with his woman and they would be leaving tonight will they even make it as they are downing alcohol like its water? Sakhile kisses the side of my head then nose and gives me a perk and I could taste the Savanna that he has been drinking. 

“You are good?” He asks and I nod his eyes are blood shot red he takes a sip of his beverage. 

“You know I love you “I nod and he kisses my lips before breaking it and he smiles before turning to his cousins. 

“I am going to marry this woman one day Gents “They start whistling.


“You could learn a thing or two from your cousin” Afika’s girlfriend says.

“Awungimele wena “ he replies annoyed and carried on drinking his beer I was silent and felt sorry for her for such a reply in front of his cousins. I get off the boot and take my phone.

“Where are you going?” Sakhile asks.

“I need to call Owami and check if she is fine” I say.

“I am sure she is “he says 

“I just want to call her”

“I will accompany you I want to take a piss” I wait for him as he goes to the front and changes the music and we walk off together to a darker area. He goes and takes a piss while I call Nosi and she answered.


“I though he killed you I was about to come”That’s what she first says.

“No I am fine “I reply.

“How is Owami? Is she asleep?” I hear her sigh.

“She is having a problem with her speech and she just wet herself” My poor baby.

“I am coming back tomorrow”

“No its fine I will take her to the hospital. Be happy nana “I smiled. I felt hands wrapping around me and a soft kiss on my neck. 

“I will see you Sunday I will buy the nappies”

“Dumisani bought them”

“I need to thank him then”

“Its fine Mntase I have to go. Gogo is angry at you “she laughs

“Yoh I don’t want to feel her wrath”

“You will ke bye “

“Bye “I hang up and sigh turning to Sakhile. 

“What’s wrong?” he asks 

“Owami can’t speak her speech is messed up” he is silent for a moment; I am worried about her so much. I wish I could go home now and be with her.

“Don’t worry baby I will tell dad about that” he perks my lips again. 

“Asambe “He says and we walk back to his cousins.

 It ended in us parting at 10 pm and I am tired as ever Sakhile is drunk so as the rest but they hop inside their cars I do the same. If I could I would have walked back to the flat but it’s really dark and I can’t leave Sakhile all alone. He drives back to the apartment and we are safe that’s a relief. I hope the Durban couple arrives safely as well we get inside and he is kissing me and I am kissing him as well. It gets heated as we enter the bedroom and I am lying on the bed facing up he is on top of me. Caressing my boobs and kissing my neck as well coming up and kisses my lips once more the tights vanish and so as the vest. He is happy to see that I have no bra on underneath thank god I never breast fed Owami. I couldn’t have my boobs sagging at the age of 19. He undresses himself with a bit of my help I haven’t slept with a man in 3 years he reaches over to the side drawer and he is looking for something but seems he can’t find it he looks at me.

“Baby I am going to pull out” He says and shuts me up with a kiss before I could utter anything. I feel him penetrate me and it’s a bit difficult and sore as well but he manages to slip in and he kisses my forehead. 

“I love you” He said as he trusted inside me and my hands moved to his back and I dug there and my toes curled.


The night was wonderful and as promised Sakhile pulled out but in order to avoid any mistake he will take me to the clinic. I really don’t know what we will eat and he says we will just go out I don’t really like this take out Idea but it’s just for a few days. We get ready and I tidy up around before we can get dressed I am in a dress and very much comfortable. He settles for navy Addidas track pants with a white Lacoste sneaker and a white golf shirt and a Navy Addidas Cap it can’t be missed. The only thing Sakhile is missing in his wardrobe is Carvela’s and Dakotas of which I don’t like and thank God he doesn’t see any taste in them. These look good on him and what makes him look more handsome is his neatness and being clean He puts on a watch as well and he done and smelling good. We are out and going to the Doctor its private and he pays as I get a 3 months injection. After that trip we are going to Golden Horse I am excited. This would be the first time Sakhile takes me out. We settle in Rockefeller’s and we go and get our food it’s a buffet. One price for eat as many as you like the waffles and ice cream I will come for later. We have some breakfast at the top area and we are chatting and I am really enjoying my time with him.

“Sakhile!” I hear a woman’s voice calling Sakhile he shifts and looks behind me before I turn and this woman comes towards us.

A Barbie doll and light skinned looks very beautiful and makes me insecure she reaches us with a glass full of beer in her hand flicks her brazilian weave to the sides.

“Mmh looking good as always Hug” he stands up and they share a hug I am looking at them before she turns to me.

“Introduce us” he Cleared his throat.

“Sandi this is Slindo” Just Slindo?

“Oh your c….”He shut her up with a stare.

“Ayi see you later babe” she kisses his cheek and walks off; I look at him as he sits down. I have lost my appetite. 

“Babe?” I look at him. I am being tested for real.

“Yeah we are friends from high school; we used to be in class together.” He carries on eating; didn’t he go to an all-boys school?

“You were friends in a boy’s school?” he looks at me.

“From grade 8-9 I went to a boys and girls school before I went to an all-boys school.” I look at him. This one thinks I am an idiot. He looks up at me.

“We can go ask her for clarification”

“ I don’t like this first your friends having sex at your place and now old school mates kissing you it’s not on Sakhile iyangicasula( it irritates me )” I am pissed.

“I am sorry it will never happen again” I ignore him and he carries on eating. I can’t eat anymore I am just too angry at the moment.


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