Chapter eight


Just a few weeks ago we were heartbroken and sad and now we are joyful in these very yards I can’t stop myself from smiling even Nosi and my grandmother are in a very Joyful mood as I am it’s the day the Ndlovu and Bhengu Family become one. You have had a glimpse of what my life has been like but before we continue let me formally introduce myself. My name is Slindokuhle Bhengu 21 years of age . I am a woman with a big soft heart and it’s very forgiving. I do have a temper but not all the time My horoscope sign is Pisces. I don’t know who my father is but all I know is that my mother got me from a one night stand yes that is all I know . My mother is married and I have 3 younger siblings but we have never bonded that much to have a tight bond. I have a daughter Owami Ndlovu. She is my angel and will forever be one the love of my life my everything. I lost her to death but I am sure she is looking down on me wherever she is I had her when I was 18 years old and in the near future I will be wife to her father. Sakhile Ndlovu the love of my life. I met him one Friday at the taxi rank and after him wanting my number for so long I gave in to being his woman we had our ups and downs but which couple doesn’t? I live with my grandmother and my cousin Nosibusiso she is my late Uncle’s daughter. All we know is that he came back with her as an infant and when she was 4 he died from a car accident a truck collided with the taxi he was in and he didn’t survive. I had dreams while young but they were put on hold when I had my daughter carry on this life with me shall we? Need some wine? Grab it and have a good spot to watch my life pass by.

Last week my dowry was paid and today its uMembeso. The Ndlovu family are bringing gifts for my family as a sign of thanking them for grooming me into the woman I have become my mother told me that. Here I am dressed in a navy blue and white traditional dress with a blanket over my shoulders and an umbrella its scorching hot and the fact that I had to change outside is just another matter but hey its tradition I regret wearing the dress I was wearing when they fetched me from home because I didn’t know that I am not allowed to wear it ever again it was my favorite dress. 

“Isencane lengane !....” 

They start singing traditional songs as they are escorting me inside the yard I still can’t get over how big Sakhile’s family is. They just filled up our whole yard and 3 taxis full I won’t mention the cars that they came in. Badla izambane likapondo (They are wealthy) shame that’s why Sakhile gets things on a Silver platter I don’t think he will ever know how hard worked money will feel like but we are not there. we get in the yard and my grandmother is ululating the loudest I smile as I get seated on the grass mat with my little sister next to me I look around and Baba is smiling and looks happy as well I see Sakhile’s cousins who I know of cause they are also here. The women move out singing now to get Sakhile I haven’t seen him in a week and no I haven’t forgotten about the woman voice but I will ask him when we get to his apartment. I am moving in with him today.

“Weh sibari weh sibari ! sbari wami 

Mbuyisele khaya ! 

Ungisize ungamushayi 


Mayekwehlula Mbuyisele ekhaya !...”

 They sing while coming back with Sakhile who is in navy chino pants and same designed traditional top and black Lacoste sneakers. You can never go wrong with a hat or sneaker with Sakhile but today he doesn’t have a hat his moustache is nicely done and his hair as well I smile automatically without any warning. He looks so handsome. 

As they are approaching us they seat him on a chair and put a huge ass blanket on his shoulders he looks at me and he smirks. I blush while looking down and the ceremony proceeds. 


Everything goes as planned and all the gifts ment for my family is handed to them and the whole event went smoothly. Food is getting served and finally I can get away from this hot blanket I gave it to Nosi who took it away and Sakhile was standing with his father and uncles while chatting a bit I went towards them and Baba smiled.

“Makoti” he said 

“Baba” Sakhile holds my waist.

“What a beautiful thing you two are doing” he says

“She is the woman I love

I went towards them and Baba smiled.

“Makoti” he said 

“Baba” Sakhile holds my waist.

“What a beautiful thing you two are doing” he says

“She is the woman I love she deserves this and more” Sakhile says and I blush.

“Have you eaten bobaba?” I ask them 

“Don’t worry about that our food got served” I nodded

“We will see you “

They left and I was standing with Sakhile I stood in front of him and he touched my cheek before he fiddles with his pocket and he takes out a little box and goes down one knee he opens it and a ring appears. I hear people ululating and they gather around.

“Will you marry me Sthandwa Sam?” Sakhile said and tears stained my cheeks. 

He looked at me and I smiled while bringing forth my left hand and people around us made more noise as he slips it in my finger and kissed my hand. He stood up and perked my lips then went onto my forehead

 “You are beautiful” he says.

“Thank you” I say

“I love you baby” he say

“I love you so much Sakhile” he kisses my forehead.


 He has been busy on his phone since we have entered this shop I guess from now on it is going to be my mission to make sure we have everything we need inside the flat. The Alcohol in the fridge has to minimize at this point the fridge is for food not alcohol.

“Maybe I should try cooking some prawns today what do you think?” I take the frozen prawns and look at the price before I turn to him.

“Sakhile!” he looks up to me from the phone.

“You can take anything you want” he says and goes back to his phone. I stand there and just look at him and he looks up to me.

“Ok I will put it away” he says putting his phone away.

“Thank you” I say and throw the prawns inside the trolley.

“What more do you need?” he asks 

“We just need a few spices we have the meat and the vegetables and the big stuff like rice and Maize meal and oil as well.” I say looking inside the trolley.

“My cousins are coming at 14h00 to see us “ he says 

“Ok “ I push the trolley as we walk through the store.

We get the things I need and we get some toiletries as well with cleaning supplies and we were done. We went to the till to pay. 

“Are you going to work tomorrow?” I ask him. 

He takes bubble gum and throws it inside the trolley. 

“Yes I am “I nod.

“I was thinking of going and registering for a nursing course since I have nothing holding me back” I say.

“Mmmh we will talk about that” he says and I nod. 

We get done with everything and we are walking out of the mall to the parking lot. We get to the car and the car guard helps with the loading and Sakhile gives him money after and he thanks us we get inside the car and Sakhile drives off to the garage first and puts petrol in his car he shares the bubble gum with me and after he pays he drives back to the apartment. We get there and we get out and went up he brought the stuff inside while I put everything where it’s supposed to go I woke up early this morning just so I could clean and then we could go grocery shopping. My phone rings as I am putting the bathing foams in the bathroom and the rest of our toiletries that we need in the bathroom I take it out and answer.

“Mntase!” She is a bit noisy today.

“Nosi how are you?” 

“ I am good how are you? How is that thing of yours” 


“Askies ke how is your Sakhile?” 

“He is good we are good” I walk out of the bathroom once I am done.

“I can’t believe you left us” she says

“I will visit”

 I go into the bedroom and I open the wardrobe to put the rest of my clothes inside.

“Do so or better yet get Sakhile’s card so you can take me out to Essence”

“Essence?” I ask

“Haibo you live in Pietermaritzaburg but you don’t know where Essence is? I mean white people eat there yoh Mntase” she says and I laugh.

“Ok I will see”

“I love you mncwa mncwa” I giggle 

“I love you too” she hangs up. 

I need to sort this one out as well I start with the task at hand and as I am taking out some of Sakhile’s clothes so I can have some space to put mine I am met by an underwear and its definetly not mine. I went out of the bedroom and he was sitting on the couch drinking some beer. I threw it on his lap and he stopped drinking and looked at me.

“So we are going to look at each other?”I say.

“I don’t know who it belongs to” he says.

“I am not a fool Sakhile I am not!”

He stands up.

“I am telling you that I don’t know who this belongs to Slindo What do you want from me ?”

“The truth Sakhile ekabani ?(Who does it belong to?)” he comes closer to me 

“Baby I am not cheating. I wouldn’t do that.”

He is not telling me anything how does another lady’s underwear end up in his room unless he is cheating. He is sleeping with that woman. 

“Slie” he says


“Trust me baby”

“I don’t know”

“If I didn’t love you I wouldn’t have asked us to get back together I wouldn’t have asked you to marry me believe me “

He is right he is marrying me. That’s important right?

“Go and burn that I don’t want it here” he nodded and perked my lips 

“I love you” he says

I look at him

“I love you too”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

 “How are you handling everything?” Afika’s girlfriend asks.

“Well so far we will just have to see” I hand the plate over to her so she could dry it. 

“How long have you dated Sakhile?” Sikelela’s girlfriend asks.

She has a bit of attitude towards me so as Nazo’s boss lady.

“We dated when I was 18 for 8 months I think and we broke up and after 3 years we dated again for a couple of months” I reply and wipe my hands from the soap and drain the water from the sink.

“ I dated Nazo for 6 years what’s special about you?” Nazo’s girlfriend says and I am silent.

 I don’t know why I am being involved in their relationships just because mine is going in the direction they want theirs to go. Sakhile walks in the kitchen and kisses my cheek and holds my waist.

“I hope you ladies are treating my woman well”

“We try” one of them says. 

He whispers in my ear.

“Zethule is here please can you dish up for him” I nodded and he kissed my cheek.

“I love you” he walks off they look at me and I go and dish up for his friend.




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