Alondwe Ndunakazi....
When my mom took my ring I was really angry. I didn't expect her to say I won't marry Thapelo. Maybe dad was going to protest but not my mom. But I suppose I guessed wrong. I couldn't sleep I was thinking about how my life with Thapelo was going to be. I know for sure that I was going to be happy with him but his parents don't like me. How was I going to get through that? I couldn't make them love me they dislike me and that's that. I sighed and cuddled my son. I fell asleep.
In the morning Mesuli and Sphephile were ready for school. We were having breakfast. I was quiet. My father kept on giving me wired stares. I didn't know what was going on with him. There was someone on the gate. I went to attend it.
Me: Yebo.
Sphe: Hey Alondwe. It's Sphephelo. Can I drive Sphephile to school today?
Me: Oh Okay. Wait.
I went to the table. Sphephile was not on the table.
Me: Mesuli where is Sphephile?
Mesuli: He went to brush his teeth upstairs.
Me: Alright.
Dad: Why are you so uptight. Is everything alright?
Me: Yes I am fine.
Mom looked at me and I looked away. Sphephile came back. I took his bag for him.
Me: Your father is here. He will drive you to school.
Sphephile: Yes! Let me go.
He headed to the door.
Dad: You don't say goodbye because your father is driving you to school?
Sphephile: Hawu . I am sorry Mkhulu. Goodbye everyone. Have a nice day.
Them: Have a nice day Pepiye.
He smiled and walked out of the door. I followed him. My son loved his father very much and I am quite grateful that my parents brought him to his life. Sphephile is just complete when he is with his dad. And I am happy that they had a wonderful relationship. I opened the gate for him. Sphephelo opened the door for him. But he picked him up first and hugged him. Sphephile giggled.
Sphephelo: Hello boy?
Sphephile: Hello dad how are you?
You see? If he's talking to me. He speaks in third person all the time. But with others he speaks directly.
Sphephelo: I am fine boy how are you?
Sphephile: I am good too. I have a new aeroplane.
Me: Okay. You will tell him that on your way to school.
Sphephile: Spepiye's mom is disturbing Spepiye's moment with his father.
Sphephelo: She's jealous don't mind her.
Sphephile laughed.
Me: Hello Enhle?
Enhle: Hello Mama kaSphephile. How are you?
Me: I am fine dear how are you?
Enhle: I am fine too. Can you please tell the boys that I will be late for school. Whenever they are together

they just rule everything.
Me: Okay I will tell them baby.... Sphephelo you heard the lady please go. She's going to be late.
Sphephelo: Okay. I am sorry. Thank you for bringing him.
Me: It's alright. You're not taking him this weekend because I will be leaving on Monday.
Sphephelo: Oh. Alright. I will take him on Monday afternoon. Please tell your parents.
Me: Okay.... Bye Enhle.
Enhle: Bye. Thank you. At least they listen to you. I think I need another lady in that house just to balance everything. You see?
I laughed and said: I hope your father will give you the lady.
Enhle: I pray that he does. This one is lazy even to ask a lady out. (She said that in a whisper)
Sphephelo: I can still hear you.
I laughed and gave my son his backpack.
Me: Mama loves you.
Sphephile: Spepiye loves mama.
I kissed him and I waved goodbye as his father drove off. I smiled to myself and went back inside the house. I bumped into my mom.
Mom: What happened out there why are you smiling?
Me: Mom? Geez! Nothing happened.
Dad: You better not be kissing the father of your child outside my house.
Me: Dad? Sphephelo and I are not even together.
Dad: I was just saying. Let's go baby.... Mesuli!
Me: Ain't you supposed to be at home resting mom?
Mom: No. I am going to your father's company. Uyathandwa should come too. Please wake him up.
Me: Alright. Bye.
Them: Bye.
Mesuli came downstairs running.
Me: Ayakusinda ama specs!
Mesuli: Musa ukuphapha wena.
I laughed and I went to wake Uyathandwa up. He didn't want to wake up.
Me: Hheyi business man wake up. You should follow mom.
Uyathandwa: Oh shit! I forgot. Thank you for waking me up.
He kissed my cheek and said: Please make my bed.
Me: Hell No!
Uyathandwa: Please Brah!
He went to the bathroom. I made his bed and I went to check on Alupheli. He was eating. His teacher comes at 8. I left him and I went to my room. I wanted to sleep.
I woke up during the day and I went downstairs with my phone. The cleaner was cleaning on the lounge. I greeted her and she greeted me back. I then went to the kitchen I made something to eat for myself. I finished up and I cleaned up my mess. The kitchen was already cleaned. I took my plate and I went to sit outside by the pool area. I could hear Alupheli reading a poem. The way he read it it was like he understood clearly how the poet felt. And what state the poet was in. My littlest brother was just full of surprises. I took my phone and I called Thapelo. It was lunch hour so I was hoping he was going to answer my call. Surprisingly he answered.
Thapelo: Hello.
Me: Okay. I know that I have kept you waiting but I don't deserve this kind of treatment from you.
Thapelo: What treatment? What did I do now?
Me: Come on Thapelo can't you see that you are acting like a stranger.
Thapelo: I don't know what you are talking about. And I don't know how you want me to act? Should I be happy that you refused to marry me.
Me: So if I don't say yes this year. You'll be like this till when exactly?
Thapelo: I can't pretend like I am happy Alondwe. Is that what you want me to do? I am still trying to accept your response.
Me: Thapelo I love you okay.
Thapelo: I know and I love you too. That's why I am saying just give me time to accept this.
Me: No I won't do that. You'll accept it while you're talking to me. Ain't no space that I will give you.
Thapelo: You're stubborn. You know that?
Me: I am just like you. Me and you we're just the same thing.
Thapelo: Why are you so scared to marry me then?
Me: I am not scared. I do want to spend the rest of my life with you but our parents.
Thapelo: We're not doing it for them. They know nothing about us. So please just think this through.
Me: I am and I am close to saying yes but -
Thapelo: My parents are keeping you?
Me: Not just yours only. My mom told me that I won't marry you last night. She saw my ring.
Thapelo: It will be alright. I don't know how but it will be do not stress.
Me: I love you my chocolate man.
Thapelo: I love you too Milky woman.
Me: Okay bye.
Thapelo: Bye.
We hung up the call.
Voice: Who's chocolate man?
I got a fright and looked back.
Me: Geez wena. You gave me a fright.
Alupheli: Sorry. It's lunch time. Please make something to eat for me. And tell me who's chocolate man.
Me: No! Uthanda izindaba hawu.
Alupheli: Okay I will tell dad then.
Me: Okay! Okay. It's a guy who asked me to marry him. Eat with me because I am lazy to make more food.
Alupheli: So you are going to get married?
Me: Not now. And please don't tell dad.
Alupheli: Don't worry I won't. Why he's chocolate man?
Me: That's a pet name I gave him. What's up with so many questions?
Alupheli: I just want to know chocolate man. Show me his picture please.
Me: No! Hell No!
Alupheli: Come on big sis please.
Me: Uyahlupha wena.
He smiled and I showed him his picture.
Alupheli: He's not bad.
Me: I didn't ask for your opinion.
Alupheli: Well I gave it anyway. Thanks for lunch. I will paint you and chocolate man for your wedding gift.
Me: (laughing) Okay. Thanks.
He went back to his class. I face time Nkululeko and we gossiped about people we knew. He was updating me about what I was missing. And I was just laughing. After that I went to take the available car keys. I knew how to drive. So I drove the car to the mall and I went to buy dinner for us. Mom and dad were going out since it was month end. I wasn't planning on cooking.
When everyone was sleeping I went to look for my ring. My parents came back while I was still searching. I was really angry. How can they do this to me? What did I do to deserve all this? Why can't they let me be happy. I couldn't stop crying. I took my phone and I went to sit outside. I called Thapelo. He answered on the third ring.
Thapelo: Little pudding?
Me: (crying) My mom took my ring and she doesn't want to bring it back. They told me I don't have their blessings. They don't want me to marry you. I want to marry you.
Thapelo: Did you just say you want to marry me?
Me: Yes. I want to be your wife. I don't care what our parents say. I just want to be with you.
Thapelo: We will find a way don't worry. Once you're back here. We'll work together to find a way to get married. You've just made me the happiest man on earth.
Me: And I am the luckiest woman on earth.
Thapelo: I love you my little milky bar.
Me: I love you too my chocolate brownie.
We hung up the call. I wiped my tears and I sat outside for a few minutes looking at the sky....


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