Samkelo Ndunakazi....
My wife came back from our daughter's room with this thing she use to make her hair look more beautiful. She had a small box on her hand.
Me: What is in that box? Alondwe bought you a gift without buying me one too.
Thandeka: Jealous is too much here.
I laughed. She threw the box at me. I catched it. I opened the box. It was an engagement ring. Not just an engagement ring(nyana). It was a very beautiful ring and it looked expensive.
Me: Woah! She bought you a ring?
Thandeka: No baby. (she joined me in bed) She didn't buy it. Do you remember that boy from high school. The Sotho boy. Thapelo?
Me: Oh yeah that one I remember him.
Thandeka: Yes. He proposed last night.
Me: What the fuck! He did what?
Thandeka: He proposed with that ring.
Me: What did Alondwe say because there'll be no wedding. Over my dead body my daughter is not getting married. Like hell she isn't.
Thandeka: Calm down okay please don't tell her that I told you. She'll be angry. I shouldn't have told you.
Me: Did she say yes?
Thandeka: I don't know. But I think she didn't say yes because when I came inside her room

she was talking to someone on the phone and it didn't look like they were happy. I think she said no and the boy is mad at her.
Me: She did the right thing.
Thandeka: I also don't want her to marry that boy. His parents don't like Alondwe.
Me: What do you mean?
Thandeka: His mom called me more than twice telling me that I should tell my daughter to stay away from her son. She doesn't want her to be with him. I think it was their first year in varsity. The boy must have came back to Johannesburg for Alondwe. He was visiting her. His father called and he wanted to speak to you but I refused.
Me: Why didn't you tell me all this?
Thandeka: I confronted Alondwe and she said they broke up so I thought maybe she was telling the truth there was no need for me to tell you.
Me: She's not going to marry that boy. She's too young to get married. She'll turn 22 years old and already someone wants to make her a wife. No wonder she was talking about husbands.
Thandeka: That's true. We're not letting her get married. Not in that kind of family who doesn't want her. I think even Sphephelo is way better than that boy. Alondwe doesn't need drama in her life.
Me: Yeah Sphephelo is a good boy. And he comes with less drama.
Thandeka: I repeat please don't show her that I told you about this engagement.
Me: Alright. I promise I won't show her that I know. Boys want to take my baby girl already? No they better chill.
Thandeka: Let's pray and sleep.
I nodded. We got off the bed. We kneeled down and held each others hands. We prayed together. We then sleep after that.
Every month end my wife and I go out for dinner. We leave the kids behind. We just have our own time alone. When Alondwe and Uyathandwa are at varsity we leave the kids with our part time helper. She doesn't work everyday. She works certain days. I didn't want my wife to do any house work anymore. I just wanted her to relax. But she was only cooking and taking care of my washing. Everything that concerned me was done by her. So we were coming back from our dinner date. We headed to our room. The house was quiet. The kids were asleep. I opened the door and Alondwe was inside our room. She was searching for something.
Me: What are you doing here?
She turned back and looked at us. She came closer.
Alondwe: Mom I want it back.
Thandeka: You want what back?
Alondwe: I want my engagement ring back mom. I want it back.
Me: What engagement ring?
Alondwe: A.a dad stop pretending like you don't know. I saw the way you were looking at me that you knew something. You forget that you're bad at pretending. So parents can I have my engagement ring back now?
Me: You're not getting it back.
Alondwe: What? It belongs to me. Thapelo didn't buy it for you guys. He bought it for me so I want it back please.
Thandeka: We have decided that you're not going marry that boy baby sorry.
Alondwe: That is not your decision to make mom. It's my decision to make.
Me: And what decision did you take?
Alondwe: I haven't made a decision yet. And even if I make a decision. That's between me and Thapelo dad. Please mom I want my ring back.
She was pretty mad now I could see that by her nostrils. They were moving up and down.
Me: Well you'll need our blessings to get married. You can't just get married.
Alondwe: Well with or without your blessings. If I want to marry him I will marry him.
Me: Hheyi Alondwe don't talk to us like that you're not that old. I can still beat you.
Alondwe: Nobody stopped you from getting married but you want to stop me? Why?
Thandeka: Because we're thinking about your happiness.
Alondwe: I know my happiness is with Thapelo and I will marry him. Whether you bring back that ring or not. It won't take him a century to buy another one.
She then left us speechless. I looked at my wife. She sighed.
Thandeka: I will give her back the ring.
Me: No you heard what she said. The boy will buy another one. It won't take him a century to buy it.
Thandeka: But I must say he has a good taste. That ring is beautiful.
Me: But he's not marrying my daughter. Where is the ring anyway?
Thandeka: It's in my handbag.
She gave it to me. I looked at it once more. It did look expensive.
Me: I think we need to pay the parents of this boy a visit. Once Alondwe leaves on Monday. You'll call them on Friday and we will request a meeting with them on Saturday. At least we have one thing in common with them. We don't want our kids to marry each other.
Thandeka: Yeah. We will do just that.
She kissed me and went to the bathroom. I sat on the bed and looked at this ring..


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