Alondwe Ndunakazi....
I arrived at home before 11am. I went straight to my room. I could hear mom singing inside her room. I locked myself up in my room. I unpacked my things. I put the box with Sphephile's aeroplane on top of my drawer. I then tried to sleep. I didn't know what this meant! Did Thapelo just broke up with me. Just like that? Or he's angry? Maybe he'll come around. I didn't know what to think really. If he broke up with how will I get over him. I wiped my tears and I took the ring's box. I opened it and I took out the ring. I put it on my left finger. This ring was the kind of ring I loved. I smiled it looked really good on my finger and it fitted perfectly. I sighed and took it out. I placed it back on the box and I put it on my bedside drawer. I then tried to sleep. Finally I fell asleep. I was woken up by my phone ringing. I took it it was beside my bed. Nkululeko was calling. I answered. I was still sleepy. I slept late on the previous night and I woke up really early than I should have.
Me: Hello.
Nkulu: I thought you loved the guy.
Me: What are you talking about?
Nkulu: I am talking about Thapelo. You said "NO"?
Me: Wait you knew that he was going to propose?
Nkulu: Yes silly! I even helped him choose the ring. Last night he was with me and mpendulo telling us how nervous he is to propose to you. You remember those pictures we were looking at on Facebook. You loved that ring the most.
Me: Yes. Now that you have mentioned it I remember correctly. You did a great job the ring looks beautiful.
Nkulu: So what should Thapelo do with the other piece of the ring because he was going to put that on the wedding day.
Me: Nonkululeko I didn't say I don't want to marry him at all. I said I just don't want to marry him now.
Nkulu: Come on you'll make him wait for you. Three years. At least say yes and wait while you're engaged. Or do you still want to have other men?
Me: Come on you know Thapelo has been the one since grade 11.
Nkulu: Then I don't see why you should refuse.
Me: Can you please give me time to breath.
Nkulu: You'll end up like your aunt yazi.
Me: What's wrong with my aunt?
Nkulu: She can't find a stable relationship. Yet she has everything but she just can't find true love. Even her baby sister Simthande is married now. She doesn't even have a baby.
Me: Well not all of us are meant to get married.
Nkulu: Some people just like you are meant for it and they do get a chance at true love but they just don't grab it with both hands. And some like your aunt they really need it and crave it but it just doesn't come. So please don't throw this away.
Me: NoNkululeko can I think about this. I want to do it when I know that I will stay with him no matter what. Because angifuni ukuphaphela umshado Kanti down the line I will get divorced.
Nkulu: Alright. But Thapelo loves you and I know that you love him too. You didn't even entertain other guys who wanted you because you had him. Even after he cheated when you guys got back together you were still loyal to him. There's nothing that's going to change when you're married except for the fact that you'll have to be part of his whole family.
Me: You see? That's the scary part.
Nkulu: Just think about it okay and call him. He's really sad. And he's thinking that it's because he cheated ka first year. That's why you don't want to marry him. But don't tell him that I told you that.
Me: Alright. Bye my friend. Thanks hey.
Nkulu: Okay sure.
I hung up. I sighed. Just so you know Nkululeko did go for transgender. So now he looked like a real girl. In fact she was a girl. People who did not know him before they didn't know that she was once a boy. She was pretty shame. So I will be addressing him as a she. I looked at the time and it was almost 3pm. I had missed calls from mom. I got off the bed and I went downstairs.
My son was crying. He was with my mom Uyathandwa

Mesuli and Alupheli. He was sitting on the floor crying. They were eating. Sphephile was a real cry baby. He cries when he doesn't get his way.
Me: Really guys? My baby is crying and you're pretending like he's not here.
Mom: You know that when Sphephile cries. You can't stop him until you give him what he wants. Where were we suppose to get you?
Alupheli: He wants his mom not us.
Me: Mxm uyaphapha wena. Woza my slovithi.
I picked him up.
Uyathandwa: You shouldn't be carrying him.
Me: He's my only child so please leave him alone. How are you baby?
Mesuli: (mimicking Sphephile) Spepiye wanted his mother.
The others laughed at him. That made him cry more
Me: Ngizokuphoxa wena Mesuli. Nezibuko ezinkulu.
Mesuli: Clearly you don't know the size of something big. My specs are not big.
Mom: Tell her baby.
Me: Mxm you guys are boring. Let's go baby.
I went to the kitchen with him.
Sphephile: Spepiye thought his mom was not coming back.
Me: Your mother was sleeping. I wasn't going to do that to you.
Mom: (shouting) Please start cooking your father will be home soon.
Hhayi ke. I didn't like this about being home. Having to cook regularly. I didn't respond.
Mom: Uzwile kodwa we ngane? (Did you hear me?)
Me: I heard you mom.... Guess what? (Talking to my son)
Sphephile: What?
Me: Go to your mother's room and you will find something big.
He laughed and I put him down. He headed upstairs. I wore an apron and I started cooking. Sphephile came back with his aeroplane.
Mom: Come here I want to see it.
Sphephile: No. I am going to Spepiye's mom.
I laughed. He indeed came to me. Alupheli followed him. He took the box from him and he cried.
Me: Ngizokusakaza ngempama wena. Mnike. (I will slap you give it back to him)
Alupheli: I just want to look that won't hurt.
Me: So he must cry because you want to look?
Alupheli: Mxm. Uyatefa lo. When I was your age I was a tough man. I wasn't crying like you always do.
Me: Phela vele wawusibanga iskhundla. Nibaningi kumama wakho. Sphephile akabangi namuntu.
Alupheli: Uyaphapha wena Alondwe.
Me: Hamba la.
He left. I laughed at him. I opened the box for him and I gave it to him.
Me: Go and show ugogo.
Sphephile: Ugogo?
Me: Yes.
He nodded and left. I finished up cooking and I set up the table. Dad was back. He was with me on the kitchen. We were just talking. He was sitting on the dinner table while I was preparing it for dinner. We were talking about horse riding.
Dad: I should try and ride a horse too.
Me: You're too old for horse riding. It's for us young people.
Dad: Ayi wena usindwa umzimba. Uyafana nje nomama wakho that horse can be paralysed.
Me: You're cruel shame. I will have them on my farm house.
Dad: What farm house?
Me: The one my husband will buy for me.
Dad: Husband? What husband? There's no husband you'll have beside me.
Me: Hehehe soke sbone. You took my dog and gave it away three years ago. To people who didn't care about it. My dog died dad so you can never stay my husband sorry.
Dad: The dog didn't get along with Sphephile. I had to take it away. The dog felt that Sphephile was now more important.
Me: Ayi. That's a lie. You never liked it anyway. You and your wife. You never liked my dog.
He laughed and I went to call everyone. They settled down Sphephile prayed and we started eating.
Sphephile: Malume uMesuli you can't see chops as you're wearing your specs at the dinner table?
Everyone laughed at Mesuli.
Uyathandwa: That one is for mimicking him Brah.
Alupheli: Ayi mshana you're savage.
Mom: Musa ukuphaphela ingane yami wena Pepiye.
Mesuli: Thanks mom.
Dad: Okay. Order please before some of you chokes.
Sphephile: Some of us like Malume u-Alupheli.
Everyone laughed. My son was just like that. When you make fun of him. He won't take your shine he will let you make fun of him. He'll even cry but that doesn't mean he'll forget. He'll get a moment where you have forgotten about making fun of him then he'll return the favour. He'll not even laugh after making fun of you. He'll shut up like he didn't say anything. Alupheli usually chokes on his food on the dinner table because he likes talking. He didn't say anything to Sphephile. We finished up eating and they washed the dishes.
I went to bath my son and we went to bed. When I am not home he sleeps with my parents or Uyathandwa. He doesn't like to sleep alone. Sphephile was already sleeping. I was on the phone with Thapelo.
Thapelo: I called you and you didn't answer your phone. You didn't even tell me how was your trip?
Me: I am sorry okay. I didn't ignore your calls I was cooking and my phone was in my room. When I arrived at home I was tired. I went to bed straight.
Thapelo: Okay. Goodnight then. (There was a knock on my door)
Me: Oh. Just like that? (It was my mom who came inside my room)
Thapelo: What do you want me to say? I have nothing more to say to you. (Mom sat on my bed)
Me: Oh goodnight then.
Thapelo: Sure.
He hung up the call. I sighed.
Mom: Who was that?
I stood up and I went to my wardrobe.
Me: It was just a friend.
Mom: Bursary?
Me: Mom? Please. What do you want?
Mom: I was just asking. But I want my straightener.
Me: Oh. I am sorry I didn't bring it back. It's on the bedside drawer.
I took my hair cover doek and I covered my hair. I turned back my mom was opening the wrong drawer. I quickly went to her.
Me: Mom! Not that drawer.
Mom: What is this?
She had already saw my ring box. She smiled and opened it. She was hell surprised.
Mom: Bursary proposed.
Me: Mom please bring it back to me.
Mom: Who is he?
Me: No. I won't tell you.
Mom: I am going to tell your father if you don't tell me who is he?
Me: Okay! It's Thapelo.
Mom: Thapelo? Thapelo? The boy from high school?
Me: Yes.
Mom: Hell No! You're not marrying that boy.
Me: Why not?
Mom: You won't be happy if you marry him. His parents don't like you.
Me: I love him mom and you can't choose for me.
She opened another drawer and took her straightener. She went to the door.
Mom: I am keeping this ring so that you can see that you're not going to marry that boy.
Me: No. Mom bring it back.
Mom: There's nothing you can do about it because you won't tell your father. I know.
I tried to go and take it but she closed the door. I clicked my tongue....


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