Nobuhle Mthembu Pillay....
It's been four years and God has been great to my family and I. I don't know how to describe it but I have never been this happier in my life. After Heather was born I took leave at work but I had to find someone who was going fill my position while I was gone. She was going to work until I am ready to come back. I did find that person and I stayed at home for Six months looking after my baby girl. She was so beautiful and I really loved her. There was something about her that made people love her. But the strangest thing above it all was how Claudine loved her. Her love for my daughter was legit. Gary had a son. In my mind I thought Claudine was just acting up about loving my daughter. But one day I had to go home and assist mom with dad because he was ill. I left my daughter with Claudine. In fact she offered to look after her. I didn't say when I was going to come back. My husband didn't want me to leave her with his stepmother but I told him that she won't do anything to her because her husband won't forgive if she did. When I came back she was with her the joy that she had in her eyes when playing with Heather was unspeakable. But as soon as she saw that I was looking at her she just pretended to be normal. There was something about Heather that made her to be a different person. I suppose I will never know.
The following year I was supposed to go back to work. My husband didn't want me to go back to work. But I didn't want to be a stay at home mom. I wanted to work. I asked him that when I don't go back to work can I please study then? He had no money to pay for my fees so I didn't have time to entertain him and do everything that he wants. I went back to work and I used my salary to study Educare part time. At least if I had a diploma or certificate I can even work at government schools teaching grade Rs. That would be better than nothing. Rajiv really hated that I was working not looking after our kid. But Claudine convinced him to let me go to work. And she was going to look after Heather. He was starting to make an excuse that he can't pay for nanny. Claudine pushed this matter until Rajiv agreed but she was going to look after her at the Pillay mansion not in our house. I figured out that it was Claudine's plan to spend time with my daughter. I really wish to know why she loved her this much. Sometimes Heather will stay with Claudine for a week depending on how busy her father and I were. Even Mr Pillay saw what I saw in Claudine but we didn't know what was the deal with Heather. That year aunt Tashrika died. The family went through a difficult time but we got through it.
On the third year July I got pregnant again. I was carrying twins. That was the most difficult pregnancy ever. Rajiv and I weren't sleeping on the same room. There are things about him that I didn't like and there were things that he didn't like about me. Sometimes we would wake up not greet each other and he wouldn't drive me to work. And sometimes we would love each other like it was the end of time. I was having twins. Heather was always with Claudine on my last two months. I gave birth March the following year and Heather went to live with Claudine. My mom came to my house to help me. It was two baby boys Brandon and Bradley. They were beautiful and I loved them too. After them I wasn't going to have anymore babies. I didn't want them. Three was enough for us. Rajiv and I agreed to that. Nadine

Gary and his wife they were still kicking and alive. Claudine loved our boys too but not like Heather. Heather loved Claudine too. They were two inseparable buddies. She loved to talk about things that she did with her grandmother. And sometimes she would praise how her grandmother's food is better than mine. It was just unbelievable to me and my husband.
I was now 27 years old and my husband was 30 years old. Our daughter Heather was going to be 5 years old. She was going to preschool at Glenwood where I worked. But on the new year we were going to enroll her at a primary school. She visits Claudine every weekend and sometimes she'll visit my parents. She was speaking English but I was also teaching her Isizulu. My sister's children were same age as Heather. They were living with her in Cape Town. They visited their father occasionally. My brother Sakhile was working. He didn't want to go to varsity. Sizwe was going to do his first year at MUT. My father paid the debt and he owed Nandi's husband nothing. My boys were 9 months they had a nanny because I went back to work. I was now a permanent preschool teacher with a Diploma. After a year or two I was going to study BEd. I was working on saving my own money I didn't want anyone to pay for my fees anymore not even my husband because he wanted me to be a house wife.
So take a sit fasten your seatbelts as I take you on to the LAST RIDE....
3rd Person narrator
Claudine's love for Heather was true. And it is through Heather that she let go of every anger that she had against Rajiv and every evil plan that she had planned. When aunt Tashrika wanted them to continue with the plan of making Nobuhle and Rajiv's life miserable Claudine protested against her. Tashrika told her that she was going to do it alone. Claudine was then pushed by this love that she had for baby Heather. She didn't want anything that was going to hurt Heather. And if her parents were miserable Heather was going to be Hurt. So she killed Tashrika making it look like it was suicide. There was something that Claudine saw in Heather that changed her life.


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