Samkelo Ndunakazi....
It's been four years it hasn't been easy but there were best moments. The one that outshines them all is that my daughter did very well on her matric. And she got the bursary and went to varsity. I was so proud of Alondwe. I couldn't even put in words how she made me feel. She continued to make me proud by keeping her bursary. My daughter was a hard-working child and she got that from both her parents. She was focused and she knew where she was going. Just a highlight on my family.
UYATHANDWA: he has been through a difficult time special on his father's trial. From the first day in court there was no hope that Themba was going to make it out of prison. The evidence that the state had against him was strong and they had witnesses. He was sentenced 25 years in prison. He was going to be granted parole on good behaviour in 15 years. That's if he did behave inside prison. He went down with all his gang members. Uyathandwa's grandmother died after Themba was sentenced. It was a really difficult time for him but he pulled through. With support from his mom his brothers God and I he made it. He will be 21 years old on the new year. He is going to complete his Degree in Business Science at UKZN. He got an opportunity to gain experience on the business that Candice and I started. He was going to start working while he continues studying after his Degree. When his grandmother died his extended family members wanted him they fought saying he belongs with them but Themba told them that he must stay with his mother. I was proud of that through everything that he went through he still managed to go above all circumstances and make it to the top.
MESULI: There comes my noble son

he's the kind of man who doesn't speak a lot but he just let you see his actions speaking louder than words. He was goal driven and focused. When my father and stepfather died he was the one who stood for his name "Mesuli" he was the wiper of sorrow. The words he spoke were wisdom. Alondwe insisted that he must be a motivational speaker but he just loved science. He wanted to have his own room so we allowed him. He didn't want to share with Alupheli anymore. His room was science when you enter it you see science. He will be 13 years old doing grade 8.
ALUPHELI: My trouble maker. Alupheli was I don't know what to say. His high IQ made him think he knows everything. He didn't like to be told what to do. There was a time where he didn't want to be home schooled anymore. He just wanted art only. I had to stand my ground and force him to continue with home schooling. He obeyed but he made sure that he didn't pass with the pass mark that was going to make me proud. It wasn't because he was incapable but he was doing it to shake me. He was homeschooled but he wrote his tests and exams at the school that he went to with his brother Mesuli. That was the arrangement we had with the school. He was going to be 9 years old doing grade 3 according to the school. He was really good on painting using words and drawing. But he liked causing trouble on purpose. One day at the party in the neighbourhood he stole a gift and brought it home with him. His mother and I were so embarrassed when we took the gift back to the owner. Whenever there was a party or event we didn't let him go. It was better like that.
MY WIFE: Thandeka and I were 40 years old now. My wife was still working with Muzi. She was really enjoying her job though sometimes it took a lot of her time but I didn't ask her to stop. Her father died with a grudge against her. She didn't even get a chance to see him when he was sick. Her brother called when he was dead. Thandeka and I went to funeral with the kids. Alondwe refused to go so we couldn't force her. It is the funeral that made his brother let go of whatever anger that he had against her. They had a relationship again but it wasn't strong like it was before. My wife was still beautiful and our daughter was just like her body structure beauty and attitude.
SPHEPHILE: My grandson. I can say this one is like his father and Mesuli. He was a very quiet child. He played alone in peace and he spoke when he wanted something and when you speak to him. But he had his days. I suppose there was something inside him that said "hheyi you're Alondwe's son" then that day he would speak without stopping. He didn't have a nanny anymore because he was going to turn 5 years old and going to do Grade R. He knew his parents clearly and he knew that his mom was studying. His dad was now working so sometimes he would take him. He'll spend a weekend or even a whole week with him. He was calling us Gogo and Mkhulu. Then our sons he called them Malume. Even Alupheli wanted to be called Malume.
My family was was well and alive. My business with Candice was also a success. So get comfortable as I take you on to the LAST RIDE...


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