Samkelo Ndunakazi....
Uyathandwa and Alondwe were going back to varsity. It was a Monday morning and they were leaving that morning. Alondwe was just Chicky because we did not want her to marry that boy. She found the ring and took it. I thought I have hidden it very well but I was wrong clearly because she found it. The way she was so certain that she wanted to marry this boy didn't sit well with me. Alondwe was still a child. I didn't want to loose her to a boy that I don't know. I don't even know if this boy was a good boy or he was just a boy who didn't even know what love was. Who didn't even understand how serious marriage is. It was hard looking at your kids grow and soon enough you realise that they are big enough that they can leave you. Alondwe was the only girl that I had and I seriously didn't want her to get married. Not now not in the future. I was going to make sure that she doesn't get married.
Me: We won't say the same thing every year. You know what you came to do on campus. Do that. Firstly do something that will make yourself proud then we will also be proud. And take care of yourselves.
Thandeka: And stop wasting money.
They both laughed.
Uyathandwa: Mom is always complaining about money.
Thandeka: Yes I have to. Specially you Uyathandwa. Not every fashion trends that comes you should buy. Just have some class baby not fashion.
Me: Most business men have class. They don't go with fashion. You're on your final year now you must start living your life as a business person. Strategies and always have a budget.
Uyathandwa: Okay. I will try.
Me: And you Dr Ndunakazi. Drop the attitude. You'll start doing your residency soon.
Alupheli: Awu bakithi dad. Dr Ndunakazi wants her chocolate man.
Alondwe: Alupheli!
Alupheli: What? I am trying to help.
Alondwe: But you promised.
Alupheli: Okay. I am sorry.
Me: Okay. Who is chocolate man?
Alupheli: I don't know too.
Thandeka: You know. You can't speak about chocolate man you don't know.
Alupheli: Well I am sorry to disappoint but I don't know. I don't know serious.
Me: Alondwe?
Alondwe: I don't know too dad. Can we go now?
Mesuli: You can't go just yet we want to know about chocolate man.
Alondwe: Ngizokuphoxa wena zizokumpintsha izibuko ngiyakutshela.
The others laughed. Mesuli didn't respond. I looked at my wife and she shook her head.
Uyathandwa: But I think it's only fair that we know about this chocolate man. Alondwe has been moody to everyone except Sphephile and Alupheli.
Alondwe: If you seriously don't know what to talk about please let me know. I will just take a cab.
Me: Okay travel safe. Alondwe.
Alondwe: Thanks.
She picked up her son and headed to the door. Sphephile was just quiet. He does that everytime when his mother is leaving. He just keeps quiet.
Thandeka: She doesn't even hug you?
Me: Chocolate man is ringing on her mind.
Thandeka laughed and hugged Uyathandwa. I was driving Uyathandwa to his campus at PMB. Thandeka was driving Alondwe to the airport. I was driving with Alupheli. Thandeka was going with Mesuli and Sphephile. We then went our separate ways. My daughter was mad for now but she was going to understand one day why we refused to let her marry chocolate man.
After the older kids have left. Sphephelo came to take Sphephile for the whole week he was going to be with him. Thandeka called the boy's parents and they agreed to see us. Alupheli and Mesuli went to visit mom because we didn't want to go with them. The parents of the boy had given us their address. So when we arrived in Johannesburg. The cab drove us straight to that place. They had a really beautiful home. They had other two kids who looked like they were of the same age. Their house had more family pictures and the pictures of an older boy on his graduation gown. I figured the boy must be "chocolate man". His parents looked decent but I must say the wife was mnqumakhanda. Hhaybo. That woman was ugly. Well ugly in our eyes as human beings but to God I know that she is beautiful. They welcomed us and offered tea and biscuits.
Mr Moloi: So how can we help you Mr and Mrs Ndunakazi?
Me: I don't know if you know but your son has proposed to our daughter.
Them: He did what!?
Thandeka: Yes. He did that. My husband won't repeat himself. I told you Mrs Moloi that talk to your son clearly you didn't.
My wife was starting with her attitude of "you don't mess with me" no wonder Alondwe was so Chicky.
Mrs Moloi: I won't let my son marry your daughter.
Thandeka: The problem with you is

you're good at talking but you fail to act. If this chocolate man boy of yours can leave my daughter alone Alondwe can get over him. And none of this would've happened.
Mrs Moloi: You say my son is a chocolate man.
I looked at Thandeka with eyes that said "Did you have to bring up the C word". It's like she read my mind because she just shrugged her shoulders.
Me: Excuse that mam. That's not why we're here.
Mr Moloi: I believe we should know why is our son called chocolate man.
Thandeka: There's something called pet name. Don't you know a pet name?
Mr Moloi: You even know pet name they use on each other. And what kind of a pet name is chocolate man?
Thandeka: That pet name is sweet for all I know. But I wouldn't know for you. What do you call your wife. Ugly sexy mama?
Me: Thandeka!!
Thandeka: What? Can't you see that -
Me: Stop it. Stop.
She sighed and stopped. I was supposed to come alone here because my wife is just balls of fire. She's a dragon. She just wants to destroy.
Me: Okay. We're not here to speak about pet names. We are here to find a way on how are we going to stop them from marrying each other.
Mrs Moloi: We need a traditional healer who will just stop them from loving each other.
Us: What!?
Thandeka: Uyathakatha Kanti futhi?
Mr Moloi: That is unnecessary. This is simple. They can't get married if they don't have our blessings. They need our blessings to get married. So we deny them our blessings then they won't get married. They really do need us if they want to get married. There are things like lobola negotiations. And all those things that needs to be done.
Thandeka: Now you have a good point Sir. I couldn't have said it better.
Me: I have to agree with you on that one Mr Moloi.
Thandeka: But they can't know that we met.
Mrs Moloi: Now that's impossible because as soon as you leave that door. I am calling my son. I won't have him have in-laws that are so rude like you are.
Thandeka: Woman please don't start with me. Please. I will knock your head -
Me: Thandeka please man!
Thandeka: I am sorry baby but she's making me loose my morals. It's not my fault that I have a beautiful daughter that her son wants to marry.
Mrs Moloi: I won't deny it she is beautiful but she's not the one for my son. Where is she now? I bet she has another baby.
Me: Mr Moloi please tell your wife to mind her tongue when she's talking about my child in front of her mother please.
Mr Moloi: Well I would also like to know what your daughter has achieved. Because our son has achieved something for himself.
Thandeka: We are not here to discuss our daughter's achievements.
Mrs Moloi: That's clear that she's nothing.
Me: She's a student. In three years to come she'll be a Doctor. Who knows maybe she'll treat your kids one day. Thandeka our job is done here let's go.
They didn't say anything at all. We left them. We waited for a cab.
Thandeka: Yhu! Siyangicika lesiya salukazi nobubi ngathi intothoviyane. Ayi inhle kabi intothoviyane ngathi ihlokohloko. Imboma yoqobo.
I just laughed. I had a wife that was I don't even know what to say about her. She called a spade a spade when she wants to.
Me: Yazi if I can partner up with you ngingashawa njalo. How does Muzi survive?
Thandeka: Hhayi baby don't say that please.
I laughed and said: I love you though.
Thandeka: I love you too white chocolate man.
We both laughed and kissed each other....


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