Rough Diamonds: A phrase that comes from the original shape of diamonds before they are carved and polished into jewelry. It is used to describe the authenticity and rawness of a person. Not fabricated not plastic just original and raw. (Most likely to be used on village girls)

Black Pearl: A phrase used to emphasize on the rareness of a type of breed. This phrase is to be used on a person who you would describe as ‘one in a million’. 

(White pearls are found almost everywhere but black pearls are very rare to find. )


Lebohang rushed from the bathroom to her bedroom clinging tightly onto the pregnancy test. She locked the door behind her and paced up and down her room. She bit her nails in a futile attempt to calm herself down while waiting for the pregnancy test to reveal the results. 

The timer she had set on her cellphone rang causing her to jump up in shock.

She fell onto her knees and said a short prayer. 

Lebo: Lord please make sure this pregnancy test is negative. I’ll repent from my ways and go to church every Sunday. Amen. 

She peeped one eye open and looked down at the pregnancy test. She opened the other one as well. 

69); -webkit-tap-highlight-color: rgba(26 26 26 0.301961); -webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">Lebo: No! No No No! Ahhhhhh!  

Her mom heard her screams all the way from the kitchen. 

Mrs Sedibe: Bobo is everything okay?

Lebo composed herself quickly and answered back. 

Lebo: Yes mom. I just banged my forehead on the wall by mistake. 

She slid down the door and cried silently. Her worry was not that Qhawe wouldn’t take responsibility it was her father she was worried about. 

Everyone at school knew about Lebo and Qhawe. It was so serious that they had even named her ‘QhaweKazi’. She knew that no matter what happened Qhawe would stand by her pity she could not say the same about her father. 

Lebo’s father Raphael Sedibe was a strict man. Even though he gave his daughter everything she wished for he was not afraid to hand a beating to her whenever he felt she deserved it. 

She could already see her life flash before her eyes. Her father was going to give her the beating of her life and not even her mom could save her. 

“Oh Qhawe what did we just get ourselves into?” She thought to herself. 


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