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1 Week Later...


I’ve settled in the new area. Everything has been going well so far. It’s really refreshing to see new faces and meet new people. Even though I still get scared thinking Albert will come for me there’s nothing much to complain about. 

Nothing beats waking up to the sound of sea waves splashing against each other. The beautiful view calms me down whenever I start feeling nervous.  

When I was done bathing I heard a knock at the door. The nerves came back a thousand times than they already were. I walked slowly to the window and peeped.  

Sheeew! It was just one of my neighbors and her daughter. I opened the door and welcomed them in. 

Neighbor: Hey. I’m Entle and you are?

Me: Hey. I’m Lebohang. 

Neighbor: Oh. Nice to meet you. I need a huge favor. 

Me: Yes?

Neighbor: I need to rush to the mall quickly and it’s a bit far so I need you to stay with my daughter for a few hours. 

Me: Oh? 

Neighbor: Please. I’ll pay you if needs be. 

Me: Oh alright then. 

She pulled out three two hundred rand notes and handed them over to me. 

Me: That’s too much. 

Neighbor: Don’t worry. You’ll need it someday. 

She briefed me about her child’s routine and rushed off. 

Once she had left I got a chance to scan her child. As soon as she realized that I was looking at her she gave me a big smile revealing all her baby teeth including the two front ones that had fallen off. 

Me: Hi. I’m Aunty Lele. 

Child: (smiling) Hi. I’m Sihle. 

Me: How old  are you Sihle?

Sihle: I’m thix years old. 

I giggled after she said that. She couldn’t pronounce the six properly because her two front had fallen off. 

Her hair was a quite messy and her skirt had two large holes in them. The flip flops she was wearing looked a bit old and worn out. Her T-shirt was very big on her and almost reached the bottom of the skirt. She was really clean but her clothes sold her differently. 

I sat her down and started doing her hair into cornrows. I then walked with her to the cosmetic store and bought some beads to put in her hair. 

As we walked home we came across an old woman who sold second hand toddler clothes. They looked pretty new so I picked three skirts three T-shirt’s

two dresses and two pairs of sandals and a pair of takkies. Once I was satisfied with everything I paid the woman and gave her R100 extra then we walked home. 

I only realized how fast the time had gone when we reached the house. 

I prepared some potato mash with mayonnaise black pepper and aromat then boiled some green beans on the side. 

When the food was ready I dished up for Sihle then started cleaning. I moved a few things around giving he house a new look. 

I started getting worried when the clock hit seven o’clock and Entle was still not back. I tried calling her but her phone rang unanswered. 

I walked to my bedroom with Sihle following behind me. 

Me: Hlehle Aunty Lele got you something nice. 

I handed her the plastic and and she squealed in excitement. She started trying on her clothes and looking at her reflection in the mirror. 

Me:(laughing) Okay nunu. That’s enough. Wear your new pajamas so that we can go to bed. 

While we were changing into our nightwear she looked at my tiny bump and giggled. 

Me: (smiling) What’s wrong?

Sihle: Did you eat a watermelon today? 

I looked at her confused then laughed when I finally got what she meant. 

Me: (laughing) No baby. There’s a baby in my tummy 

Sihle:(confused) Oh. Who put the baby in there?

Me: (laughing) Uncle Qhawe. 

Sihle: How? Did he make you swallow it?

Me: (laughing) That’s enough questions for today. 

I tucked her in and went to lock the door. 

I got into the bed and pulled her close to my chest. As much as I wanted to sleep all I could think about was Entle. Was she safe or could something have happened to her?


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