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1 Week Later...


For the past week I’ve been putting together the escape plan. I’ve already told Qhawe’s parents and they’ve offered to help me. 

I packed a few outfits into my backpack  as well as some money I’ve been saving. I then wore my tracksuit and sneakers and jumped out the window. I walked to the gate and stood there wondering if I’m making the right decision. The thought of betraying Qhawe crossed my mind and that was enough motivation for me to climb up the wall and jump over to the other side. 

I then jogged to Qhawe’s home and stood outside the gate. I pulled out my phone and dialed his mother. Four rings later she answered. 

Thandiwe: (sleepy voice) Hello?

Me: Hi Ma. It’s Lebo. 

That was enough to wake her up. 

Thandiwe: Oh hey Lebo. Have you arrived?

Me: Yes ma. Please open the gate for me. 

She hung up and the gate opened. Qhawe’s dad reversed the car and closed the gate again. We sat in the car waiting for Thandiwe. 

Qhawe’s dad: Uhm..Lebo. 

Me: Yes?

Qhawe’s dad: I appreciate your loyalty. When you get Smitswinkel Bay remember to keep safe. I don’t want you to get yourself mixed with the wrong crowd. Thandiwe and I have opened an account for you under a fake name so you’ll be able to use it however you want. Also do something for yourself. Go back to school if you want but do something. Staying home 24/7 will drive you crazy. As much as I hate your father you’re still my daughter. I’ll keep visiting and so will Thandiwe. We’ll keep updating you on Qhawe’s health but for now I want you to focus on yourself and the baby. 

Me: Ngiyabonga Baba (Thank you Father)

He engulfed me in a warm hug and kissed my forehead. 

We stayed in that position until we realized that Thandiwe was staring at us with tears rolling down her cheeks. 

Thandiwe: (sobbing)Oh my baby. Please take care of yourself Munchkin. 

She kissed my cheek and sat with me in the backseat. 

She had enough food to last me the whole week. 

When we got to the bus stop they helped me out and got their driver to take me to Smitwinkel Bay. 

26 0.301961); -webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">If circumstances were different I’d be excited but right now I’m shaking in my boots. 


At the Sedibes...

“Lebohang! Bobo!” shouted Dorothy as she walked down the passage to her daughter’s room. 

As she opened the door she was met by a neatly done bed and empty wardrobe. She  did breathing exercises not wanting to accept what has just been presented right in front of her eyes. 

She glanced around the room until her eyes met with a pink envelope. She grabbed it from the wooden desk and tore it open. 

“To: My parents...

By the time you read this I will be gone. I want to thank you both for grooming me into the young woman I am today. Pity things didn’t go as we had wished. I’m grateful for how you raised me and that you’ve taught me both right and wrong. 

I must say though I’m disappointed by how you both failed to fight for me against Mr Mthetho and his son. That showed me that I really am alone on this world. Don’t try looking for me I don’t want to be found. Allow me to enjoy my life in another land that’s the least you could do for me.  


“No...No...This is not happening” mumbled Dorothy. She felt her heart beating against her chest so hard she thought it’d jump out of her rib cage. 

She went to the study and grabbed Raphael’s gun then went to search for him. 

She found him in the lounge busy on his phone. She walked up to him and out the gun directly on his forehead. Confused and upset Raphael looked up at her and placed his gaze upon hers. 

Raphael: What are you trying to do?

Dorothy: How does it feel huh? This is exactly how the poor boy ended up in a coma. Now you’ve caused my only child to flee. How do you feel?

Raphael: I’m not doing this with you. Tell me when you’re done being dramatic. 

In a flash Dorothy aimed for his left foot and pulled the trigger with all her might. 

Raphael screamed and groaned holding the wound tightly. 

Raphael: What the hell?

She took a different aim and pulled the trigger once again this time on his right arm. 

Raphael: Urhhhh!

She walked away taking his phone with her so that he doesn’t get help instantly. 


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