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Albert drove into his house his head pounding from all the alcohol. He was still stressed out from his meeting with Albert. 

Now that he knew there was no changing Albert’s mind about the wedding the least he could do was help his daughter accept it. He knew for a fact they couldn’t run away not for long atleast. 

He was dragged out of his thoughts my Dorothy who kept tapping her fingers annoyingly on the driver’s window. He pulled himself together and winded the window down. 

Dorothy: Why are you sitting in the car all alone? You’re gonna die of stress. Come inside and eat. 

Raphael: Dodo eating will not save my daughter from the sham of a marriage that is about to take place. Nothing ever can so allow me to be stressed. 

Dorothy looked down and walked back to the house. 

Dorothy couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. Lutho was a well-kept young man. He took care of himself very well and was quite wealthy for his age. She could already imagine all the shares and wealth her daughter was going to accumulate from just being his wife. In her head she was putting together outfits that the family was to wear at the wedding while Lebo and Raphael drowned in depression. 

The clicking of forks and knives meeting with the plates was the only sound heard in that dining room. Lebo pulled her chair and attempted walking away. Raphael dragged her arm. 

Raphael: You will sit your little behind on this chair before I flip. 

Lebo: What are you going to do? Haven’t you already done worse?

Raphael: Trust me you don’t wanna know. 

Lebo chuckled bitterly and rubbed her nose. 

Lebo: You’re such a weak man. All you can do is pick on you but your agenates are showing you flames out there. 

26 26 0.301961); -webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">Raphael’s jaw dropped amazed that his only daughter spoke to him. 

Dorothy: Lebohang! Enough! Sit down. 

Lebo: No Dorothy I need to tell you this husband of yours his business. 

Raphael: You will marry Lethokuhle and that’s final! 

Lebo: No! If you want Lethokuhle to be a part of this family so bad then why don’t you marry him? Nxa!

She walked away leaving her parents astonished. 

At the Mthetho’s...

Albert and his wife Mary sat upright in their bed both thinking about their own troubles. 

Mary: Albert are you really taking another wife?

Albert: Mama Evy I have no choice. I’m getting old now and I need more kids. 

Mary: Oh so that’s what this is about?

Albert: Of course it is. Had you not gone and had your womb removed we wouldn’t be in this situation. 

Mary: Wow! So I don’t have a say on what I do with my body now? 

Albert:That’s not what I said. 

Mary: That’s what you’re insinuating! I’ve given you Lutho and Evy. What more do you want?

Albert huffed out. 

Albert: You’re failing to do your wifely duties and that is not my fault. Hence I am taking another wife. 

Mary: So do her parents know now that you’re the one who’s marrying her and not Lutho?

Albert: No. They’ll find out on the day of the wedding. 


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