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It’s been three months since the shooting and Qhawe still hasn’t woken up. His parents are thinking of switching off the machines but i wouldn’t allow that. I know he’s gonna come back. For me and our baby. 

I walked into the house and was met by my parent’s intense stares. I didn’t say anything to them nor did I greet them. 

I walked up the staircase and shut the door of my room very hard. 

Their presence was too suffocating. It felt like I was trapped in a room with all these poisonous gases. 

“Lebohang! Come back down here” 

That was father. I immediately felt a spark of anger being lit inside me. These people don’t want to ever give me a break. 

I walked into the study and sat down.

I stared at themarms folded and teeth gritting together trying to contain all the hatred that had suddenly resurfaced. 

Mom: NanaI want you to know that I really love you and that what I’m about to tell you wasn’t planned. Your father and I didn’t choose for this to happen. 

Me: Just get to the point already...

Mom: I...we...I’m sorry.

She burst out crying as though all the emotions she’s been storing finally had a chance to be let out. 

Dad: (clearing his throat) Mr Mthetho once did me a huge favor and in return he asked that I do him a favor as well. Now that he’s back he asked that you marry his son Lukho. 

I felt my head spinning spinning. I started heating up. My world was coming to an end and there was nothing I could do. 

I would try and escape but everyone in this village knows that Albert Mthetho is not a man you’d find pleasure in angering. You can never run away from him. He could find you even if you were in Antarctica. 

Dad: The wedding will be taking place in three months. 

With that said he walked out. 

My mom came to me and tried comforting me but I pushed her away. 

No amount of words could ever describe the pain I was feeling. Nothing hurt more than the fact that my mom couldn’t even try and fight for me. 

She stood there and in her eyes all I could see was a stranger. 

Me: I don’t think I know you anymore. 

I walked into my bedroom and locked the door behind me. 

26 26 0.301961); -webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">After my mini tear session I picked myself up and thought of what Qhawe would want me to do in such a situation. 

I paced up and down my room biting my nails. 

Marrying Lutho is not an option. I can never betray Qhawe like that. Not with all the dreams we have together. 

I pulled out my drawing board and starting listing all my options. 

In the end here’s what I’ve come up with:



I drove out to meet Albert and see if I couldn’t strike a deal with him. 

Driving into the restaurant parking lot the nerves started kicking in. I calmed myself down and walked into the restaurant. 

He was already here which minuses one point. Albert takes time very seriously so even if it’s just one minute late you get penalized for that. 

I pulled a chair and sat down. He struck his hand out for a handshake and I did the same. 

We ordered some scotch whiskey and got down to business. 

Albert: How’s the wedding preparations going. 

He has a broad smile plastered on his face and I wasn’t excited to be the one who’ll bring it off. 

Me: Uhm...that’s what I wanted to talk you about. 

His smile faded. He looked at me straight into my eyes waiting for an explanation. 

Me: My daughter refuses. She doesn’t want to get married to Lutho. 

Albert: What? Why? My son is good looking and his pockets are quite deep. Who wouldn’t wanna be willing to marry him?

I knew that he was going to have a lot of questions so I might as well tell him the truth. 

Me: Well she has a boyfriend already. 

Albert: Wow. There’s the truth. 

Me: And she’s not willing to leave him. 

Albert: I thought you’re a wise man clearly I was wrong. 

He stood up and settled the bill. 

Albert: Kill that boy. 

He walked out leaving me with my jaw hanging from the floor. 


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