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Ever since Qhawe was admitted into hospital last night all Lebo did was sit in bed and cry. She’s been watching her videos with Qhawe with the song “Teenage Fever” by Drake playing in the background. 

She could never imagine that she’d be in this position. She even skipped school so that she could go see him before everyone else. 

She got up from her bed and went to take a shower. While she was showering her mom came into her room and did her bed. 

She never thought that Lebo would wake up this soon seeing as what happened last night really traumatized her. She thought that she’s have to beg and threaten before she wakes up so this gave her a glimpse of hope. 

Lebo walked out of the shower and felt a wave of irritation wash over her as she saw her mom tidying up her bedroom. 

She still couldn’t face her. “This is all your fault! You’re the reason why Qhawe is lying in hospital right now” she thought. 

She couldn’t bring herself to talk to her mom even with the small attempts to make a conversation that kept popping every two seconds. She disliked her but her father oh she hated her father with passion now! Nothing could ever mend their relationship 

She dressed up in jeans a tank top and sneakers while her mom continued tidying her room. 

Dorothy came across Qhawe’s hoodie while unloading Lebo’s washing basket. 

She pulled it out and raised it high in the air with her index finger. Lebo looked at her annoyed and inwardly rolled her eyes. 

Dorothy: What’s this doing here?

Lebo walked to her and grabbed it then wore it over her tank top. 

Lebo: That’s what happens when two people are in a relationship they share clothes as well. Oh and don’t think I’ll talk to you after the stunt you pulled last night. This is all your fault. Are you happy now? I hope you are. 

26 26 0.301961); -webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">With that said she grabbed her bag and left the house then embarked on her journey to the hospital.

The house was dead quiet. All the chores were done leaving Dorothy bored out of her mind. 

This gave her a chance to reflect on her behavior last night and how it affected everyone. “Is this really my fault?” She thought. 

She was still contemplating when Raphael walked in. For a murderer he looked quite happy. 

She calmed herself down and stood up leaving him all alone. 

Raphael: Come back here. Where are you going?

Dorothy turned back and clicked her tongue. 

Dorothy: Raphael I love you but your premature decision making will be the end of us. 

Raphael: Is this about that boy?

Dorothy: Of course it is!

Raphael: I did what I had to do Dorothy!

Dorothy: Well then I hope you’re proud of yourself. As we speak Lebo hates us with every fiber of her being and that’s all because of you. You better make sure that boy wake up otherwise you can kiss your relationship with your daughter tomorrow. 

She stood up to leave then she remembered she had forgotten to say something. 

She turned around and looked at him straight into his eyes. 

Lebo: If he dies consider yourself a single man. 

She walked away leaving Raphael to ponder in his thoughts thinking about the outcomes of his decisions. “I really should’ve listened” he thought. 

He rubbed his face and huffed out in frustration. 


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