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Qhawe: Baby...Uhm...Shit! Yeses uMageba is going to have my neck for this. 

He rubbed his face in frustration and hugged out. 

Qhawe: Ku phelile ngami. I’m not getting away with this. (This is the end of me)

Lebo: I’m sorry. 

Qhawe: Eish it’s not your fault baby. This must be hard on you. I’m so sorry Sthandwa Sami. (My love)

Lebo pushes her head to the desk and started crying. Qhawe pulled her to his chest and brushed her back. 

After a good ten minutes of crying sniffing and hiccups Lebo rose and picked her bag up. 

Lebo: Let’s go home. 

Qhawe opened his arms and she fell into them. As soon as he could tell that she was about to start crying again he pulled back and kissed her forehead. 

Qhawe: We’ll get through this Baby...Together. 

They walked home together letting their fears and thoughts create a huge cloud of silence between them. 

At the Sedibe’s...

Lebo walked into the house and found her mom ironing their clothes. She greeted her and walked to her room. 

“Lebohang Jewel Sedibe! Where do you think you’re going? Etla mo. (Come back here)”

She walked back dragging her feet. 

Lebo: Dorothy mosadi wa Raphael ke go thusa ka eng? (Dorothy Raphael’s Wife. What can I help you with?)

She was met by a hot backslap. She was still recovering from the slap that sent her dizziness over the roof when her mom threw a bombshell her way. 

Mrs Sedibe: I can see that this baby is making you disrespectful. I’m not your friend. 

Lebo: Mama...I...The baby...

Mrs Sedibe: You’ll tell all that to your father. Go to your room.  I’m not reading to look at your repulsive face. 

With that said Lebo walked to her room with her head bowed in shame. 

Just as she locked her bedroom doorher phone rang. 

Lebo: Hello. 

Qhawe: Baby it’s me. I’m using my brother’s phone. My dad took my gadgets and cut off my allowance. I’ll only get them back when you’re eight months pregnant. 

Lebo: I’m so sorry babe. I swear this wasn’t done on purpose. 

Qhawe: Relax Baby. Such things happen. I’ll see you at school tomorrow. I love you.

Lebo: I love you too. 

Qhawe: Kuzolunga neh MaBaby... (It’ll all be well)

Lebo: Yeah. 

They said their goodbyes and he hung up. 

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Lebo and her parents gathered at the dinner table late in the evening. 

Just as she stood up to take the plates back to the kitchen her mom called her back. 

Mrs Sedibe: Papa Lebo has something to tell us. 

She stared into Lebo’s eyes waiting for her to confess to her sins. Lebo held the gaze and stared just as intensely into her mother’s eyes. 

Raphael: Bobo? Is there something I’m missing?

Lebo said nothing. She just continued staring at her mom. 

Mrs Sedibe: Seeing as she doesn’t want to talk I’ll do it for her. Papa Bobo is pregnant. 

The tension rose. It rose and became so thick you could cut it open and serve it for dinner. 

Raphael: Go her dressed. You’re showing me that boy’s house. 

He stood up and went to his study. Mrs Sedibe looked at Lebo up and down and clicked her tongue. She followed into her husband’s footsteps and found him in the study cocking his gun. 

She held her hands to her mouth in shock. 

Dorothy: Papa dont. Don’t do this. Bobo is still a child. It was just a mistake. 

Raphael: Tell Tom to get the car ready. 

Mrs Sedibe saw that there was nothing she could do to change his mind at this point so she followed his orders. 

Thirty minutes later they parked outside the Mageba household. 

Raphael punched the steering wheel. He never thought it’d be this hard. 

Mlungisi Mageba was his arch enemy. They had never gotten along and now that his son got his daughter pregnant it made the situation even worse. 

He composed himself and got out of the car followed by Lebo and Dorothy. 

He knocked twice on the door before Mrs Mageba opened it. 

Raphael: Where’s your son? Call him. I’m here to see him. 

Mrs Mageba scurried away and called her husband. Qhawe and Nqobile walked down the stairs. They couldn’t hide the shock and fear infused in their eyes when they saw Mr Sedibe. 

Mlungisi: Yah Raphael what brings you here?

Raphael: Which one of your boys impregnated my daughter?

Mlungisi clenched his jaw. 

Mlungisi: Qhawe is this the girl?

Qhawe: Yes. 

Mlungisi: Raphael I’m sure we can work around this. 

Raphael pulled his gun out and pointed it at Qhawe. 

Mlungisi: Raphael dont do this. Shoot me instead. 

Without thinking twice Raphael pulled the trigger sending the bullet straight into Qhawe’s head. 

Lebo: Papa nooooooooo!


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