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It was Monday morning. Lebo woke up and got ready for school. She was met by the pregnancy test lying on the table. She grabbed it and threw it under the bed. 

The school day dragged. It felt like the world was spinning. Lebo put her arms on the table and slept. 

Back home Mrs Sedibe woke up with the intention of cleaning. “The sun was out standing high in the sky so what not turn it into a spring cleaning day?” She thought. 

She went into Lebo’s room picking up every piece of clothing on the floor. 

Mrs Sedibe: Bo Lebo mara! I need to teach this girl how to clean. 

She drew the blankets and sheets off the bed then threw them into a plastic basin outside. She came back and raised the bed against the wall. She was about to leave and get started on the blankets when something caught her eye: A ClearBlue Pregnancy test. 

She stood there frozen on the spot. When she finally regained her senses she walked to the spot where it lay and picked it up.

Ten minutes passed as she stared at the rest. Raphael walked by whistling and saw his wife in his daughter’s room. He stopped and walked to her. 

Raphael: Mrs Me?

She jumped up and put her hands behind her back in an attempt to hide what she had just found. She plastered a huge smile on her face and pretended to be happy. 

Lesedi: Yes? 

26 0.301961); -webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;">Raphael: We’re still going out for dinner right?

Friday night dinners had formed a part of their tradition from the night they celebrated their first anniversary. For the past seventeen years they had kept that tradition and that was one of the main reasons they still behaved like lovesick teenagers. 

Lesedi reminisced about the old times and smiled at him truthfully this time. 

Lesedi: Of course. Is that even a question?

Raphael chuckled lightly and walked away. 

As soon as he shut the door Lesedi bhed her tiny fist against the wall and slumped down on the tiled floor. 

Lesedi: Lebohang maaan! What has this child done?!

As soon as the clock hit Two O’clock the school bell rang and the students walked out embarking on their journey home. 

Lebo texted Qhawe to meet her in their science class. 

He got there a few minutes later looking happy as ever. 

As soon as he saw that the energy wasn’t being reciprocated his lips turned upside down and into a frown. 

Qhawe: Baby? What’s wrong?

Lebo stuttered trying to explain the situation. 

Lebo: Qhawe I’m...I’m pregnant. 

His jaw dropped as he struggled to register what his girlfriend just said.


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