To prove that she wasn't bluffing Mai Shadreck gave him a taste of her threat hitting where she knew he would take notice and act. 

Luckily my knee had only suffered a torn muscle and as expected the swelling was an exaggeration. A day of strong painkillers and ice packs my knee felt almost as good as new.

As exercise so she said we showed up at his office in all my vagabond glory complete with a ragged head wrap and noticeable limp that made me look like a crippled vagabond. Aunty proceeded to introduce me to anyone who had ears as Mrs Gift Kurai Murezva.

Gift was so mortified he locked himself in his office refusing to even see us. The damage was done though and aunty had proved her point.

"Aunty please let's go home l feel embarrassed enough" l pleaded seeing his co-workers peruse me with disdain or outright mockery. These people didn't even know me and yet l was judged and found lacking.

"You already know your worth. It’s that boy that needs his eyes opened" she simply said and guided me towards yet another person to introduce.

"Get ready in the morning we are leaving together!" His tone so cold and harsh l didn't dare ask anything. Only God knew where he was taking me.

Right after breakfast much to aunty's pleasure next day he took me to a fancy salon. Guess aunty's antics got to him.

Twenty minutes later l was dumped at a very nice hair salon that either catered exclusively to the rich or knew how to fake it with Evelyn the owner and his friend's wife being instructed to make me 'presentable'. Looking at my simple red maxi dress l wondered how much more 'presentable' l could be.

"Either his eyes are going blind or he is in denial. Anyone can see you are presentable. Now am going to make you gorgeous" she smiled warmly at me and l instantly liked her.

"Maybe both l guess" l shrug.

"Oh sweetheart lm going to perform a miracle and make a man see today" she laughed. Evelynn was a really funny lady.

I have never been an salon before but l knew of all the beauty treatments out but didn't know excruciating the process really was. The next two hours l was prodded poked waxed plucked and whatever else they could do within an inch of my life until there was nothing left of the girl her tormentors called Miss Ugly Zimbabwe.

Gone were the plaits l rocked for five years now my hair was straightened falling past my shoulder. Evelyn insisted on dyeing it but l compromised on getting red highlights instead. My eyebrows were shaped l had a French manicure and pedicure. The eyelashes were so short and professionally done l hardly even saw them but they made my brown eyes pop. She even went as far as putting light natural make up. 

"Look at me Cloud Saurombe now a bona fide beauty

now a bona fide beauty" l giggled at my reflection. There is something to be said about being pampered. It boosts ones confidence and self-esteem. No wonder women spent money and time doing this.

"Not quiet yet. Gift said to make you presentable so lm going to go all out and make you stunning" she grinned like a woman on a mission. I on the other hand had no idea what she meant until we stepped into the other part of the salon which held a classy looking boutique.

"No Evelyn!" 

"Oh darling it’s cute how you think you have a choice."

That’s how Gift found me talking with Evelyn by the reception with my back to the door. The funny thing was he looked right at me but looked away not recognizing me at all. Evelyn was trying so hard not to laugh.

"Hi Eve is she ready yet?" He asked looking around for me. Evelyn looked at me then back at Gift. 

"Yes she is. And she looks very 'presentable' too" she emphasized the word presentable.

"Yeah right. Where is she we have somewhere to be?"

"I thought you would have spotted her by now Gift are your eyes not working" she grinned wider. Trying to stifle to a laugh but ut ended up sounding like a frog croaking. And that made Evelyn laugh out loud like a full on belly quaking laugh. Gift kept looking at us like the idiots we were. 

"Okay Gift sorry but you're looking right at her" she said whilst trying to stop laughing. Gift looked at me again his eyes taking in the black wedges blue skinny jeans ripped at the thighs the white tank top and light blue blazer and lastly my made up face. Judging from the astonished look on Gift's face Evelyn the miracle worker had surpassed his expectations. He couldn't call me his vagabond wife anymore l smirked. 

We had made bet with Eve and she said he wouldn't be able to take his eyes off the bottom half of me meaning my big hips and butt. I concluded it would probably be my face. Now l owe Eve lunch.

His astonishment only lasted a minute before he covered it up thanked Evelyn and promptly left. It was as if a door had been opened for him and l was his personal Barbie to dress anyhow he wanted. In two months the shelf l called my own was now half the walk-in closet. What didn't l have handbags heels evening wear suits jeans jewellery etc. hell even bikinis were on the list and l couldn't even swim.

I won't lie and say l didn't like the shopping because lm a woman and there is something about looking good that makes one feel good too. Having to do something so girly and could only dream about was astonishing. But that was beside the point.

Shopping was like calling a truce. 

Arrogant snobbish and stubborn he may be but he was also funny considerate and very intelligent and l liked that about him. Though we were civil to each other there was some level of hostility l sensed from him. I guessed the fact had to be about him introducing me as his wife still irked him. Especially when his uncles were part of the family business and insisted he come with Mrs Murezva.

Who didn't now know the fashionably classy Mrs Gift Kurai Murezva?


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