Feeling so self-conscious and still smarting from his earlier remark l pray fervently for the good Lord to give me a good smelly fart to land on the condescending jerk's face. 

Being a good God he refuses.

“Figured you wouldn't be able to get the blanket. Move aside l will get it before you remove all of them and l have to put them back” he finally volunteers. I'm thankful though to get away from this awkward position which is promptly short-lived because in my haste to get down l misstep and topple to the floor.

In bollywood films the heroic gentleman springs into action to save the tumbling girl. This is neither a movie nor is this selfish man a heroic anything. Gift doesn’t only move aside and watches me fall to the floor knees first might l add but laughs at me writhing in pain. It feels as though someone is doing practice shots with a bat using my knee as the ball. 

Meanwhile Gift easily reaches up and removes a pair of sheets and two blankets from the pile and casually walks out leaving me there to wallow in pain. Not even turning back to see if l was okay or not. For a few minutes l sit there cradling my knee crying softly so l won't alert aunty and his family. I know his siblings would take great pleasure in my pain than help me.

After a while the pain feels like it has subsided enough for me to hobble back to the bedroom and flop onto the couch sweating like a pig. Who am l kidding the pain from my knee hurts but is overshadowed by the pain of knowing another human being gives zero cares about you. To make matters worse he is a doctor he is more than capable to help me but doesn't care enough to try. I look over at the bed and watch my so-called husband in bed sleeping peacefully whilst l suffer. 

It is fine l tell myself if this is the way he wants it then so be it. Slowly l make my bed on the sofa and get in careful not to jostle the injured knee. Sleep doesn't come so easily. My mind replaying today’s events. His family didn't like me and would make my life difficult. The husband clearly thought the worst of me would probably cheer them on too. The only people who cared enough for my well-being are not here.

I was taken from an abusive home with people who rejoiced in my pain only to be given a small taste of how being loved felt like. Was this my fate? My eternity filled with nothing but hate and vipers ready to oust me to the streets? With quiet tears in my eyes and longing for my dead mother sleep finally claims me.

In the morning l wake up from a restless sleep feeling as though a thousand burdens where on my shoulder. Thankfully the husband is nowhere in sight and l carefully tidy up the room but curiosity gets the best of me on what the grey door contains. Yet again my jaw unhinges at the sight of the room. 

Nope this was not an ordinary closet. I was standing in the middle of a freaking 'walk-in' closet.

To step into a room l oohed and ahhed on television is surreal. It’s a man's closet as attested by all the suits shoes and other men's wear around. Who cares it's still a walk-in closet. I Cloud Saurombe will be hanging my rags in this huge room alongside his Louis Vuitton's and Polo's. 

“Who was l kidding my entire wardrobe could fit into one shelf” I mutter to myself. Either way l excitedly make some space for my few belongings. When lm done l quickly go take a bath quite thankful there is blue shower curtain surrounding the tub for privacy. 

Hobbling to the kitchen l find Aunty already up and making breakfast. "Good morning aunty its only 6 and you are already up?" I hobble to her thankful her back is to me and can’t see me in pain. Looking around l wonder where Gift is.

"It’s your first morning dear l cant let you do something in strange house can l? Come make those eggs l like so much the others will be here soon they have to get to work" she says placing said eggs near me. 

"How was your sleep?" She says looking at me.

Fidgeting l reply with a whispered fine. Aunty studies me for me a bit and places her hands on her hips.

"Did something happen between you two? Nxa that boy will hear from me if...." l stop her rant before it goes any further.

"No aunty just a minor accident l twisted my knee whilst getting the blankets yesterday" l try to cover for him why l have no idea.

With a small cry she comes to me checking me over and

looking at the hurt leg. Thankfully it’s not swollen so l reassured her l will be fine. Took some major talking but she finally calmed down promise hell fire if it got worse. There were footsteps from hallway and aunty decided to drop it and make breakfast instead. 

The others came to the dining room a few minutes later and sat down to eat. Where Gift was all along l don't know and l didn't ask. Complaining about how the food tasted horrible yet licked their plates clean the women made breakfast entertaining. Seriously if you are going to complain at least have a valid reason to.

“In-laws will always find fault with their muroora ignore them

ignore them” aunty had said. Before sleeping l took some painkillers and placed some ice on my knee which gratefully helped me sleep.

There was no hiding the swollen knee or the pain that kept shooting up my entire leg with each step. Gift still hadn't said anything when he noticed how badly l limped or my face ashen with pain. He got ready and promptly left me there. Mai Shadreck had to come in my room a few minutes later to check on me.Thank goodness his family had not returned yesterday and not added to my misery.

“Cloud your knee looks like a baby’s head and you said its fine. You stupid girl it could get serious if it isn't treated in time” she gasped inspecting the knee.

“Really aunty it’s not that bad. I will take some pain killers okay” l try to reassure her even if l felt nothing close to reassured. My knee was throbbing as if it had its own heartbeat. My body does tend to exaggerate any bruise. The first time my stepmother slapped me my face ballooned so badly police got involved thinking l was being abused. Well l was but not to the extent everyone assumed. Now this knee looks ten times worse than it felt.

“No that doesn't remotely look fine at all young lady. We are calling that husband of yours to look at it. Why didn't he do it before that brat?” she says as she picks up the phone. I try to stop her but she isn't having it. 

For the next five minutes l overhear her berate and shout at Gift for not looking after me and then some. Though l know it means trouble for me but for now having someone shout at him on my behalf l feel justified. He let it happen so he deserves it. We can both suffer.

It must have been a severe talking to he got because twenty minutes later here he is inspecting my knee. Maybe it's wishful thinking but l could have sworn he looked guilty when l lifted my skirt to show him.

“It needs to be X-rayed to be sure she didn't break anything” he announces.

“Well good thing your surgery has that doesn't it” aunty’s tone is heavy with anger. Gift looks like a boy who has been handed dog poop as a Christmas present.

“I can’t take that thing that looks like a vagabond with me. Who would l say she is? What would people think of me? You must be joking aunty.” Well ouch. I know lm not his favourite person but to call me a vagabond really idiot?!

“Gift Kurai Murezva don't make me cane you young man. Firstly that vagabond is your wife and you will respect her as such no matter how you feel. Secondly since you care how people think so much then you can get her to look the part. Do what needs to be done so she won’t ‘embarrass’ you” she shouts. 

Aunty was ticked off even l knew to back off or risk losing a limb. Did he think she would let him do abuse me however he wanted?

“Aunty I can’t do that...” he is immediately cut off.

“Did it sound like a question to you?” 

“No aunty but...”

“Well since it seems you are going to be stubborn about this then l will stay here and force it down your throat” she smiles evilly. I have known aunty enough to know she doesn't make empty threats.

“Aunty it’s okay he doesn't have...” l try to diffuse the situation.

“And you young lady are his wife his responsibility is to take care and provide for you and you are to accept it gracefully. If he doesn't like the vagabond look then he can change it himself. This is no longer a 'you vs him' team but a 'you AND him' team. With that being said Gift what it will be?” she says staring at him challenging him to even say anything she didn't like.

“I will take her” he grumbles.

"That's my boy" aunty beams at him.


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