We have been sitting in the second lounge watching TV. Okay mai gift and aunty were catching up the girls were talking their brother and my eyes were on the big screen but my mind was very far away. My brain was busy freaking me out with how this night was going to go down l think l might have a stroke or something.

Since we were technically husband and wife we were expected to sleep in the same room. And that had been enforced by aunty who had ordered Gift to carry my bags to his room. Yep. HIS room! I had not allowed myself to even digest that information. Now l couldn't stop thinking about it.

"Cloud why don't you go rest it’s been a long day dear" aunty says breaking my panicky thoughts. Getting up on shaky legs l say my goodnight and l wait for Gift to show me where the bedroom was. But the damn jerk sternly has his eyes on the TV.

"Gift get up and show Cloud the bedroom" aunty orders. Mumbling he sets his whiskey on the side table. "You can show her the house tomorrow." Mai Gift purses her lips clearly unhappy with the order but doesn't say anything.

We silently walk the long hallway and turn left when we where almost at the end. We pass a small lighted passage with frosted windows and come to open glass doors. All this time I’m thinking he is going to defy Aunt and dump me in some closet as my bedroom. What l wasn't expecting was to be seeing this beautiful bedroom with glass as a door. He only looks at me and with shake of his head he leaves me there stunned. I have to meet his decorator because that person is a true design genius.

Standing there l surveyed the lavish room that was to be my own. Everything was so huge and very masculine. 

The walls are a deep grey inside there is a king size bed grey headboard two side tables one with a black lamp and another with books and a laptop a huge painting hangs over the bed covering the entire wall and on one side is a light blue chest of drawer with small knick knack and a blue armchair. 

"He must really like blue" l whisper to myself. There is a grey door beside the armchair and lm too scared to go look inside. Taking a few small steps l enter and gasp taking in the other side of the room which can’t be seen from outside.

"Seriously who designed this room because that dickhead couldn't possibly have thought of this?"

The other side has a long cream leather chaise and a two seater facing a mounted a large flat screen and a seriously beautiful glass table in the middle. On one side is a glass siding door leading to a balcony where one can see the big blue pool in its entirety. And on the other another glass door where l can clearly see the bathroom.  From this angle l can see it’s very possible to see someone bathing. In High Definition!! No ways!! Flustered l look back towards the bed on its black carpet that looks so comfortable you can easily sleep on it.

“You will not be sharing a bed if that’s what you are thinking. Don't want to fumigate the sheets from whatever you brought from the bush" a deep voice says from behind me making me squeak in surprise. I've been blocking the door and hurriedly move out of the way. Then what he says sinks into my befuddled brain.

 Fumigate the sheets!! Why that son of a dead rat! No offense

How dare this jerk think l was some dirty street kid!? I stewed and fumed in silence but never uttered a word. I was not gong to have a fight on the first day here.  Trying to get my anger in control l walk to the chaise. My suitcase is already beside the sofa looking so raggedy against the expensive things but l just stubbornly place the handbag beside me. 

“Does the stupid man realise he just insulted his uncle. Jerk!” l mumble my emotions getting too heavy on my chest. Im silently cursing him six ways to Sunday and when l have my emotion under control

I take a moment to observe my husband.

No wonder Chenai and her friends felt cheated. This man was handcrafted by God as a gift for women to appreciate. The African brother to the Hulk with his chiselled abs flawless chocolate skin. Even his slight pouch did nothing but make him look good. Why was he even given such thick eyelashes?  I might have grown up in the rural areas but we had Dstv and it worked just fine!

Again Sekai’s words invaded my mind. Why would such a handsome man accept an ugly thing like me as a wife even as human? The man had these beautiful tattoos littered across his fine body. His house was something out of this world. He was successful and hardworking both of which l lacked. I shouldn't be here l think shrivelling inside. I was never one of those girls who thought so little of themselves but damn it was a struggle to get my self esteem up when faced with such awesomeness.

“You will get blankets in the closet in the passage and sleep on the couch or floor or wherever” the baritoned man says. Not bothering to answer l walk back out to the small passageway and look at the doors l hadn't noticed when l walked in. They are sliding doors with nice handles they actually look like designs. Pretty clever l think. 

On top of the shelves were the blankets neatly packed away but too high up for my dwarf height. Looking around l spot a stool at the other end and grab that for some added height. It’s still short but it will have to do.

Whilst wrestling to free a blanket l feel a presence behind me. From the corner of my eye l see Gift leisurely leaning against the door frame watching my abysmal efforts. Unfortunately the added height from the stool makes my shapely behind in direct view of his face. Everywhere his eyes land my skin tightens uncomfortably in awareness. Thanks to Mai Shadreck the new dress is a bit tight around my ass and hips meaning he is getting an eyeful.


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