The man was not what l had imagined. His huge frame was seated in the couch like it was his throne and we his humble lowly servants.  He looked like one of those guys that had a love affair with the gym. Not too muscular but just enough. Tattoos were littered across his arms. It was sexy actually.... no wait it was terrifying and short me who ended up to his chest was not liking it.

No actually his body was huge turn on for little ol' virgin me whom had never seen such a fine man except on TV. What terrified me was his face. Gift was handsome with his bald head cute full lips and short beard. It was the coldness in those eyes that gave me chills.

Sitting across from his sisters and mother l could safely say they hated the situation and me even more judging from the evil stares they kept throwing my way. But well it was out of their hands. Gift looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here. I can’t blame him l wished the same thing. He had every chance to make a fuss but he didn't. Only kept giving those cold calculating glares. With each word the elders said they got even colder.

"As said by my brother no one is take this child as nothing less than a wife. The situation is sensitive we will admit but only you and Cloud can make this work. We do not want to come back here and find you mistreating our wife are we understood Gift?" Uncle Didmus spears Gift with a talking glance.

"I hear you baba" he answers softly but his eyes are still on me promising the opposite. It’s scary.

"Yes Gift this woman has been with baba Shadreck for a long time and has already proven her worth. Cloud you are our daughter and as such have every right to come to us if there is any problem

" Uncle Geoffrey adds.

"Yes baba." 

What more could l have said. It’s not like was l being given a choice. But l have to admit it felt nice hearing him claim me as his daughter. My own family had very much abandoned me to this fate and yet these people were willingly welcoming me into theirs. If only that were the case with Gift and his family.

"Right well that’s all. Mai Gift why don't you take our daughter and prepare some food." 

The women get up and head to the kitchen with me trailing behind. When l enter the large open kitchen my eyes widen and my jaw unhinges. This blue and grey kitchen has to be the most beautiful kitchen l have ever met. The cupboards are light blue walls are white and the counter top is a grey marble that shines light its immune to dirt or something the various cooking equipment and appliances do not even mar only add to the beauty. It’s the island in the middle covering almost half the kitchen with these three long lights hanging above that has me gawking. One end has a fitted gas stove and the other end has fruits in a bowl and light blue chairs. It was so cool l almost forgot why l was here. Thankfully Aunty nudged me and nodded towards Mai Gift amusement shining in her eyes.

Mai Gift plays nice because of Aunty being around and quickly explains where everything is and what to do. Well mostly plays when aunty was looking but when she wasn't l swear her eyes would have burnt me alive. Before long we are working in silence the daughters whispering amongst themselves glancing at me now and again.

After a rather quiet lunch the uncles left leaving me with the women and the cold husband. I had come to know all the uncles from their visits back at Chiefs so it was surprising they were so mild-mannered. Usually they are making jokes and acting like kids instead of ass grown men. Must have been the situation not comedy friendly.

Mai Shadreck would only stay for a week but l wished she would stay forever because she was the buffer against everyone. The girls and their mother would throw snide and insulting comments each chance they caught me alone got whilst Gift completely ignored me. 

Living here was already a nightmare on the first day.


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