For the rest of the week l was in a horrible funk. That incident with Danai had gotten to me and what she said hit right in the center of my heart. Gift tried to make me attend events or hang out with his friends but l could not muster the energy to dress up and look happy. 

After a phone call from Mai Shadreck basically adding on what Mai Kuda said l had an epiphany. Wether anyone liked it or not l was Mrs Murezva and as such l had to start accepting it. Deny it or just going with the flow wasn't helping so l had do something else. My marriage might not have been ideal but l refused to drown in my sorrow.

Decision made l started with one thing that was mine by right. 

"Hi sis Dolly can l ask for a favour?"  Gift had already gone to work so l started with stage one.

"Yes ma'am how are you this morning?" she said sweetly. I know its all fake. I have heard this woman who is older than even Gift laugh at me with the gardener and thinks lm a stupid child. I think its jealousy because l have the position she wanted. Don't know how she could have gotten it as Gift is a complete snob. That in itself was a huge point against her.

"From today onwards l would like to cook for my husband unless lm unable. Also l will do his laundry and clean our bedroom" l command praying she doesn't here my knees shake. She sputters for a minute trying to find an answer. 

"Is there a problem with my order Dolly because l can ask my husband..." 

"No no there is no problem. No problem at all" she quickly says. Satisfied I smile and walk away feeling lighter already. I have successfully killed two birds with one bird cutting off her chance of getting Gift and taking up the responsibilities l had neglected. 

On to the next.This was the tricky bit. After a while of me always bothering Gift about being given to buy stuff he ended up setting up an account for me and deposits money every month. What l didn't know was wether he got notifications as well or checked my bank balance too. Its not that l wanted to hide but didn't know how he would react. So l figured a trial run was in order.

I called Aunty Mai Rutendo Uncle Geofrey's wife's sister who had not been feeling well the last time l saw her. My husband had a surgery plus our family member was sick equals Cloud doing her daughter in law duties in taking care of her family. It took exactly one month before he said anything which really wasn't much and l took that as my green light.

It was the best decision l ever made because as the weeks turned into months the family’s attitude in general changed. Being told you were accepted and actually being accepted were two different things. The family were more willing to interact with me involve me in things even Danai had begrudgingly become nice to me once she saw l wasn’t another Chantal. His mother and daughters were a different matter. They didn't care about me and we basically ended up just giving each other space for peace to reign. I was happy though to be busy and being needed. 

Gift was another different case. At first he hadn't said anything merely ignoring what l was doing but then he started acting funny cold and stand offish. Why was he acting as if l wronged him when we seemed to have been in somewhat good terms? I didn't get it at all. Well that was until Club Day.

The clubbing day as l called it

was like a flashlight to our relationship the reality of my naivety and how we were merely glossing over our situation. He had ordered in his usual cold tone to get ready after dinner we were going out to a club. Something we haven't done in a while. I thought for sure he was warming up to me.

This was my first time in such a place so didn't want to look like a total newbie and well it’s been a while l dressed to the nines and embarrass Gift. I chose a sleeveless wide legged metallic silver stretch jersey jumpsuit with a deep v neck and black satin mules with crystal embellished stiletto. I loved this outfit because it was very sexy without being slutty and made my butt pop. My brunette 14"inch weave was cut into a curly bob (courtesy of Evelyn who knew what suited me) only needed slight fluffing. I swivelled around the mirror checking myself out had me smiling like an idiot at the results. Scandalously innocent and gorgeous just the look l was hoping to achieve.

"Damn girl who would have thought you could look this good" smilingly coyly at how my big booty and smallish boobs were so out there. Having never dressed so revealingly it took a second to adjust and build some courage.

Gift appeared behind me in the mirror in a simple black muscle hugging t-shirt his tattoos peeking out the sleeves with black jeans roaming appreciative eyes on my outfit. The jeans fit him very well a little too well my bouncy heart stupidly acknowledged.  We stood like for a tense minute only staring at each other.

Oh look we almost matched Mr and Mrs Murezva for real.


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