Kagiso is running late this damn guy is running late to a family meeting. For the first time ever going to his home as his bride he's late. I know it's fake and all that but a little moral support won't hurt.

The drive to enkangala was long and daunting ever been on a six hour drive alone? Yes there is someone but you just alone? Cavin was asleep most of the time and the driver barely said six words to me.

Getting to zone 6 the dusty roads and kids playing on the streets reminded me of my childhood days back in Nokaneng the fun is still the same. I found myself missing my grandmother ever since her death nothing was ever the same again. I remember how she and my grandfather would sit under the jakaranda tree sipping tea with the scorching sun. Regardless how hot it was they would always drink tea I miss how my grandfather would send us to kwa jack to buy him chibuku coming back who ever went to buy it would have the first sip of it after he shakes and opens it. I don't know why he used to do that but we never questioned him. It was always fun to do that. Much to my dismay the carton tastes nice if I do say so myself.

My grandmother was the best woman ever although technically she is my mother's grandmother she's OUR mother too. The car pulled up at an enormous gates opening them I was met by a long driveway there were guards and all that. Are these people royalty or what? Such masiveness.

Getting out we were greeted by maids

there were guards and all that. Are these people royalty or what? Such masiveness.

Getting out we were greeted by maids one of them took baby Cavin in her arms one opened my door while two of them took out the bags out of the boot. I am tired and all I want to do is lay down and sleep.

"this way mam" one of the guards directed me. If I thought the house was beautiful then I was mistaken the inside is absolutely phanominal directly in front of the door lays an open plan with a chandelier on the middle if you walk further it leads to the balcony and pool area. On the left side is the TV room and the right side is the kitchen I couldn't see any other thing because I was directed to the stares and there to my room.

Opening the door I found cavin laying on the bed looking up and laughing at the lady who is changing him. "I'll do that" I said but she gave me a small smile and said it's okay she'll do it it's okay.

Well I'm not gonna argue with her I want to sleep because I'm tired the bedroom was huge with a white wall Grey cardboards and headboards the Grey linens and a-.... My tongue got tied in my mouth with what I saw. If I thought this was a bad idea. This right here is my confirmation of it.


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