She stood there throwing daggers my way why on earth is she here? I swear the devil is rejoicing with my life. 

Ma'bee:"what is she doing here?" 

Puffing out a sight I passed her and made my way to the kitchen.

Ma'Bee:"dont walk away from me now" 

Me:"MA! What exactly is it that you want from me now?" I'm really tired and not in the mood for her fights. 

Ma'Bee:"you need to stop seeing her Ora if your inlwas dares to find out they would go crazy you know that?"

Oh My God! This woman is unbelievable.

Me:"all you care about is your damn in laws what about what I want?"

Shifting from her position she walked over to me

Ma'bee:"it is in your best interest my dear. Imagine all the riches you could inherit you practically married into royalty Oratilwe don't be so stupid."

Picking cavin from his stroller she took his food that I was preparing and walked out of the kitchen but not before making her point known.

Ma'bee:" she's not what you think she is cut her loose it will be good for the both of us. "

What exactly does this woman want from me really? Can't I ever be happy? Plopping myself on the couch I released an exasperated sigh. I need to go to church really. The devil is testing me to the full extent.

I guess I must have dozed off on the couch because I was woken by the doorbell ringing. I stood up to get the door. Who could it be at this time of the night. I got startled immediately when I opened the door. A tall muscular man with dark green eyes I scar across his eyebrow and tattoos creeping up his neck. WHAT THE-...

The guy didn't even allow me to let him in he pushed me the way and walked up inside

Me:"excuse me

what the hell..."

He still didn't answer me he walked up to the stairs. He's overly too familiar with this place.

Me:"what the hell... Who the hell are you to walk inside peoples homes like that"

I grabbed him by his tailor made suit looks like it's Italian but who cares this guy is trespassing here.

Ma'bee:"Oratilwe it's fine. Millano" she said that with a bitter taste in her mouth. 

What the-?

Guy:"aah... Boitumelo we meet again" even this scary creepy guy was acting all weird. His pronunciation of Boitumelo was quite funny.

Ma'bee:"what are you doing here Alexander"

Guy:"you know what I want where is he?"

MA bee turned to me then back at this Alexander guy

Ma'bee:"Ora please go to your room and take cavin back please you" she referred to the scary guy "follow me"

They walked down the passed then out the balcony. Doing as told I went to get baby Cavin from the room Ma'bee was sleeping in back to his room. Checking the time on the clock it read a minute after two in the morning.

What the hell... Trying not think too much about it I went to make a bottle for cavin then went back up to give it to him since he was slightly up from when I was carrying him.

I went to take a shower to calm myself down sleep has deserted me.


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