Its been over a month since I've moved in... The legal papers have been finalised and *sigh* I'm married shocker I know but yeah it is like that. In as much as I hated this at the beginning I'm slowly comming to terms with it. We've reached an understanding at first I wanted to make my own demands I wanted my freedom but I saw that me leaving would put a whole lot of strain on our 'situation' so as to put it. Cavin wouod need a caretaker yes he has a nanny but the child is just as good as mine truthfully speaking and I know it's the right thing to do. I sent Yona a text telling her about my situation and she flipped then stopped talking to me for a week but we are fine now. We meeting after work to talk properly because she's back in town now.

Kagiso :"Ora can I see you in my office now"

I followed him to his office he looked tired and drained must be all the meetings he's been to. I don't know what's going on but things aren't looking good for the company. His father and uncle have called a family meeting for the coming weekend and as the dutiful 'makoti' I have to be present. Note the sarcasm.

Kagiso:"close the door please"

He discareded his tie and threw his blazer on the counchv and slomped down on his chair making it swing in the process.

Me:"what's you"

Kagiso:"I'm flying down to cape can you please check cavin for the day?"

There goes my plans phew.... Out of the window

Me:"what about Nancy can't she guard him?"

He puffed out a sigh rubbing his tamples in the process

Kagiso:"she asked for a half day something about a family emergency. I couldn't particularly say no you know she's been with me trough out and never asked for anything"

Me:"mmmm... I get you I was gonna meet up with Mayona but I gue_"

Kagiso:"your deadbeat girlfriend"

Lord have mercy I didn't want to get into things so I agreed to take cavin with me although it mean that I had to cut my day shot.

We both walked out of his office grabbing my bag and phone on the way and make way to the elevator.








When we got to hkme we found Nancy pacing up and down.

Me:"hey Nancy"


She just shoved cavin to my hands and walked ou. 

No hello no nothing. Well I can't blame her she doesn't particularly like me. Nancy is or rather was Geets best friend she and Geet had plans to open a day care for her but I guess life had other plans for her. I don't understand her coldness towards me but then I'm not one to like people either so guess what. She can go jump off the nearest lake I won't care.

Me:"hey baby... Hey cupcake" he was laughing grinning with no teeth this has got to be the cutest baby ever.

Me:"did you make poopo? Huh? Poopo. Mmmh mmmmh" I fanned my slef on the nose making him giggle . "come on now let's go"

I don't know where Kagiso disappeared to but hey...when baby cav was here I barely noticed anything. 

By the time I had to meet up with Yona I was dead tired from all the playing we were doing Kagiso didn't leave immediately he stayed a bit to play with us Ihe left an hour ago. I like that he spends time with his child some parent won't cope but he is. Although sometimes he snappes but it's only fair because he has a lot going on and his family isn't being lenient on him. 

We were just gonna meet at Rocco mammas so there really was no need for me to go all out to impress the mall was just around the corner

the mall was just around the corner ten to fifteen minutes away so there was no need for a lot of things I just wore leggings with bicker jacket since winter want all out and wore tigh high boots. I took Calvin's bag that had his diapers wipes and a change of clothes. I made him two bottles of milk and put him in his troller 

Me:"me and you my young man are about to meet new people aint that right?" 

I took a flees and cover the troller. 


Yona:"hey and then?" 

She asked thst pointing at the troller. 

Me:"Oooh yeah Kagiso is out of town" 

Yona :"so what? You being the wife and mother now" 

Mayona never stoppes I rolled my eyes and sat down. 

Me:"please stop and I offered" 

Yona:"yeah right" 

I called the waiter and ordered a glass of wine I am gonna need it with this one. 

We had our meal in silence not that I minded cavin was sound asleep so it gave me time to relax and not to have to check on him time after time. 

Yona:"when am i gonna see you again?" 

Me:*sigh *"I don't Mayona" 

Yona:"what do you mean you don't know?" 

Me:"exactly that" 

Yona*sigh*"look Ora I know I'm an ass at times but I wang this okay" 

Me:"yeah well you have a funny way of showing it Mayona your work always comes first but mine must take a back seat that's not fair" 

Mayona:"yeah i know babe that's why I've decided I'm not going anywhere for a month I'm spending it with you" 

Me:"dude a month? You kidding me right?" 

Mayona:"come on love(she held my hand) it's the best I can do at the moment you know my job requires me to travel a lot" 

Yeah well kill me for that. 

Me:*sigh*" yeah well I guess I'll take whatever I can get" 

She squeezed my hand as a thank you sign. After eating we strolled the mall until I was time to go home my feet were super painful Mayona insisted on taking us home so we went to her car. 

She walked us all the way to the door 

Mayona:"he suits you you know" 

Me:"huh? Who" 

Mayona:"the baby you'd make a great mother" 

I unintentionally snorted 

Me:"yeah right" 

She chuckled and walked closer kissing me on the cheek. I raised my eyebrow in question. Dude better not be doing this to me. She chuckled and placed her lips on mine. Mmmm. Now that's what I'm talking about. 

She moved her lips and we were kissing in a way it felt a bit strange maybe it's because I haven't seen touched or kissed her in so long that I forgot how it feels like. 

She walked out smiling which made me smile but it immediately vanished when the door opened and the devils incarnate stood there shooting deggars my way... 


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