Ma'Bee found me halfway through with cooking when she arrived. She immediately when to her room and came back changed. Cavin was long asleep I had him sleeping in his nursery upstairs. Kagiso? Well he didn't want to sleep in Geets room for obvious reason so I offered mine to him so he can sleep in question Is? Will I be able to sleep though? Sleep in my late sister's room..




*During dinner no one said anything to anyone. All you could hear were the clicking of cutlery on plates... They sure had a raging war happening in Ma'Bees' plate with the way she was being forceful. She kept throwing daggers Kagiso way who didn't pay mind to her and seemed miles away. Cavins crying sounded through the baby monitor that was on the table snapping everyone out of their trance

Me:"I'll get him" I offered because well no one was gonna get him I know that one for sure but because the tension was intense.

When I came back everyone went quite I know vele they were but a few seconds ago they were talking and my coming back shut them up. This time Ma'Bee was relaxed and Kagiso seemed to be the one pissed...

Kagiso:"where is he" he asked not looking at me but throwing daggers Ma'Bees' way... Something definitely is amiss here.

Me:"Oooh he just needed a nappy change

he's sleeping now"

Ma'Bee:*snicker* "sang potsa gore(don't tell me that) you wanna take ngwana (the child) and leave at this time Kagiso. That child is also my grand child. Mxm.

Oooohkay? She stood up and went to put her dishes in a sink. Grabbed a bottle of wine and went upstairs. There goes the drunkered.

Kagiso:*chuckles* "how do you even cope with that? That woman is the devils advocate I tell you"

Me :"haah! You telling me? You should try living with her for once"

Kagiso:*chuckles*"no thank you... Lemme help with the dishes"

We both stood up clearing the table to take them to the kitchen. I washed while he wiped.

Me:"I'm surprised you know how to do dishes"

Kagiso:"Oooh wow... Just because I don't do them doesn't mean I don't know how to"

Me:"yeah right..."






                 *****A Month Later****

Things have shifted from bad to worse. I literally have no peace. Ma'Bee is on my case I don't know why she's forcing me to marry kagiso. Like can I not make my own choices here. I will be 22 soon I'm still young I still got my life to live and mistakes to make. Mayona? Well... That one is a special case that one. She sent a text about three weeks back saying her trip got delayed. Till date she still hasn't said anything. I'm serious getting tired of the back and forth with her. 

Don't get me started on kagiso. He hasn't been pitching to work lately. Cavin is staying with us koor he's pulling some crazy stunts on us. I should be glad gore Ma'Bee loves cavin because otherwise I would have stress sa gore who's gonna stay with him. My world is a crazy mess right now and for a 21 year old. I sure got a shit load on my shoulders. 

I had to cancel and shift meetings because some stupid arsed nigger decided to pull a disappearing act on me. I'm fucken enough of it. 

Knockoff time came I walked all the way to the taxi rank to catch a taxi back home. I need to have a car. Maybe I can ask Ma'Bee for her or something. Getting home I found everyone seated. Everyone i mean kagiso his parents and Ma'Bee lord have mercy on me 


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