You know what else I hate besides being told what to do? The loud banging on my door early in the morning after a few minutes I decided to sleep. Yes you heard right. Last night after I got in bed I took out my e-reader and enjoyed me some good read. 

And now... Now someone who has a death wish is busy banging on my door this early in the morning.

Aiii. Batho ba bangwe a bana peace shame(some people don't have peace)

" Oratilwe tsoga Rose wao batla tuu" (Oratilwe wake up Rose is asking for you)

Weh Jesu. I grabbed my gown and slippers and went downstairs. When I got there I found Mrs Rose and baby Lisa drinking juice with Ma'Bee..

Lisa:"hey Ora" she quickly stood up from her chair and came to give me a hug. This kid is soooo adorable

Me:"hey baby how are you" 

Lisa:"I'm great. Mommy's wants someone to bake us a cake for Mike's birthday this Saturday" 

Did I mention how cute she is with the ponytail she has and little cute teeth that are missing on the front.

Rose:"yes Lisa now sit down" 

Me:*chuckles*" Rose stop being a morning breath and let my baby go hawu" 

Rose:"anyway"she took out her card from her bag"here

now sit down" 

Me:*chuckles*" Rose stop being a morning breath and let my baby go hawu" 

Rose:"anyway"she took out her card from her bag"here buy anything you would need I'm really not feeling well these past days I'm going away for a few days you'll discuss everything with Jason I've already informed him" 

Haibo! This girl. 

I was about to ask what's wrong when her phone rang and she sighed.

Rose:"yes Jason what do you want" 

Mmmh...looks like it's trouble in paradise.

She grabbed Lisa's bag and walked out with her bouncing behind.

Ma'Bee:"your friend has issues shame" 

She clapped her hands once then sipped on her drink. Judging by the redness in her eyes I'd say she's hangover or is still drunk. I won't be surprised if she's drinking le nou(even now) 

I looked at the clock on the wall...the time read 06:48

I could always go back to sleep or I might as well start with my task.

"I'll be out for the rest of the day" ma bee 

She stood up and walked to her room. I quickly went to where she was sitting and grabbed her glass...it smelled like gin. Thixo! For someone who lost a daughter she sure doesn't show. Or maybe the constant drinking is her way of moaning ? I guess we'll never know.

Okay? So I'm supposed to just bake a cake fela soh? I don't know what flavour or size they want I'm to bake. Weitse Rose can be impossible at times. 

I took out my phone to call her but it took me straight to voicemail*sigh* she said I must communicate everything with Jason. Question? Where the hell do I get Jason's numbers from?.

Rose better make sure she never comes back because I swear I'm gonna strungle her. 

I grabbed my phone to call Ma'Bee and ask her if she has Jason's numbers the first thing she said when she answered her phone was 

"O nyaka eng"(what do you want) 

"gaona dinumber tsa Jason. I wanted to ask him some things regard-" tuu.tuu.tuu.*sigh* why do I even bother mara.

Few seconds later a text came in with his numbers. Well at least she came through.

I had to uber back home. Uber Ga yang chaisa Ga yang chance ( uber made me extra broke) 

It was a little after one so I still had time to lay down a little and rest plus I haven't had anything to eat. 

Before I could even put my feet on the coffee table the doorbell rang*sigh* the devil sure loves working overtime with my life tuu.

I got up to answer and was met with two cute teeth smiling at me. I just love how adorable babies look 

Me:"Hey Cav..hey buddy" 

He lifted his hands up so that I take him.

I placed him on my hip then turned to look at Kagiso who rather looked like hell.

Me:" Nana... Is daddy okay?" 

 I tickled him which earned me a laughter from him


ncoah. Is that not nice mara.

I turned to kagiso and told him to get in.

Kagiso:"can you settle my cab please. I can't find my phone or wallet " 

This nigger over here knows I earn little to nothing right? I mean he is my boss Afterall. He signs my paychecks.

I grabbed my phone since I don't have a cent in my purse and went to do an EFT for the driver. 300 wanya lo guy. I need it back.

When I got inside I found him already fast asleep on the couch. I went to the kitchen to make baby Cavin food and went up to his nursery to grab his chair. I decided i might as well just start baking now since we'll I have visitors.


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