Somehow working knowing that you are comfortable gets the job done pretty well. We managed to finish the the Mashile presentation and kagiso seemed proud. Yes it is crazy that not even a week after the burial of his wife he's here at the office running around like a headless chicken busy with work stuff. But! If I dare complain about it all work will be left to his PA PA who happens to be Me so no. I'm not sorry for saving myself from slaving away giving someone space to morn someone WE both lost. Even Geet would understand.

The time now is just after nine in the evening we just finished the second presentation and I am tired as hell. 

Kagiso:"well...that was draining Chinese? " You should have seen my smile.

Me:"yes please" he stood up and for his phone that was on the counter. Since I was kind of pressed I quickly went to the bathroom while he placed on order . I took my phone and went with it to the bathroom. I tried to video call Yona but I wouldn't go through*sigh* is this how things should be like when you need your partner during tough times they rather choose traveling than supporting you through the difficult times you are going through.*sigh* I guess I should stop and just wait for her to make the first move then.

I flushed the toilet washed my hands and walked out to the lounge but not before grabbing a book on the shelves. I don't even know what book it is because I just took nje. 

When I got there kagiso was at the door paying the delivery guy.

Me:"that was quick" he turned to look at me then closed the door .

Kagiso:"yeah well I long place an order I was just calling them to deliver" 

Ah clever.

Me:"and how did you know I was gonna agree to Chinese" 

He placed the plastic on the kitchen table went over to the wine cellar 

Kagiso:"I married your sister have you forgotten" that managed to put a smile on my face those few seconds he and I both forgot about the tragedy that had befallen on us.

He stood frozen as if remembering the presenthe placed two glasses of wine in front of me and opened the wine 

Kagiso:"and besides it's not like you had a choice " hah! Nice one there.





Me:"listen it's pretty late and I'm tired so I need to get going alright" 

He wipped his mouth 

Kagiso:"yeah sure

I'll take you come on" 

Me:"you really don't have to" 

He threw me a bored look 

Kagiso:"Oratilwe just come okay" 


When we got to the parking there were only a few cars parked. It was way past knockoff time so I'm not surprised when there only is few cars here.

Kagiso:"come this way" he grabbed my hand and led me to his car that was at the far end of the parking.

Throughout the ride we talked a lot mostly about Geet and baby cavin. Cavin is such a sweetheart.

He drove me all the way to aunt's house as much as I don't like it here I don't have a choice I'm even planning on moving out but with what money? The little that I make goes to buying groceries cosmetics and also transport.

It was around midnight when he pulled up at the gate the security opened for him and he drove to the door. 

Kagiso:"you can take the rest of tomorrow off I won't be in" 

Say no more I love me my sleep.

Me:"thank you" 

I opened the door and went inside immediately as I entered I found a pair of eyes piercing my head. If looks could kill I'd be dead by now.

What is she even doing up this late that too dressed this well with makeup on at this time of the night? Mmmmh. There were two glasses of wine on the kitchen table. Aii...some things are better left unsaid.

I walked to my room took out my phone to call Yona but it took me straight to voicemail. I sent a text for her to call me when she gets my text. It's hard having a partner who would rather choose going away to a foreign country than to stick with you through the most difficult time of your life she knows that I need but she'd never. *Sigh* I'll just wait for her to call or text me first because I am seriously tired of being the only one in this relationship.


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