My phone has been off since yesterday I don't know if I have emails from work or what I did say my aunt wanted me to get a "proper" job right? Not this cooking shit her words not mine.anyway I work at Mahlangu logistics it's one of their many many companies this family is filthy fucken rich I tell you.

Anyway as I was saying I'm kagisos' PA I've been working for him for six months now and now with this tragedy I took two weeks off obviously kagiso took it too but I just got a message from him this morning to come to the office so now I'm in a taxi with the Monday morning traffic I'm twenty minutes late he's been blowing up my phone and I can't bring myself to answer them.

After ten minutes the traffic cleared .

messy hair sweat plus puffy eyes I look like a wreak when I got to the office everyone was looking at me like I'm crazy yeah well try leaving my life for a sec and you'll understand why I look like this if anything I feel more shittier than I look..

"Where the hell have you been?" Aaah he doesn't even greet "sorry rough morning" he hates the "traffic" excuse Maybe he'll be easy on me considering that I just lost my sist-"yeah well we all have shitty mornings but yet we still make it on time here " he gave me a set of keys I looked at them inquisitively"my apartment keys on the next floor clean up we have an important documents we need to go through and find something better to wear " and he left...


clean up we have an important documents we need to go through and find something better to wear " and he left...

Yeah when God created asseholes he didn't leave him out I tell you I wonder how my sister coped with him because I could never I hate being ordered around but I'll have to suck it out because this is my job and I need itI just need to prove to aunt that I'm worth more than being an assistant.if I didn't know better I'd say she doesn't want to give me my right but I don't know better .

When the elevator opened and I stepped into the fortress I couldn't believe my eyes it was haven . I totally won't mind being couped up in here the whole day no. Make it a week. The wooden floors and the charcoal leather couches accentuate nicely with the grey walls and dark pictures especially the portrait right on top of the fire place.when I walked to the kitchen the wooden floors continued marble counter tops and black and grey carbods and a wooden wine cellar. I slowly ran my hands over the collection. A vintage wine cellar. Nigger sure got taste. 

When you walked passed the passage there is a collection of books the shelves is a structured like the African map. Books are nicely laid by their genres . The first door on the right is the bathroom. The tiles and cabords match nicely and the little gold rims .after that's there's just a long halway at the end of it it's the bedroom. A huge ass bedroom that is the room overlooks the whole city. I'm sure during the night this is the best view ever.Mahlangu Powerhouse is one massive skyscrapper here in Midrand.

Okay Ora focus...kana why am I here? Oooh yes. To bath. I got so caught up in admiring the place that I didn't even notice someone was here .I turned only to find kagiso watching me 

Me:"oooh I'm sorryI didn't here you come in" 

Kagiso:"no it's fine. I...uhm ... I couldn't work at the office everyone kept starring at me. " I understand him.i totally do.

Me:"mmmm" he scratched his forehead

Kagiso:"anyway go take a bath and find something in there to wear we'll be working here today" 

I turned to leave when he stopped me and told me the bathroom is this was. Not only is this room beautiful its amazing .you should have seen my smile when the doors opened and revealed a fantasy bathroom...

He left me to bath in peace everything in here were manly I used his lotion I went to the walk in closet and found only his clothes . I grabbed a shirt and sweats and put socks on. 

When I walked out he looked at me from head to toe shook his head and gave me a doggy bag. I took it when I opened I found breakfast inside.i gave him a smile he returned it and we got down to work.


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