IT was nice hearing Zonke apologising to me. I really hope she meant every word. I am so tired of this drama between us we are not sleeping with the same man I am only expecting drama from someone I share a man with Not her! and that will never happen  Q loves and respect me he would never be with any other girl. I really miss him. And going to Pretoria will be an opportunity to spend some time with him before he goes back to Varsity . 

I just got accepted at Walter Sisulu University. I wanted to study in Pretoria but my parents are just impossible. So I had no choice but to stay here. I am done with everything my classes starts in February I just hope my parents will allow me to go. I went to my mom's work. I knocked

Her: Come on in

I went in all smiling this woman is hard to please 

Me: hey mom :)

Mom: hey baby 

I kissed her cheek 

Her: what are you doing here?

Me: Mom can I go to Pretoria for a few days I am done with registration and everything 

Her face changed 

Her: I don't remember us having any relatives there! 

She said that standing up doing God knows what on some papers on her shelf. 

Me: I am going to Aunt May

She looked at me

Her: You father's sisters are at King Williams Town! You are not going to May

Me: why not mom? I want to see her twins. That lady bought me a car mom. She loves me 

Her: May knows nothing about loving kids she just had her first kid at 40! 

I stood up this woman is just being impossible 

Me: She raised Universe 

Her: That girl was never at May's house I dont know what you talking about 

Me: you know what mom!??

She looked at me

Me: I will go look for a res I will stay in campus! I am tired of being treated like a kid!

Her: You are delusional! How far is Unitra from home like 5minutes drive?

I looked at her then walked to the door

Me: I am starting varsity now! I want to be independent! I am moving out! 

I stormed out! I can't believe her! I came to ask for her permission nicely now she does this? I am going to Pretoria whether they like it or not 


I was at the Hotel to check things and running of the business. When I received a call from a number I don't recognise 

Me: hello 

Caller: Hey beautiful 

I remember that voice 

Me: hey who is this?

Him: Nkosi..... Nkosentle

Me: Nkosentle? 

Him: Okay Emily your Gym instructor 

Me: hey handsome :)

Chase barged into my office 

Me: can I call you later? 

Him: sure 

I hung up then looked at Chase

Me: boy? 

Him: Ain't leaving 

Me: excuse me?

Him: Ain't going back to the UK I want to study here 

Me: That's nice baby but why?

Him: I don't want to leave home I don't want to be away from you.

He said that taking out his phone sitting on the chair he put his shoes on my desk 

Me: Take your dirty shoes off my desk!

He laughed 

Him: I thought we got rid of my boring mom

Me: That doesn't mean I should be clumsy boy! 

Then I heard my phone ring it's May I smiled 

Me: Best friend 

Her: how are you babe?

Me: I am great how are you? 

Her: great I am going to Johannesburg later today don't you want to come with? 

Me: what is happening there 

She sighed

Her: I am going to See a traditional healer

I stood up from my seat I walked around the room

Me: My best friend don't believe in that nonsense! 

She laughed a little

Her: Oh trust me honey I don't but I have to hear this! It's a long story. I will explain it later

Me: I am coming with 

Her: Great! 2pm sharp

Me: bye

I hung up. I want to see this one 


I went to Universe house I found this woman still alive and kicking. She is stronger than I thought well it's only been a day without me checking on her.

Me: Mrs Smith

I sat next to her 

Her: have you thought about my offer :)? 

Me: I have

I stood up from where I was sitting she looked up at me

Her: And :)? 

I looked at her

Me: And I just got my wife killed :'(

She kinda looked disappointed with my answer

she didn't feel sorry for me. She just looked disappointed not like I wanted her to feel sorry for me but a bit of support would have been nice

Her: My offer :( ?

Me: You are unbelievable. I just told me about my wife who died two days ago you don't care the only thing you care about is you getting out of here

Her: I didn't know her more reason for us to be together. then Take over the world what do you say?

Me: I have seen it all. Not interested 

Her: I thought the sex meant something :(

Me: I wouldn't know you drugged me remember? I was weak and dizzy 

Her: Then I should remind you again 

Me: No I just lost my wife!

Her: I want you come on :p

I took the plastic of food I put it on top of her bed I untie her right hand

Me: eat 

 She ate I tied her again. I won't help her bath today I will end up having sex with her. 

I walked out. I am not doing this with her again! Sex is my weaknesses! That's why I don't have a wife right now.


It was very nice to see my daughter my little Harmony is a big girl now. I can't believe I missed a month of her life. Since I apologised to Emily there nothing stopping me from being with Carlos. Today I am going to NomaThongo around 14:30 I want the way forward. I want a relationship with my man. Universe is out of the picture. He must forget her!


I just got back from my meeting with the guy. He is more willing to help me. I am so happy I can't wait to go tell Chomza this. I got in the cell

Me: Chomza :)

Cwethe: Chomie :)

I went to her I whispered in her ear

Me: Everything is in order the boy will act soon he agreed 

Her: I didn't think it was gonna be sooner :(

I looked at her why she looks so disappointed 

Me: what is it Chomie I thought you wanted that b*tch gone

She smiled that's my girl 

Her: Do you know why I am sad :)? 

I pulled her aside

Me: why Chomza? 

She looked at the bars 

Her: I was not ready to sing that song so soon :)

Me: Chomza you have me! I make things happen :)

She looked at me

Her: 1-2 1-2

She cleared her throat then she started singing the song with her a choral voice. I must say chomie can sing

Her: Wakrazulwa ngenxa yam....ha ha ha ha

She did her evil laugh. I was smiling ear to ear. I don't like Cwethe. I am just using her for company it's boring here__


Really? You make things happen? Well it's already happening out there! Your man will disappear soon. I went to the bathroom 

Me: Chomie this! Chomie that! :(

I took out my phone I sent May an sms

Me: Thank You Chomza for the information_

I then pressed OK button message sent

Me: You think you are the mastermind here don't you_

I said that looking at her from a distance 

{Sis MAY}

I was getting ready for my journey to the Sangoma. My boys were just lying on my bed playing with their dad more like their daddy playing with them

Me: Hamilton? 

He looked up

Him: I don't like when you call me that 

Me: I stopped calling you with pet names when I found you having sex with another woman.  

I said that going to my dressing table I put on a bit of Make up then I brushed my weave 

Him: I am sorry baby :(

I stood up from the chair I looked at him putting my earrings on

Me: and I heard you loud and clear 

He left go of Ayda's hand he came to me

Him: then why are you still mad at me

He said that trying to touch me

Me: don't touch me! We had a deal till then yo...

Him: baby let's get this over and done with let me do what you want me to do

Me: Not so fast I want us to go for a little vacation 

Him: vacation? 

He looked at the kids

Me: don't you dare do that! It's only gonna be 2 days 

I went to him I put my hands on his neck

Me: we are going to Durban when we come back you are forgiven everything will be forgotten 

I let go of him 

Him: okay if that will make us a normal couple again I am ready to do it

I looked at him

Me: Thank you babe____

I kissed his lips then I kissed my boys  I walked out 

I smiled to myself 

Me: When we come back I will have Therapists ready to help you baby! it's gonna be traumatic__

I then walked down the stairs feeling myself 


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