I just got into the hotel. I can't believe my cousin. She made sure she got the most expensive room! This girl is crazy. She is just showing everyone that she is not used to this life she has no idea that money can be gone just like that.

Me: Cousin I think you need to slow down right now

Her: what are you talking about? 

She said that looking at me

Me: you are wasting lot of money!

Her: I am a millionaire :)

Me: No you are a stupid rural girl who think living for now is the best thing. Look here cuz! I grew up having everything. My family is rich but I still know what is wrong and right! I use money wisely! . 

She looked away

Me: you talk about being a millionaire do you know how they became millionaires?

She looked at me waiting for me to explain

Me: They worked for it! And they are still working even now making more money

I stood up from her bed then looked at her 

Me: You didn't work for this money! Your father was killed! The only thing you should be doing now is go out there finding financial advisers and stop eating things you have never seen before! Honey you are from Ngqeleni! Don't let money change you !

She stood up

Her: you talk to much let's go get you a room

Me: we are sharing this room :(

Her: excuse me!?

Me: you heard me we are sharing this room till we decided where we going 

Her: you came for my money didn't you?

I looked at her this girl is testing me. I went to her. I pushed her to the wall I had my hands on her neck I strangled her a bit when she was about to lose it I stopped

Me: Now look here farm girl! 

I was fuming with anger my breathing was not normal. I love when someone pays attention when I am talking to them! Magamase is just stupid! 

Me: if I wanted your money I would have shot you dead at that moment you got that money do you hear me___?

I said that shouting she nodded. I pushed her she fell 

Me: Now be a good girl go run me a bath_!

She looked at me 

Me: Now! 

She looked scared she ran to the bathroom

Me: May is scared of me! May is scared of me blah blah blah you can't even fight me! I am  younger than you !

I said that shouting at her she just ignored me

Me: I am used to Money and I will manage yours whether you like it or not ___

I said that then I took her  expensive whisky I gulped the glass

Me: I can't believe you are my cousin__

I said that sitting down on the couch 


We were at the gym I must say it was one intense session. My classes are very important to me I can't let this handsome Gym instructor disturb me. My fitness comes first and I am glad he is also dedicated to his job. When it's time for Gym he focuses on that. I haven't told May that I slept with our gym instructor. I will tell her when time is right for now no.

May: it was a great session sweetie

I looked at the gym instructor

Me: it was a great session indeed :)

May looked at me

Her: you need to get over your little crush 

Me: what are you on about :)?  

My phone rang it was Nomasonto I went to the gym instructor 

Me: Do you mind if my friend and I go make a phone call in your office it's kind of crowded in here 

Him: why not :p

I smiled then pulled May

Her: what is going on between you guys

Me: let's call my Durban girl. She just called I am sure she has some news for us

Her: call her!

I dialled her number I put it on loud speaker

Nomasonto: hello Mrs Smith 

Me: what do you have for us babe?

Her: this morning She was having breakfast with a tall girl. I saw the girl yesterday when she arrived and I have a picture I just sent you on whatsapp 

Me: talk later let me check 

I went to my Whatsapp I looked at my friend

Me: ha ha ha guess who just joined Magamase 

She just smiled she didn't even want to guess

Her: I can't believe she just made our job very easily _ .

Me: what is the plan May?

She sat on the desk she took pen which was on the table she hit her head with it

Her: first of all you call your girl we need to know if they share a room or they are in separate rooms 

Me: I hope they share the room

Her: You and I both girl

She stood up

Me: let me call her 

I dialled her number 

Nomasonto: Mrs Smith 

Me: Do you have a pen and a paper?

Her: yes ma'am

Me: go to their receptionist and ask if they have a Universe Mqhekezweni booked in if they do ask if she is with a partner or alone

Her: That's personal information Mrs Smith they won't allow it

May came closer 

Her: baby girl we will send you cash. Receptionist would never say no to money

Nomasonto: you are right !

I hung up

May: what's her account number? 

She said that looking at her phone I gave her 

She sent her money then she looked at me smiling 

Me: what is it babe?

Her: looks like we will have a little vacation __

I smiled at her while brushing her shoulder 

Me: They have beautiful beaches in Durban :)

She gave me a side smile 

Her: You kill someone then you go wash  your sins how nice is that :) ?

Me: I can't wait :)

I said that looking away

Her: I have a perfect plan and my hands won't be dirty at all :(

I turned around to look at her

Me: you lost me there girlfriend :(

She walked to the door

Her: I will not spoil the surprise just wait and see :)

I went to the door too

Me: I don't like the sound of that

She looked at me 

Her: I hate being predictable! I am back Emily!

I smiled at her

Me: and you are back with a bang baby :)

Her: I have new tricks up my  sleeve __

Me: and they won't see you coming baby girl

Her: ha ha you know me! No one can take me down! Even that b*tch Nomalanga Dluthu what do you call her again?

She said that looking at me 

Me: Colonel☹

Her: That bitch is kissing my ass_


It was time for me to leave and I am leaving with Qhamani. Yes he agreed to come spend few days in my house in Johannesburg 

Me: Abuti I have to leave now 

He looked at me 

Him: don't you need anything? Money?

Me: No I am good

Him: okay then you can go see you later

He came for a hug we hugged 

Qhamani: Uncle H

I will see you guys maybe tomorrow I want to see Johannesburg 

Hammer looked at me then at him

Him: Boy your Aunt won't like this

Q: Aunt is gonna be fine I am old now 

Zonke: Are you really going there because you want to see Jozi or she is the Jozi :(

She said that looking at me all disgusted 

Q: Zonke not now

He looked at me

Him: let's go sis

He calls me Sis now? Well he is good in bed I will have him all to myself these next few days

Hammer: take care of yourselves

Me: don't worry about me Abuti :)

I kissed his cheek we left 


I am a changed woman life thought me a lot of things! I am done with being a bad person. I am only bad to those who are bad to me! Hearing Tshepang thinking for dear 2 minutes before he responds to his dad's idea of us getting married broke my heart I won't lie. He is my first real boyfriend and now he doesn't think I worth being his wife? How could he do that to me! He couldn't even pretend then change his mind when he is alone with his dad! He has some nerve. I am not sure about us anymore. I mean how can you be with a man who doesn't want a future with you? What are you doing playing? I played a lot in Mthatha . I want to feel worthy I want to feel important respected as a woman! If Tshepang can't do that. I will find another man who will give me the same love I am willing to offer. It's not fair when love is one sided! We are tired of people who play with our hearts then leave us all bruised!. Anyway I am not there I need to call Nattie we need to make things right

I dialled her number 

Nattie: hello

Me: hey Nattie it's Zonke 

Her: Zonke OMG Q told me that you back I am so happy I was worried about you 

I can't believe this girl. I ill treated her I went as far as pushing her down the stairs but here she is all caring for me

Me: I am back Nattie I want to get my life back

Her: that's nice girl

Me: I wanted to apologise for the way I treated you all these years and more especially for last year 

Her: hey girl is all good man let's move on

Me: Thank you so much

Her: it's okay for real girl

Me: can you please come to Pta

Her: why? 

Me: there's something I want to tell you. I can't tell you over the phone 

Her: I don't know Zonke 

Me: please if you don't trust me then call Aunt ask her to organise everything I just want you here 

Her: okay you know what I will be there the day after tomorrow 

Me: great! See you then

Her: bye

We hang up I smiled at myself 

Me: I am sorry brother this has to be done :)

I said that hitting my thigh with my phone 


Fatima my foot! Who the hell does this woman think she is? My friend really now? I can't believe her! In 2015 we were here together she looked down on us. She always had her white boyfriend delivering food for her! She didn't give me a piece of those fried chickens she got everyday now we are friends? Let me tell you who my friend is. My friend is a woman who came here in 2016. That woman took care of me we took care of each other. Her family was visiting her everyday with goodies. She never touched her food without me. That! That right there is what you call a friend in prison! What did Fatima do really for me? Zero! Nothing! 

I took out my phone I sent May an sms then I pressed OK

I then walked to the burglars I leaned on them 

Me: Chomza? Chomie ?

I looked back at every inmate 

Me: Chomza is your Zim ass___

I then put my phone on my pocket

{Sis MAY}

We took a shower at the Gym we decided to go grab coffee at a coffee shop

Me: it's a beautiful day isn't it?

Emily looked around 

Her: it is indeed tell me?

I looked at her as we took our sits 

Me: what? 

Waiter came 

Emily: 2 of your creamy coffees please :)

He smiled then went 

Her: when is the funeral? 

I put my phone on the table 

Me: It's on Saturday dear

Her: where?

Me: The thought of that place makes me exhausted :(

Her: is it that bad?

Me: Rhabaxa is from Mqanduli in a location called Gqubeni :(

Her: Omg I can't even pronounce that

Me: Well we going there and my fiance paid for everything :(

Emily smiled looking at me 

Her: That's great friend I mean....

The waiter came back with our coffees. I took a sip then put mine down. I was looking at her waiting for her to carry on

Her: I mean Rhabaxa and Diza were still are your responsibility. That's very nice of your man.

Me: Yes it's very nice of him to take care of everything 

Her: But :)? 

I took my coffee I sipped 

Me: There's no but darling :)

Her: May Ndamase 

I took another sip

Me: Girlfriend stop :( !

She looked at me still 

Me: okay Emily but he is not forgiven not yet _

Her: come on he is trying 

Me: I see that but he must try on my terms :)

She took a sip

Her: Terms? 

Me: he is going to pay_ !

I got a text on my phone 

Me: :)

Emily: what is it friend

I stood up all smiling 

Me: I have to make a phone call :)

Her: That smile! 

Me: don't question it honey

I called the number 

Cwethe: Ntanga 

Me: Ntanga !

Her: Ntanga! 

Me: I can't believe this! 

Her: I gave her the phone to make a phone call. I had to make her to trust me. I am your eyes and ears here ntanga 

Me: Wow! Thank you so much Cwethe!

Her: She is organising a meeting with some security do you have a beef with some security guy

She said that whispering 

Me: I do! Oh My god. Look you are my dog!

Her: ntanga

Me: ntanga I am taking you out of that jail for this 

Her: No! No! Ntanga who is going to be your ears here!? I am not going out of here! Let me do my time

Me: You!..... you are smart! I like how you think!

Her: Friends forever remember! ?

Me: I don't know how to thank you! Just say a word I will do it

Her: send my mother some money she lives alone and you know how I live here. I need goodies ntanga

Me: you know what? I won't visit you. I don't want her to be suspicious. I will send my right hand man to bring you food and take your mother's bank details 

Her: You are the best!

Me: and your mother will know that the money is from you

Her: Enkosi kakhulu ntanga! (Thank you so much ntanga)

Me: pleasure take care

I hung up then looked at Emily

Me: you won't believe this

She stood up 

Her: what is it?

Me: Can you believe Fatima is trying to get me?

Her: from the inside?

I took my coffee it was a bit cold 

Me: She just reminded me that I have some loose ends 

Emily: loose ends?

I sipped on my coffee I pulled her hand we walked to pay for our coffees 

I looked at her

Me: You remember the head of Security who got me arrested

Emily: That bastard is still alive __

She said that kicking someone 

Person: What the f*ck

Emily: I am sorry dear

The person nodded

Me: He is still alive I can't believe I forgot about him :(

Emily: What are you going to do?

Me: Tomorrow before I go to Gym early in the morning it's gonna be me and him

Emily: I want in! 

Me: I want to try new things :(

Emily looked at me 

Her: what new things? 

Me: I will stab him...

I gave the the waiter my card he did his thing then gave me back my card we walked to the door

Me: No that's not it! That's not what I will do to him

Emily: Friend what will you do?

Me: I will slaughter him___



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