We asked the security guy to go back home. I want to tell Hamilton that I am not Nancy's daughter but I am scared what if he stops caring about me? Well I am not really worried about financial support because I own 20% shares in the company and that money goes straight to my saving account I don't need it as I get R6000 allowance . It is close to a Million rands now. It has not been long since my dad well Hamilton's dad died so that is why the money is still less than a million remember I got the shares in winter last year when dad died. I am afraid if I tell Hamilton that I am not his mother's biological daughter he is going to distance himself from me. I love him he is my brother! The only brother I know and he cares about me. He gives me everything I need. I can't lose that! I don't know my family. He is the only family I got 

Him: don't worry Sis maybe mom is on a vacation abroad 

Me: and her car?

Him: Sis she took a plane :)

He said that brushing my back I smiled 

Me: Maybe you are right. It explains why we can't get hold of her 

Qhamani: guys let me go up and take a nap

He walked upstairs. I looked at him he has very neat dreadlocks he is a very handsome guy looks a bit like May

Hamilton: hey sis!

He said waving his hand on my face 

Me: mmm...?

Him: let me go to work you will stay here till I come back?

Me: Of course Abuti :)

He took his laptop bag and keys then walked to the door 

Him: Savanah 

He said that turning around 

Me: Abuti? 

Him: he is taken he is dating a beautiful girl her name is Natalie :(

Me: what are you talking about Abuti :)

I know what he is talking about 

Him: Just stay away okay!

He went out " he is right stay away!" a fuming voice behind me said. I turned around

Me: oh so you are this " Natalie "?

I said that with attitude looking at her from head to toe. She smiled at me then came closer

Her: I am Zonke his sister  :(

She said that looking down on me with her hands folded on her chest 

Me: look little girl! I am not into your brother! Now excuse me. I have to go to one of the guest rooms I need to take a nap :(

I walked up the stairs. I saw a room with a door slightly open I went to check oh god. Q was laying on his back with his phone on his hands he was not wearing anything on his upper body. This kid has abs of days :p . He was wearing jeans and his white jockey was showing nicely. I felt my cookie vibrating a little . I looked behind me. I didn't see anyone.

Me: well Zonke I was lying I am so into your brother :p

I said that then turned around to look at the handsome man. I opened the door I got in then locked when he saw me he took off his headsets

Him: Can I help you :)

I walked to his bed smiling I sat next to him

Me: I am just bored I don't like watching TV can I sleep next to you? 

He looked at me with questioning eye then he moved a bit

Him: sure why not 

I was wearing I short dress and nude heels. I took off my heels then lied next to him. I actually looked at him. He looked at me

Him: what?

Me: you are handsome 

Him: Thanks _

I just looked at him no I looked at his 6pack

Him: what is it 

he looked at it too

Me: can i?

Him: I don't think that's a good idea

Me: Please :(

He just nodded I put my hand on his stomach. I moved my hand around he closed his eyes. I could see his private area getting big. I moved my hand down to his underwear he opened his eyes 

Him: what are you doing now?

Me: Sssshhhh

I put my finger on his lips I got on top of him I kissed his lips he kissed me back his lips were soft and cold I put my hands on his black dreadlocks I was in the kiss and I could see he was enjoying it. He took off his jeans   while I am on top of him I helped him with his underwear. I didn't waste no time I went for Mr D I started licking his D head with my tongue he was moaning softly I put it all in I moved my tongue and lips on it. He was moaning with his hand at the back of my head helping me to go deeper. I felt his hand going down on me he started massaging my cookie I was wet he put his finger in I pulled out of his D*ck I looked at him. He pulled me up for a kiss. He started to insert himself I stopped him I took a condom from my bag I gave it to him. He put it on I just got on it. I was on top of him. I started riding his dick I was moving slowly he had his hands on my big boot. I got tired I lied my body on his he grabbed my ass he started pumping me very hard I was calling his name. It was amazing. He was f*cking me like a b*tch! Trust me I was his b*tch I didn't care . This man is hot I can be his b*tch any day . We both came at the same time. He took off the condom. He went to the bathroom I was lying there like my lower body was paralysed . My cookie was burning 

Me: That was good :)

I said that to myself then looked up at the ceiling smiling 


I was in my office it was a very busy day at work but now it was time for lunch. I took off my tie I was very tired . I sat on my chair resting a bit. When I heard a knock on the door

Me: come in

Zonke came in with lunch

Me: baby you are a life saver ____

I said that kissing her

Her: you work hard I have to spoil you baby 

Me: you are the best girlfriend you know that?

I said that with my hands on her waist she was smiling she is beautiful girl..then I heard someone clear his throat. It was Anda 

Him: I am sorry to disturb you guys :(

I let go of Zonke she set down looking pissed I went to my side I sat down 

Me: what can I do for you Mr Mphixanisi? 

He looked at Zonke

Him: Hello Zonke :)

He said that with a smile 

Zonke: ☹

Anda Looked at me he stopped smiling when he looked at me 

Him: look girl I am really sorry about the other day. Things were hectic at work that day. I love my job when I am at it. I don't want to be disturbed. Please forgive me sweetheart 

Her: it's fine :)

Him: a hug maybe :) ?

Zonke looked at me. I nodded smiling 

She stood up they hugged while they were hugging Anda gave me the look. Then someone barged in damn it's my dad what is he doing here!?

Me: Dad __

Him: hey son I had a meeting in Johannesburg I thought I should come and see my son. You have done good for yourself 

He said that looking around the office then he looked at Anda and Zonke

Me: oh this is my colleague Athayanda and this.... 

Zonke went to dad

Zonke: I am his girlfriend Mr Mmabatho nice to meet you :)

What the f*ck this girl?

Dad: wow you are so beautiful look at you 

He said that taking her hand. Zonke turned around for him

Anda rolled his eyes I looked down 

Dad: son

Me: Dad :)

Him: Marry her :)! 

Me: ___

I went to my chair what is this old man talking about. I looked at Anda 

Anda: ___

He walked to the door in a hurry he went out

Me: Dad no! 

Zonke looked sad 

Dad: why not? Girls are beautiful here in SA look at her

Me: I am still young for that dad

Charice walked in

Me: oh Charice please go buy a cup of coffee for my dad

Charice: Yes sir :)

She walked out

Zonke: sir it was nice seeing you I have to go home 

Me: the lunch? 

Zonke: I forgot I had to be somewhere sorry next time you can give your PA my lunch :(

She walked out I looked at dad he chuckled 


I thought I was done with Tshepang! Why am I crying!!! I can't believe myself sometimes! How can my heart betray me like this!. Tshepang beat me but I still love him! What the hell is wrong with me?

I was pacing up and down

Me: Athayanda Mphixanisi you don't love Tshepang okay!

I said that hitting my head with tears running down. 

Me: how did I become like this? 

I kicked the boxes

Me: I am not gonna be the naïve girl!!! 

I went to sit down on my chair

Me: Anda you not Naïve! He is abusive he is not the one

I wiped my tears

Me: yes he is not the one :)

I heard a knock. I stood up wiping my tears taking files fixing everything actually 

Me: come in

I said that sorting the files. It was Tshepang. My heart beat so fast. I was busy fixing the files with tears in my eyes. He came running 

Him: hey baby don't do this to yourself 

I just broke down I cried so hard he hugged me so tight. I needed that hug. I longed for it I wanted it. He is the only guy who gives me that kind of hug. I cared for. Yes I feel safe and loved in his embrace 

Him: I am here baby always. I am not marrying her!

I cried so hard 

Him: I will start a family with one person 

He broke the hug then wiped my tears

Him: When I get married. I don't care if that will be in 10/15 years but the person I will marry is right in front of me :)

His smile! I missed my Botswana Prince I kissed him

He broke the kiss 

Him: You are my soulmate ____

We kissed for few seconds then he walked out. I was left amazed with my mouth wide open

Me: :)


I can't believe I am here again! Damn it! How can I be so stupid! Why did I go around the city! I am a wanted woman for God sake! I had to stay away! I should have stayed away! I don't know why we took this long! We should have moved to Johannesburg when we bought that house! Now I am back here! Back to Zero!

I was sitting with my best friend her name is Cwethe she is my live or die girl. She is a lesbian. She got a sentenced to 15 years she is in  her 4th year inside. See me and her respect each other she don't try her luck on me she knows I am straight. Me and her we the bosses inside! No one messes with us. Last year we were separated. When May got here last year she was no longer staying with us

Me: Cwethe I am glad to be with you again though I never wanted to come back :(

Her: fati Fati I am glad you here! I missed you 

I stood up I walked around the cell

Me: I have a lot of things to do Cwethe :(

She stood up she came to me 

Her: Things like what now Fati-fati?

Me: there's a guy who wants to nail May he is the head of security I will Use him to nail that woman :)

I said that with a side smile. Then I looked at Cwethe she looked shocked

Me: what ? you know May?

Her: I do! I do yes...

She was thinking  I could see by the way her face was so focused  

I turned to her

Me: what are you not telling me Cwethe __?

If she is trying to snitch I will kill her! No I will stab her!. She smiled then looked at me 

Her: Enemy of my enemy is my friend :)

She said that hitting my chest with her finger

Me: what are you talking about ?

She smiled then looked at me she shook her head then walked away

Me: Cwethe you don't tell me nothing! Talk dammit!!__

She turned around she came to me she took out a cell phone I smiled she winked at me 

Her: Nail her chomza!

I smiled at her 

Me: you are still bad chomza wam :)! 

She gave me a conniving smile I took that phone. I called our lawyer 

Mr Cooper: hello

Me: it's Me Fatima Mr cooper

Him: what can I do for you ?

Me: I want you to go find me the hospital Head of security guy's number

Him: okay 

I hung up I turned around I smiled at Cwethe

Me: She is going to pay for shooting my man _

Cwethe came to me she put her hand on my shoulder

Her: chomza the Methodist church has a popular song :)

I looked at her 

Me: what is the name of the  song :)? 

She smiled then looked away

Her: it's called Wakrazulwa ngenxayam__

She turned around to look at me 

Her: Don't ask me what that means. I am just a rural girl from Kugatyana in a location called Nqadu_

She came a bit closer 

Her: I didn't go to a fancy school so Google "Wakrazulwa ngenxayam " ___

She walked away again then looked at me 

Her: That's the song May is going to sing when we get her ___!

Me: Chomza _

Her: ___


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