I am going to Smith family! I always postpone. I need this. Carlos left already still nothing about relationship. I got to the Smith. I went to the door. The maid open 

Her: Hello :)

Me: hi I am here to speak to Mrs Smith :)

Her: I will call her for you

Me: Thank you :)

I went to sit down on the couch Emily came down 

Her: Hi

I stood up

Me: hi Mrs Smith 

Her: What can I do for you Charice :(

Me: I came to apologise for the things I did to you and your family . You are a good person ma'am I was not in the right state of mind that time. Please forgive me :'(

She looked at me 

Her: Fine :(

She then looked at the maid

Her: Gloria take this lady to little Harmony. I am sure she misses her :(

She said that giving me a very intimidating look

Me: Thank you :)

She nodded then walked away.


My woman just got back . I have to talk to her . It's now or never I have to know where we stand. I can't with this sleeping in the guest room thing.

Me: Can I talk to you please 

She looked at me then stood up we went to the other room

Me: firstly I wanted to tell you that. I will be paying for Ngqwadiza's funeral I told Hammer that and the preparations are going well. He Is leaving with Litye tomorrow 

She didn't smile at all she just looked at me from head to toe

Her: That's very nice of you :(

She then went to sit down

Me: baby I don't know what to say. I don't know what got into me. I just wanted to feel like a respected man. I want you to respect my wishes too I am your man I should get a little respect . That day I got mad because you didn't want to listen to me

Her: so when you get mad you go f*ck around with cheap sl*ts? 

I looked down

Me: I hate myself for what I did to you baby :'(

I felt tears coming out of my eyes

Her: Don't you dare cry here! You did that on purpose don't you dare act here! 

Me: baby I will do anything...I mean anything to gain your trust again.

Her: I don't want to be with you anymore! 

She stood up I pulled her to me I had tears in my eyes I was breaking 

Me: Please don't say that___

We were both looking at each others eyes 

She was really mad she didn't care about my tears

Her: you stood there! You stood there Hamilton while that cheap piece of trash insult me!__

I took both her hands 

Me: I slapped her babe I didn't just stand there !

She looked at me again Then shook her head

Her: and you are proud of that? You think slapping a woman will make you a man? Hamilton you need to grow up! And I am afraid you will do your growing up with Magamase not with me! I don't babysit 

I went down on my knees still crying she shook her head

Me: I will do anything baby just name it

She helped me stand up. Then she looked at me in the face 

Her: Anything? 

Me: anything just name it

She smiled then let go of me she just looked at the wall with a side smile.

What did I get myself into. this is not going to be good :'(

Her: I will love to see this :)

She then looked at me 

Her: I will forgive you when you do this for me 

Me: what baby?

She came to me she kissed me for few seconds then pulled out she brushed my arm

Her: you will enjoy doing it too :)

Me: what is it babe?

Her: Wouldn't you like to know :) ?

She went out of the room. This woman is impossible :(

{Sis MAY}

You guys will love what I want Hammer to do! I want to torture him emotionally! I love that boy! But he has to pay for doing what he did to me. I went down stairs. My mother the twins Zonke and Qhamani were sitting in my living room. I took out my phone. I need to call Nonje

Her: hello

Me: Nonje how are you? 

Her: Ndiyaphila (I am good) 

Me: I want you to come work for me 

Her: May you know I have a job here

Me: They don't pay you enough! I asked you to find me someone what did you do!?

Her: I found you Zonke 

Me: you want me niece to work for me!?

Her: Oh my God I knew she looked familiar i..

Me: just resign and come to Pretoria! I will send you the money 

I hung up before she could respond 

Madlamini: Nobody is going to look after my grandchildren! I don't trust anyone! You have so many Enemies May!

Me: but mom she is a woman from Ngcobo 

Her: I don't care I will look after my grandchildren tell that woman to stay wherever she is 

Me: okay mom there's Litye she will look after her and take her to daycare you can't do that please mom

Her: fine!

Me: Thanks mom

Then we heard a knock from the door

I went to open it was Savanah and some guy I don't know 

Me: hello 

Savanah: Hi :)

We hugged 

Me: it's been a while 

Her: I know 

Me: you guys can take a sit

Rhabaxa came down he has been so quiet I guess he knows Ngqwadiza's death is on him

Savanah: where is Abuti we came to see him 

Me: upstairs 

When I looked up he was coming down

Me: there he is 

Hammer: Savanah what are you doing here?

She stood up

Her: mom is missing it's been a week now :'(

Rhabaxa looked at me then pointed to the kitchen with his head. I followed him

Rhabaxa: I know who took Mrs Kopano 

Me: who?

We were whispering 

Him: Universe she is in her house 

I walked around 

Me: what!?

He nodded

I walked around pacing up 

Me: the question in my head right now is why she kidnapped her ?

" She knows things about her!"

I turned around I saw a healer sitting on my chair

she is in her house 

I walked around 

Me: what!?

He nodded

I walked around pacing up 

Me: the question in my head right now is why she kidnapped her ?

" She knows things about her!"

I turned around I saw a healer sitting on my chair she gave us Her back we couldn't see her face 

Me: who are you and what are those things? 

Her: come see me in Soweto! Just say you looking for NomaThongo. She then disappeared 

Me: where is she?

Rhabaxa: I don't know bozza write her name down 

I took out my phone I did that. 

Me: I want you to go change locks at  that back house buy the woman food she must be hungry 

He was nodding 

Me: but before that I want you to find a delivery guy. I want a message delivered for Universe at Nomalanga's house__

I said that then open the fridge I took out an apple

Rhabaxa: what is that message? 

I looked at him

Me: Now Rhabaxa! I want it delivered now __

Him: yes bozza get the message ready 

I nodded he went upstairs 

Me: Universe you starting to piss me off. It's time you prepare for war __

I said that then I took a big bite from the Apple.


My mother left that day she came back later. I slept in her house in the morning when she left for work I decided to go to work too. The day was just boring and I was scared I might see May knock in my office. I went to my mom's place early and along the way I saw a news paper about Robert and Fatima getting arrested 

Me: No! No! No!

I said that hitting the steering

I drove off to mom's house. I barged in

Me: hi

Her: hey baby

Me: you arrested Fatima and Robert didn't you? 

I said that looking at her so defeated I don't have energy at all. I am the only enemy left

She stood up 

Her: baby I didn't only do that! I also told May that you snitch on her!

Me: what!? Nomalanga you did what!?

Her: You remember when you used to come to the station with that old white friend of yours visiting May? You always talked about snitches and how you hate them. When did you become one?

I tried to slap her she blocked my arm

Her; I did this for you baby. You need to go and apologise to May!

I was breathing heavily she still had may arm I forget she is a police woman 

Me: May is going to kill me! That woman is crazy :'(

Her: she is crazy but she loves you! 

Me: mom she wanted to make things right :'(

She let go of my hand I sat down she sat next to me too

Her: what do you mean she wanted to make things right

Me: She called me after that Magamase thing she said she wanted us to take on Fatima :)

Her: and what did you say

I stood up I looked at the door she stood up too my back was facing her 

Me: I said no :'(

Then I turned to look at mom

Me: "you are on your own" those were the words I said to her mom___

Her: you did what!?

Me: I know ___

Then I heard a knock on the door 

her: I got this

She went to open

Her: Uni it's yours 

I went to the door I signed the delivery guy gave me a small beautiful box

Me: Thank you 

I said that wiping my tears 

I went in my mom followed me. I opened the box I couldn't believe what I saw there 


Mom: what baby?

I gave her the box 

Her: _____

It was a finger a fresh finger with a wedding ring in it. I have done very scary things in my life but this scared me to death

Me: mom I am dead May is going to kill me_

She took the note then read it 

Her: You little b*tch Who gave you my number!? You gonna pay 

She read it out loud 

Me: Oh my God its not May it's someone else !.... it's Fatima and Robert :'(

Her: it's time you make peace with May please call her she is going to protect you 

Me: yes I will do that let me call her :)

I took out my phone I called her she didn't take my calls 

Me: she is not answering mom she is mad at me ___

Her: Maybe she is busy baby

Then another knock came from the door 

Me: I got this 

I went to open another delivery it was also for me I signed. It was a very big white box with red ribbon 

I went to the room I opened the box. It only had a note inside . I read it for mom

Me: You snitch! I am coming for you with everything I got! 

I let go of the note 

Me: I am dead ___

Her: May can't do that! Let me give her a call

She called her she put it on Loud speaker

May: Nomalanga 

Mom: hello May please don't do this to my daughter 

May: Stop calling me or I will come and kill both of you right now!


She hang up mom looked at me 

Her: baby you need to run away

Me: you are right I ran for my clothes. I took my bag and my phone she drove me to the airport 

Her: where are you going? 

Me: I don't know but for now I will stay with Magamase in Durban :'(

Her; be careful 

I just nodded with tears running down my face. We got to the airport 

Mom said her goodbyes. She left I looked around 

Me: Goodbye Gauteng _


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