So after that intense conversation we just had outside of the gym with my friend. We decided to get inside. I love my life right now! I thank May for all that! I have always been this boring individual my whole life. Meeting her changed me I saw things differently in life now when I look back I don't want that old Emily anymore. I know you think I pored paraffin in already so powerful fire well guess what? I don't really care! That little girl assault me at the airport! I am too old! And I am not Her friend I am May Ndamase's friend! Her step mother!. How dare she? How dare she lay her dirty hands on me?

Anyway we finally got inside. The trainer was busy instructing other people

Me: Do you think he is going to forgive us babe?

I said that looking at May while walking

May: why not!? He has to :(

Me: look at that body darling oh God he is so hot

May looked at me shocked by what I just said 

Me: what? Just look at him 

May: you are married Emily!! 

Me: Married but not blind honey :p

I said that with my eyes still glued on the guy. Let me describe him for you. He is black I have never been with a black guy in my life. He is buffed but not too much he is too dark very handsome and tall. He was wearing red shorts they were a bit oversized and just below the knee that made him more cute. He had big sneakers on with white socks that were visible nicely. His 6pack was just out there. I was mouth watering I wanted him. He noticed us he smiled god his smile is everything. I guess I am too thirsty. I mean do you blame me? My husband is out there healing a sex addiction! He has been sleeping with every woman in this Pretoria. I need sex! No I want it! I am craving it

Trainer: If it is not the Ratchet women of Centurion :)

May turned to me Her hair flipped she was angry

Her: Did he just insult us?__

Me: look at him I just want to sit on his face :p

Her: Emily!

Me: :)

I was glued to the handsome man

May: What did you just call us _?

She said to the fine man

Him: follow me to my office ladies :)

We walked behind him

Me: friend don't tell me you can't see that he is fine

Her: he is good looking I agree

She rolled her eyes. Okay May is dating a young man of course that body don't do nothing to her because she left a handsome young man at home! To me this Is new and tempting. We got in the office 

Him: Please sit

He said pointing on 2 chairs we sat down

Him: what can I do for you ladies?

I looked at May

Her: ☹

Me: we came to apologise for how we behaved the other day :)

Him: is she also apologising? 

He said looking at May

Me: this was actually her idea right friend :)

Her: ☹

Then her phone rang she looked at it then ignored it

Me: who is it? 

Her: Nomalanga Dluthu___

Me: who on mother earth is that? 

Her: The colonel from the station

Me: Answer it might be important 

She did

Her: Hello 

Colonel: .....

Her: what do you want? 

Colonel: ....

Her: I will be there in few minutes

She hung up then stood up

Her: friend I need to go to the station please apologize to this gentleman I will see you later 

Me: Should I come with you?

Her; no honey :)

She walked out I turned my attention to the gentleman 

Me: :)

Him: Beautiful smile 

Me: thank you 

I was blushing 

Him: pleasure and you guys can come back to Gym again 

Me: Thanks a lot :)

Him: pleasure gorgeous 

Me: you think I am gorgeous :) ?

Him: you are more than that Mrs Smith 

Me: you even know my name

Him: who doesn't know you beautiful :)

Oh god I was blushing my cheeks were pink

Me: well Mr trainer that situation right there is also appealing 

I said that pointing to his 6six pack

Him: you can tough it

He came to my side he took my hand then ran it around his 6six pack. His touch did things to me He looked at me smiling. Still holding my hand 

Me: wow

I looked up at him he looked at me he was not smiling at all he looked like he was admiring my face things got really awkward he came closer he put his hand on my chin then lifted it he came for a kiss. I grabbed that opportunity with both hands! We kissed God his lips were soft he pulled me closer he gave me wet kissing in my ear that is a finish for me I got wet in a second  I moaned out loud he went to the neck he gave me wet kisses all over

 He lifted me up then lied me on his desk he got on top of me he kissed me lips while squeezing my boobs and he unbuttoned my shirt. I had my hands on his neck

he got on top of me he kissed me lips while squeezing my boobs and he unbuttoned my shirt. I had my hands on his neck he was so hot and breathing heavily. He took off my shirt I was left with my bra. He licked me between my boobs while taking off my leggings he went down to my belly button I pushed his face down to my cookie he went right in. He buried his head on my cookie. I had my hands on his head with my legs in a V position. I wanted him. I felt like I was gonna come he stopped he came up on me he kissed my lips again. I don't know when he took off his shorts because I felt his rock hard huge Dick enter me I moved a little Gregory is not this big. He finally entered me he moved slowly in circles. I have never felt this way! He went in around the edges. He f*cked me sideways upping the pace. He went all in f*cking me hard. I had my hands on his ass helping him...I couldn't control myself he was that good! I felt him holding me so tight I was coming I come first! No this guy didn't come. He lifted me up he went on the wall while still inside of me. I was against the wall he f*cked me so hard standing I was all a mess my hair was messy and I was all sweaty. We came together! I have never come twice in my life this was the best sex ever!. He went with me to his desk he lied me down again he cleaned me up with his lips he took a tissue then cleaned himself 

Him: You were amazing

He said kissing my forehead 

Me: _

Him: and you look more sexy

Me: Thank you :p

Him: I hope this is not the last time ;)

I wore my leggings then my shirt

Me: maybe ;)

Then I walked out smiling ear to ear


It was early around 8am I was getting discharged I am going straight to work! Nomgqibelo has been nice to me ever since she found out that I am Universe's friend. She washed my clothes then ironed them for me

Her: ready to go :)? 

Me: I am ready for the road thanks for everything dear

Her: pleasure sweetie 

I walked out calling a cab. I went to the gate. The cab was waiting for me. He took me straight to the office. I took the elevator up to our floor. I went to my office. I just buried myself in my work! I don't want to see Tshepang! I don't need him in my life! He is evil! He is selfish stupid  and confused! I want a man who knows what he wants! Tshepang is definitely not that man! He is just a spoilt brat who think he can get whatever he wants whenever he wants it! I am Athayanda he is not getting that from me ever again!. I was disturbed by a knock at the door

Me: come in

I said that not even looking up

"Morning "

I looked up it was Tshepang! He has some nerve to show his foreign ass in my office!

Me: ☹

Him: I know I am the last person you want to see you rig....

I hit the table

Me: you Damn right! Then what the hell are you doing in my office _!!?

Him: I am so sorry for what I did to you :'(

He was really crying 

Me: sorry? Really Tshepang? That's all you can give me right now a lousy sorry? 

Him: Anda I love you. I don't know what's wrong with me :'(! 

Me: You love me!? Beating someone up and leave them unconscious in a cold tiled floor Tshepang! You call that love! Is that how you guys love in Botswana _?

He looked down 

Me: oh you thought I didn't  know that you left me here dying __?

Him: Please forgive me :'(

I came to the other side I pulled him with his tie I went to the door I opened it then looked at him in the eye

Me: Get out of my office! 

Him: i...

Me: Leave me alone!

I pushed him out

Me: in fact why don't you go back to Botswana_!?

Him: i..

I slammed the door on his face


I was at the visiting area waiting for my lawyer Mr cooper. He came in

Me: Thank you for coming Mr Cooper

Him: pleasure man

We sat down

Me: what do you have for me?

Him: we managed to track that private number 

Me: and? 

Him: Do you know anyone by the name of Universe Mqhekezweni? 

I stood up from the chair I kicked my chair

Me: Damn it! I will kill that girl 

Him: she was trying to help you man!

He said standing up

Me: look where that got us?

Him: yeah

Me: tell me is it a co incident? She gets our number the next thing the police know where we live?

Him: you have a point there! 

Me: She is May Ndamase 's daughter! 

I turned around then looked at Cooper

Me: I need you to send her a message__

Him: what message?

Me: Give me your pen

He gave me his pen I wrote something down

Me: Make sure you make the parcel beautiful_

He nodded 

Me: She is going to know me! I will get out of here

I looked at Cooper 

Me: you will get me out of here_!

He just nodded then walked out 

{Sis MAY}

The last time I came to the station or should I say the last time I saw Colonel Dluthu? I almost gave birth before time because of her hurtful words. I don't know what she wants this time. I walked in to the reception area

Me: Viola

Her: Hey May you look good

Me: Thanks honey :). I came to see Colonel Dluthu :(

I said that with a straight face 

She giggled the called her

Her: you can go in :)

Me: Thank you Viola :)

I catwalked to her office I didn't knock. I barged in

Me: Molo (hello) 

Her: hey May please sit :)

Me: Enkosi (Thank you) 

Her: How are you :)? 

Me: why am I here Nomalanga :( ?

Her: oh okay. This is about Universe

Me: what about her! 

I said that with attitude 

Her: what happened between you two ?

I looked at her then took my hand bag I stood up 

Me: Ask your daughter you should have called I can't believe I came here for this 

Her: no that's not why you here

I sat down again 

Her: I arrested Fatima yesterday :)

Me: Another point for you :(

Her: Universe came to my house yesterday she told me that she gave Robert and Fatima some information about you 

Me: She what__!? 

Her: I have been looking for Fatima that woman escaped I was surprised to find out  that she knows where she is. I managed to steal the number from her phone then traced it. 

Me: why are you telling me this about your daughter? 

Her: Universe is making a big mistake. I don't know what happened between you guys but you need to fix it!!! I don't want her to be your enemy I know you and I didn't do this to snitch on her I did this because I love her! I don't want to lose my daughter again!!!!

She said that with a firm voice 

Me: Thank you for this :(

Her: what are you going to do to her?

Me: Don't worry about that just leave it to me :)

I stood up then went to the door 

Her: May!

I turned around 

Me: yes?

Her: Please don't kill her 

Me: :)

Then I went out I closed the door then I leaned on it

Me: I am not going to kill her :)

I looked around from left to right then in front of me 

Me: I am going to murder her ___

Then I walked away 


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