I am ready for my journey to Mthatha . It's gonna be a long one I don't want to lie as I have to drive so many ours. You can't kidnap someone then fly with them you would be asking for jail time and that's the last thing I want! I have been in that hole for years I can't! No not again. 

Robert: you ready for this Journey? 

Me: I think I am :)

He came to me

Him: Go out there and make me proud baby

He said that kissing me then we heard a knock on the door

Me: who could that be?__

Robert: I have no idea our friends don't know where we live

Me: maybe it's the landlord :)

I said that smiling going to open the door 


I got to the station I got my team ready when I was about to leave with my team detective Mfazwe came to me. This one has a lot to do to prove his loyalty I don't trust him

Detective: Colonel 

Me: make it quick detective we are in a hurry !

Him: I think you will love this

Me: what?

He smiled then got closer to me

Him: you remember the woman who got stabbed yesterday

Me: yes?

He gave me his phone 

Me: What's this?

Him: just watch it

I took the phone it was a video showing a girl beating up a woman they went to the park when they got to the park I finally saw the face of the person who was getting the beating 

Me: That bitch stabbed the poor woman :(

Him: yes 

Me: come with us we tracked her down we know where she lives . We ran to the cars I was looking at Mfazwe I don't want him to touch his phone . We drove to sunny side. We got there. I was with about 17 officers and detective Mfazwe. We went to the door we knocked I heard foot steps they opened 


Me: :)

Detective: Fatima you are under arrest for....

Me: cut that! She knows everything she has been arrested so many times! And trust me! She is gonna spend the rest of her life there this time around!

I said that dragging her out with detective handcuffs her . A white man came

Him: what is going on there!

When he saw us he moved back

Me: Come back here__

He came looking all nervous I looked at other officers 

Me: arrest him!

Him: what? I didn't do nothing! 

Me: oh you did everything! In this country hiding a wanted person is an offence!  

They handcuffed him too he gave Mfazwe death stare something is going on here!

Me: Mission accomplished :)

Detective: Yeah :)

I looked at him

Me: you don't look as excited as I am?

Him: what? I am :)

Me: Or maybe they thought you would give them a hands up?

Him: I don't know what you talking about colonel? 

Me: I will not lose my job for a detective snitch!

I walked away he followed me looking all defeated. 


I am living thee life in here! I can't believe my life changed in just a blink of an eye! Dad may your soul rest in peace. I had no choice but to take that money. I am your only child mom dead too I have no one! It was the only way to survive . I looked up in the ceiling 

Me: I hope you understand dad :'(

Then I took a sip on my cocktail 

Me: This is the life :)

I put my glass down then I went for my phone I have to call my baby. It rang 3 times he answered 

Hamilton: hello? 

Me: baby I am getting impatient here :p

I said that massaging my neck with my leg in the all as if he sees me

Him: Listen to me very carefully little girl. I am trying to fix the mess you caused here! 

Me: that's where you are mistaken honey you called me :( !

Him: I wanted sex and you were the only cheap slut available ! 

He hung up 

Me: I have all the money in the world_

I was walking around the room pissed 

Me: I will get my passport then pay people to kidnap you! I am leaving with you Hamilton Kopano :'(


When Hamilton left with Rough Guy we decided to go apologise at the GYM

May: let's go darling 

Me: babe do you think he will accept our apology? 

Her: We are doing him a favour there are so many Gyms and personal trainers here! 

Me: you are Damn right about that!

Her: great let's go then! 

We drove to the gym we got there then we got out of our cars we were walking to the entrance 

Then I heard her phone ring she looked at the caller ID 

Me: Who is it?

Her: Hamilton :(

Me: babe just answer it 

Her: hello 


Her: I know you went there :(

Him: ........ 

Her: who is that?

Him: .....

Her: who got arrested Hamilton? 


Her: what_?

She said that looking at me i was curious to know what is happening 

Her: Thank you for letting me know 

She hung up 

Me: what is it girl? 


Me: I don't like that face!

I said that going  closer to her 

Her: I will never get my hands on Fatima__

Me: She is arrested :) ? 

I was smiling ear to ear

Her: Yes :(

Sh said that looking at the GYM entrance 

I went in front of her

Me: That's great news baby we won't watch our backs anymore 

Her: Emily that woman stabbed me! I want to touch her with my hands__

I brushed her back

Me: babe you have kids! You were ready to abandon them and take on this Fatima woman! Just be grateful that you will have more time with your little ones

She smiled at me 

Her: you are right I have to give my boys all the love they need :)

Me: That's great honey 

Her face changed again oh God my friend is  hell of a woman 

Me: and now?

Her: There's still Universe___

Me: That Co crotch ___

I said that kicking thin air

Her: she is a mosquito that I will squeeze in my hand till it dies __

She said that squeezing her hand forming a fist her facial expression was priceless 

Me: She has no idea what she is in for :)

May looked at me

Her: I raised that girl and she knows what I do to snitches :)

I looked at her

Me: Do you think she would do that 

She walked to the door then stopped walking

Her: sweetheart it's either you're with May or against her :)

Me: and with that call she made herself clear that she is a threat :(

She smiled a little. I don't buy that smile. I know my friend she has a beautiful smile this one was just not it!

Her: I have to hunt her down before she does that___


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