I was driving minding my own business traffic lights turned red just when I was about to pass so I had no choice but to wait then I felt like someone is looking at me when I turned to look at the car next to mine I couldn't believe my eyes and this bastard still remembers me. It was the Kopano security guy the guy I gave vodka he was with Savanah I guess they were going to tell Hammer about Nancy 's disappearance. When my eyes caught with his I drove my car in full speed! The traffic lights were still red! When I looked behind me! The police were behind me! I drove very fast I went to the inside packing at Kopano Constructions. I took elevator. I went up to my office I locked myself. I took a sigh

Me: that was close :)

Then I opened the window I was really sweating because of fear and running to the office. I heard a knock at the door I kept quiet.

Voice: Universe I saw you come in now open

It was Tshepang I went to open

Me: hey :)

He looked around the room

Him: what are you doing here?

Me: what do you mean I work here anyway why you didn't visit Anda in hospital? 

He looked straight at me

Him: Do I have to visit him?

Me: you seemed close to me when I got here what changed?

Him: we just colleagues I am not his friend.  

I took my phone from the desk then looked at him

Me: Anda doesn't want to tell me why he fainted and you here acting all weird. I have a solution to this. I am going to check the footage 

I walked to the door he ran after me 

Him: you don't have to do that maybe the guy just fell :). Let's go visit him 

Me: okay but after I got the footage

I said that then I ran he ran after me 

Him: okay fine!

He looked frustrated 

Him: let's go back to the office 

Me: I don't have time for this Tshepang :(

Him: I know and I am sorry 

Me: he is lying Tshepang! he says he doesn't know what happened! Those bruises? That is assault and I will revenge who ever did that too him_

I said that folding my arms shaking my head

Tshepang: __

Me: I will not let anyone take advantage of that poor Gay man. He is a nice guy a very great person. He can't be beaten and that person get away with it never!

Him: what will you do to him :'(

I turned to look at him he wiped a tear why is he crying? 

Me: Wait it's you!?

Him: can we go to the office please

Me: this better be good!

I walked to my office he followed me

Me: Talk!

Him: I asked Zonke to come for lunch she did come. When we were about to eat Anda walked in

Me: Then what? 

Him: He called Zonke names saying she is a little trash and all those dirty names

Me: He did what!?

Him: That's when I got mad then I went to his office I confronted him he really pushed me. I didn't mean to punch him

I know Anda has a crush on Anda but harassing visitors is just a bit desperate if you ask me

Me: That's why he didn't want to tell me what happened? 

Him: please don't hurt him I already done worse

I looked at him

Me: it's cute how you care for each other if you were not straight you'd make a cute couple 

Him: ha ha ha that's out of line now later!

He walked out . I decided to go to my mom. I drove to her house 

I knocked Nomalanga came to open

Her: Universe :)

I walked in

Me: Nomalanga 

She looked at me

Her: I am your mother!

I sat down 

Me: Yeah whatever!

She shook her head 

Her: anything to drink? 

Me: Whisky:(

Her: I only have wine and juice

Me: wine is fine

She went to the kitchen she came back with two glasses 

Her: here! 

Me: Thanks

Her: where is Magamase? 

I took a sip

Me: That one decided to f*ck May 's fiance 

She laughed 

Her: You lie! Her toyboy? 

Me: yep 

Her: where is she where is my niece Universe?  she might be in danger May is dangerous__

I looked at her she was laughing a minute ago now she is all concerned 

Me: Don't worry she is safe wherever she is.  

Her: That's good

I stood up

Me: mom warned me about her but I didn't listen 

She stood up too

Her: stop calling May that! I am your mother! 

I looked at her 

Me: She is mad at me as if I forced them to sleep

Her: She is crazy! I will deal with her if I have to she won't do nothing to you 

I looked away 

Me: I can take care of myself 

Her: I am here with you baby :) I am here for you!

I looked at her again 

Me: You know what?

Her: yes? 

Me: she made me like this I am smarter than her :) ! 

I laughed a little 

Me: She can't do anything to me__

Her: what are you gonna do?

I took another sip from my glass

Me: I want to see her surfer! 

Her: how baby?

Me: when she has so many enemies coming for her she is going to break down :)

I smiled at mom she smiled at me too 

Her: Who are those enemies 

Me: I sent an anonymous text to Fatima and Robert giving them some information :)

Her: Fatima? Where is she?

Okay why mom is so interested in Fatima 

Me: She lives at Sunny side but they are moving to Johannesburg soon 

Her: :)

Me: what is it mom?

Her: it's nothing baby :)

Me: I have to go to the bathroom 

Her: Bathroom is over there! :)

I put my phone down and my glass I went to the bathroom 


After May's file docked disappearance I lost respect at work. This is the great opportunity for me to get back on top! On being the most respected colonel in Gauteng. Fatima escaped from Jail we don't know who helped her! 

Me: I am sorry my daughter! This is a great opportunity for your mama :)

I took her phone. I checked if it had password

Me: Thank God!

I sighed a smart girl like her without no password?. I checked Fatima

a smart girl like her without no password?. I checked Fatima I didn't find her number I checked Robert 

Me: Got you :)!

I quickly stole the number then I put her phone down . I sat down smiling 

Her: your house is very neat

Me: Thank you baby:) ... can I leave you here for an hour I will be back

Her: sure

She took remote I walked out. I got into my car

I called another detective I don't trust Mfazwe ever since we broke up we not good 

Detective: Colonel Dluthu!?

Me: Get a team of police officers ready I am on may way

Him: Yes ma'am

I hung up 

Me: my job comes first my job comes first my daughter  :)

I then drove off 

{Sis MAY}

I finally opened the door we got in

Me: Morning :(

Everyone was in my living room even Hamilton 

Everyone: morning! 

I looked at Hamilton he looked down. I was fuming with anger 

Me: Where are my boys? 

Madlamini: sleeping 

Me: I miss them! 

I walked up I went to nursery they were sleeping peacefully. I kissed them. When I turned around Hamilton was at the door. 

I pushed him out of my way I walked down the stairs

Him: Please babe can we talk? 

Everyone looked at him

Me: I am giving you 5 minutes to pack your bags and leave my house__

Madlamini: what is going on May?

I walked to the kitchen 

Me: Ask him___!

I said pointing at him mom looked at him. Hammer slowly walked up the stairs. I opened the fridge. Rhabaxa came in to the kitchen 

Rhabaxa: I have a problem here bozza

Me: what is it?

Him: my wife is missing

I looked around the room she is not here her daughter Is playing in the living room 

Me: what do you mean she is missing? 

Rhabaxa: Zonke says she left yesterday saying she will be back 

Me: Yesterday! Emily! 

She came running

Her: what is it?

Me: Ngqwadiza is missing :(

I was pacing up and down the kitchen 

Me: Damn it Rhabaxa why you didn't tell me last night? 

Him: I thought she was coming back bozza

He was brushing his head frustrated

Emily: Poor Diza in this big city :(

She had her hand on her mouth 

Me: where do we start looking? Where were you when she left? 

Him: I was in the shower when I came out she was gone then I left for my dat...

Me: your what Rhabaxa? 

He looked down

Him: I met this girl the other day

Me: are you also cheating on Ngqwadiza!?

Him: who else is cheating? 

He said that with a low voice checking if no one is listening from the living room

Me: that's not important now!

Then we saw Hamilton coming down with his suitcase. He got down the stairs 

Emily: Hamilton you are not going anywhere!

I looked at Emily what is she talking about? 

Me: what__?

My phone rang I answered I didn't know the number 

Me: hello

Caller: Detective Mfazwe calling we found a body of a lady here and I got your number from herself. It's written madam I take it you are her boss?

Me: Wait Mfazwe you found what? By the way it's me May Ndamase 

Him: oh it's you! I hope you didn't kill your maid!

What the f*ck is this policeman talking about!?

Me: Detective Mfazwe don't patronise me! Talk! what happened to her? 

I was shouting Rhabaxa Emily and my stupid fiance came closer to me

Mfazwe: she got stabbed at Paul Kruger street here in town unfortunately she didn't make it!

I didn't here anything else I let go of my phone. Rhabaxa went for my phone Hamilton came to me I pushed him he forced me into a hug. I cried for few minutes on his chest . Everyone came to the kitchen I pulled out of the hug

Me: Rhabaxa who is your girlfriend :'(

Him: bozza?

Me: Who is your new girlfriend Damn it__

He laughed a little! This boy is testing me! His wife just died now he has time to laugh 

Him: This name might sound very funny

Emily: Rough Guy we don't have the whole day!

Him: she calls herself Fart___

He laughed so hard Qhamani and Zonke joined him I gave them death stare they looked down

Emily: Oh F*ck me deeper :'(

She said sitting down with tears in her eyes she is very clever

Madlamini: Language white lady!!!!

Emily ignored mom she just cried 

Emily: poor girl :'(

I slapped Rhabaxa very hard 

Madlamini: May!!

Me: Mom stay out of this! Ngqwadiza is dead!

Everyone: what_____!

Rhabaxa: No! No!_____

Me: shut up! Did you leave your phone with her?

Him: when I was in the shower yes :'(

He said looking at his phone 

Him: Wait...

Me: what is it? 

Him: I was supposed to go to a date with the girl. The next thing the number was not available when I tried calling it

He said that going through his phone

Him: Damn it! Damn it! Ngqwadiza_!

Me: What is it?

Him: she sent her an sms check 

I looked at that sms. 

Me: Emily !

She looked up at me

Me: do you know what this is?

She looked at Rhabaxa with anger written all over her face

Her: This bastard is dating the enemy_

She said that pointing at Rhabaxa 

Rhabaxa: what enemy? 

Me: Did you look at the pictures Hamilton gave the security? 

He put his hands on his head tears were streaming down 

Him: Fart Fatima :'( 

He looked at me 

Him: how can I be so stupid bozza :'(

I just looked at him I took my phone I have to call Universe 

Hamilton: who are you calling baby


I gave him death stare he looked down . I put the phone on loud speaker 

Universe: hello

Wow no mom no nothing? 

Me: Fatima started war we have to act 

Universe: You are on your own! 

Me: excuse me?

Her: You heard me!

She hung up I looked at everyone their eyes popped out they were shocked by what Universe said Emily stood up from the chair

Emily: You know who the biggest enemy is?

Me: Universe Mqhekezweni__

Madlamini: yey! Ngumboniso bhanyabhanya lo! (this is a movie!)

She said that then clapped once she walked away 

Rhabaxa tried to run to the door Hamilton blocked him

Hammer: You get out of that door to get your wife's body not to fight! 

Rhabaxa: I need to kill that girl____

Emily: Hamilton is right tell your family! just focus on burying your wife and leave everything else to us :(

Hammer came to me I will slap this boy

Him: I need to go with him to the station we will take her to the mortuary 

I just nodded it's the right thing to do but I am still mad at him. They walked out 

Emily pored wine then pulled me  aside she had two glasses with her she gave me the other glass

Emily: I know where Magamase is 

Me: where? 

Emily: in a hotel in Durban she was seen going to the home affairs 

Me: She needs a passport to escape? 

Emily: that's what I thought too

Me: Just tell your guy to keep an eye on her 

Emily: Till when? 

Me: Till I get Universe then murder her precious cousin in front of her!___

I gulped the glass of wine then I threw it on the wall really hard it broke everyone was terrified thank God mom went upstairs 

Emily: :)


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