After that fight with Emily I went to the hospital it was very late. I wanted to see my bestie. I knocked then walked in Anda Looked my way

Me: bestie 

He looked up then sat up straight 

Him: bestie :)

I sat down on a chair next to his bed 

Me: how are you feeling? 

Him: just headache I feel a but dizzy

Me: it's understandable. You fainted 

He looked down

Me: What happened bestie?

He looked at me smiling 

Him: I don't know know bestie 

Me: come on you are bruised who punched you? 

Him: No one

I looked at him

Him: I don't know okay! 

He snapped there's some to this!

Me: I don't believe you :(

Him: let this go Universe! 

Me: I am trying to help you here! I was going to help you take the person out bestie

Him: just let it go did Tshepang visit me?

Me: No he didn't come but I told him 

He looked disappointed anyway why Tshepang don't show any support? I thought they were close colleagues 

Him: oh

Me: you look disappointed maybe he is busy with work 

Him: Bestie I need to rest

He said that laying down I guess he is kicking me out 

Me: see you later :)

He looked away 

Him: later 

That was weird. I went out I drove to my house. It was late. I need a good night sleep


I fell asleep on the elevator I don't know why no one used it last yesterday I know it was around 5 when I got locked there but I left Hamilton there! I don't think he used stairs on that state he was in. Anyway I got my sight back yes I can see. I pressed the button the elevator took me down stairs I ran to my car. I don't know what happened to me last night. I drove home I need to sleep on my comfortable bed. I called Gregory he is the CEO of the property . I want to invest some of my money in property. I need to invest in property I have to make money every month I can't enjoy spending this money. I am old I need something stable. The likes of my nephew and Robert thought they can take me down. No not me! I will keep wining always 

I tried Gregory his phone was on voice mail. I wonder where is he?



I woke up on our bed with a terrible headache. I touched May's side of the bed. I wanted to hold her. She was not there. I opened my eyes then I thought of yesterday. I stood up

Me: No! No! What have I done!!!

I was pacing up and down kicking God knows what the clothes I wore yesterday were on the the floor. I took May's morning gown I wore it I went to smell her perfume ! I miss her :'( . I then took clothes to the laundry room I came back. My phone rang. I checked the caller ID it's Magamase. I don't need this no! Not now. I ignored her she kept calling I gave in

Me: what do you want? 

Her: Ouch! That's rude

Me: what do you want? 

Her: I am in Durban. Please come here

Me: are you crazy?

Her: no baby I am a millionaire now! Let's go start a family abroad I will help you forget about that granny

Hearing that! Hearing her call my woman that made me angry! I hung up 

Then I received an sms from Magamase: 

Text: " I love you baby please think about it"

I threw my phone on top of my bed I went to the nursery. I got in Madlamini was busy feeding them 

Me: Morning mom

Her: Son 

Me: can i?

Madlamini stood up

Her: yes I need to go have a cup of tea downstairs . She walked out. I looked at my beautiful boys they are so cute. I guess their granny bathed them they look fresh 

Me: Boys daddy messed up.... I didn't mean to hurt her.....daddy broke mama's heart :'(

A tear escaped my eye

Me: Whatever happens when mommy comes back just know that I love you so much both of you I love you guys :'(. 

I said that brushing their faces Ayda smiled okay this is weird this boys are not even a full month born they can smile? 

Me: hey boy I wish mommy was here to see that beautiful smile. 

I stood up I went to the window the view is so beautiful. I saw our neighbours playing outside their house with their daughter. 

I was looking at them smiling tears running down my eyes.. what if May don't forgive me? What will happen to me? I can't live without her! I can't live without my boys and I know for sure May would win the custody of the boys. May gets what she wants whenever she wants it. That thought scared me

Me: I am sorry baby! Please forgive me ___

I went down on my knees I broke down I let it all out 


Very soon May is going to act! . I want to torture her! I want to hit her where it hurts most. I heard that there's a little girl that she loves so much! She is going to be a great use to torture May. I was eating breakfast Fatima was cleaning around the kitchen. 

Me: Babe

Her: Yes love

I put down my spoon 

Me: I think we should start acting we don't know when is May gonna act 

She dried her hands 

Her: I am always ready just say the word :(

I like her she is always ready for blood

Me: I have been digging 

Her: yes? 

She came next to me

Me: there is this girl May loves

Her: what about her?

Me: she bought her a car recently she is dating her nephew and she is very fond of her

Her: You want me to eliminate her :)

She said that sitting on a high chair 

Me: No! Don't do that! Remember I said we want her to surfer! We want to torture her!

Her: what is the plan babe :(

Me: I want you to go kidnap her 

Her: That sounds sweet :)

Me: you need to leave tomorrow she is in the Eastern Cape at Mthatha 

Her: I am ready for the adventure ;)

I went to kiss her 

Me: I want us to take all her money__

Her: I want to see her dry and out :(

She stood up then went to the dishes she looked outside the window while washing them

Me: her Name is Natalie Qakathayo__

Her: Nattie You are our ticket to success :)

Me: :)

May I will say it again you messed with a wrong guy___

{Sis MAY} 

We just arrived at Centurion. I was with Qhamani. I came back with him. I went to Emily she is taking us home

Emily: welcome back guys :)

We hugged 

Me: Thank You babe

We walked to her car

Her: how did it go!?

Me: pretty good :(

Her: good because you have a lot to deal with even here 

Me: Don't remind me girl! 

We got in the car

Emily: Qhamani you can drive right!?

Him: yes ma'am 

She gave him the keys we sat on the back seat whole Qhamani took the driver's seat

Emily: What's the plan with your man?

Me: I have no idea I just don't have energy for him! I couldn't sleep the whole night thinking about him and what I should do to him! I can't think of nothing! I hate loving him! But I won't forgive him for this never!

Emily: You will forgive him eventually .

Me: I don't think so :(

Her: I know you will you love that man!

Me: Boy! He is a boy! He just reminded me that I am old and I need to date men my age! 

I looked at Emily 

Me: You can't believe what Magamase called me __

I said that furious 

Her: what did that slut call you? 

Me: Granny :(

Her: You let her get away with it!

Me: Emily I had a gun with me I was not gonna shoot her alone. I was gonna shoot both of them but I thought of my children! Besides I don't blame her for my fiance cheating. 

Her: What?

We got home I walked out Emily walked out to. We stood outside looking at my beautiful house Qhamani walked in

Me: darling I am not that girl :) . I don't blame a woman for my man's cheating. I am not dating Magamase. The person who is gonna pay is the one who cheated on me___

I then walked to the house feeling myself Emily walked behind me in a hurry she pulled my arm I turned around to look at her.

Her: I can't believe this! you will let her get away with this __!?

She was fuming with anger I looked at her then smiled 

Me: what did you say :) ?

Her: Are you gonna let that slut get away with ruining things for you May!

She was yelling 

I took my hand I put it on her shoulder 

Me: My name is May Ndamase_ 

My face changed. I was not smiling at all 

Me: That b*tch is gonna pay for making me feel like a nobody_!

I was fuming looking at Emily 

Me: Do you hear me! She is going to pay!

Emily: :)

Me: she made me feel like this worthless woman! She made me hate myself!.... Damn Emily she dragged me on the dirty floor :'(

Emily: This is the  May I know! Come back best friend___

She said that shaking me tears were falling down I was trembling breathing heavily 

Me: Do you know who else is going to pay!?

Emily: who__?

I climbed the stairs Emily didn't follow me she waited for me to say who . I stood on the stoop I looked down at her

Me: That B*tch I call Step Daughter!__

Emily: That one is poison___

I walked down the stairs again I looked at Emily in the eye

Me: I will not shoot her! No! I will destroy her emotionally 

My breathing was not normal I was breathing very hard.

Emily slapped me so hard on my face I kept breathing hard she came close to me

Her: This is the bitch I met at the airport :)

She hugged me then hit my face a little with her hand 

Her: welcome back sweetheart__

Me: ___


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