That day I went to Emily's house I couldn't find her! This woman Is everywhere! . I want my shares back I will not be robbed not by them! . I didn't do nothing to May! I wanted to do something to her but that was then I am not with Robert anymore . I couldn't go through with the plan. She can't punish me no I won't allow it. I was a woman in love any woman in love would revenge their man!. I went to the Kopano  offices . I need to see Hamilton he needs to talk to that granny he calls girlfriend . I want my shares back. I knocked then I got in

Me: Afternoon 

His office was a mess I saw a bottle of vodka on the floor he looked like a mess too. He didn't say anything he just looked up

Me: I am here to talk to you about something 

Him: Did you come with your prison stabber? What's her name again

What is this boy talking about? 

Me: you are drunk Hamilton what are you talking about ?

Him: yes I remember her! Fatima!!!

Oh my God how did he find out about that?

Me: I don't know what you talking about

Him: oh cut the crap Victoria!!!

He stood up looking really angry

Him: That day I went to your house? I heard everything! 

Damn it! this boy! That's why May gave me that look at the coffee date

Me: I was mad okay! She shot my boyfriend! 

Him: a boyfriend who had me! A boyfriend who kidnapped me! May went there to save me! What kinda Aunt are you? Choosing a man over family 

I didn't know this

Me: wait so you were kidnapped? 

Him: May might be everything but she is not crazy! She is not crazy! People like you provoke her! 

He said that standing up then he looked down 

Him: and I just did the same too :'(

He looked at me with tears in his eyes

Me: what happened boy?

Him: Get out Victoria! 

Okay that was kind of rude I was trying to comfort him

Me: Before that. I came here because your girlfriend stole from me!

Him: she stole what from you? 

Me: my shares at the Smith Hotel? Did you know about this Hamilton? 

Him: Leave May out of it. That was all my doing! You had to pay for trying to take the love of my life away from me!

I slapped him so hard on his face 

Me: You son of a b*tch__

I stormed out of that office! This boy is going to pay I want him sober. I went to the elevator! 

"This is the beginning Victoria! " I looked around for the person who said that. then I heard a laugh "ha ha ha ha ha" the elevator closed I lost sight. I went blind :'(


I am on my way to Zonke's home I have to make things right. I had flowers with me. The security in this house is so tight. But they let me in when I said I am the CEO of Hamilton's company. I went to knock . Zonke opened the door when we saw me she closed the door on my face I blocked it with my leg

Me: Please babe can I explain?

Her: explain what exactly? 

She said that folding her arms

Me: the reason why I didn't come back to the office 

She walked out 

Her: I am with my grandma I want to hear this

I hope she buys my lie. Well Universe told me that Anda is in Hospital so I will use that

Me: when I got to that guy's office he was unconscious on the floor we had to take him to the hospital. I couldn't come to my office I had to rush him to hospital 

Her: Omg is he okay?

That was easy

Me: he is in hospital he will be fine

She came to hug me

Her: I am sorry baby for being mad at you 

Me: I understand babe 

I kissed her

Me: dinner in my house tomorrow ? 

Her: why not :)

Me: Thank you see you later 

Her: Thank you for the flowers

Me: beautiful flowers for a beautiful lady ;)

She laughed then went in

I walked to my car I just sat there

Me: Damn I miss you Anda :'(

I wiped my tears then drove off


I got home I was really angry! I hate killing when I am not prepared to. I got in I through my jacket on the couch

Robert: And then? 

I went to the kitchen i need a drink. I took a bottle of wine that was on top of my kitchen counter. I took a glass then went to Robert 

Me: can you believe this?

Him: Talk! 

I pored a glass I gulped all of it then I pored another one I was walking around the room

Me: be prepared for war!

Robert stood up yes he can walk now normally 

Him: what are you talking about? 

Me: Damn it Robert! I thought you did your homework on that guy____!

Him: Fatima what are you talking about? 

I was facing the wall he came behind me 

Him: talk to me baby 

He brushed my back I turned around 

Me: I knew it! I knew there was something wrong with that text

I walked pass him

Me: he is marr... well he was married

Him: what do you mean he was married? 

I looked at him

Me: the last text was sent by his wife

Him: Fatima don't tell me ____

I nodded

Me: I didn't have a choice. I got to Paul Kruger street I went out of my car then I was attacked by a woman with a stick! Can you believe it

I said laughing looking at him he didn't laugh at all

Me: You can't come with a stick when you want to fight Fatima__

I gulped another glass then I looked at Robert 

Me: what? 

Him: You realise what you've done?

Me: No one knows me! I made sure the numberplate is removed before I go there

He shook his head

Him: did you take her phone before you left? 

I thought of that 

Me: No I didn't what is that gonna do?

Him: They will check the messages and the husband knows your number 

Me: Damn it I didnt think of that besides he might have the text on his phone too so I am busted either way

I said that without any care or concern

Him: That's more reason you shouldn't have killed her

I pored another glass

Me: I am ready for them __

I took a sip then looked away I was fuming! I am ready! This! I should have done the first day I came out of jail! I want to Make that Centurion of theirs small!

{Sis MAY}

I walked away after I said that I am never digging no grave! I was walking to the store room Qhamani Is taking forever! 

He got out when I was about to open the door

Me: You took your precious time 

Him: Sorry Aunt.

We got to the living room

Me: you two come sit we have to talk

Both Nobuntu and her husband were on the floor crying I don't know why this b*tch is crying. I just made her marriage stronger by eliminating the threat 

They didn't move I took out my gun they stood up fast

Vuyani: We need to call the police 

Me: the police? 

Him: you have to pay for killing my wife :'(

I shook my head laughing then I went back to my angry face. I went close to his face

Me: You wouldn't dare!

He took out his phone he was trembling . I took out mine

Me: You are calling the police?

he nodded 

Me: okay I am calling Mr Mqhekezweni he will really appreciate to know who shot his son to death

He lowered his phone 

Me: what is it now? Call them! 

Him: fine May! At least let's call her family we will say there was a break in

Me: do you know her family?

He looked down 

Me: bhuti you are stupid I can't believe I share both parents with you! Do you know any of her family members? 

He shook his head no

Me: Amen! Come let me tell you why I did that

We went to the living room

Me: Funky came here for revenge 

Him: revenge for what?

Me: I killed her friend remember I was arrested for months? You wouldn't remember that because you never visited me

He looked down

Me: Qhamani tell your dad what you heard Funky say

Him: Dad I overheard her speaking on the phone she was saying that she wants you to sign everything into her name then she would poison you when she has everything 

Vuyani stood up I stood up too

Me: what is it bhuti? 

He looked at Qhamani 

Him: now I believe you just before you guys came in she was trying to persuade me into signing things into her name

Me: That witch!

I said looking at her body 

Vuyani: I will be happy to dig her grave__

He said that looking at her body I smiled at Nobuntu she smiled but I could tell she was scared of me! She has never seen me like this. That's why she tried to snitch. I don't think she will ever do that again! Not after today 


I was pacing up and down! Hoping that my cousin will walk in on that door in any minute! I need her to get here now! I can't believe she did this! Mom is going to kill me! I am really scared right now. I am scared for my life! I know that voice! I know that anger! That tone of her voice! She was ready for blood. I heard the door open. Magamase walked in bleeding 

Her: Cuz :)

Me: ☹

She sat down 

Her: oh I take it that granny told you already 

Me: Who are you? 

I said looking at her so disgusted 

Her: Magamase Ntsunguzi :)

She said that smiling taking my glass of wine she drank all of it then laughed 

Me: You see what she did to you is nothing! She is coming for you! 

Her: She did what to me!? This is not her! It's that white slut what's her name? Emily? Yeah she beat me up your mother dearest didn't touch me she is scared of me Universe 

She said standing up so happy I shook my head

Me: you need to leave the country cuz

She looked at me then laughed 

Her: you want me far away from Hamilton? Whether you like it or not mna no Hamilton sidalelwene! (Hamilton and I we meant be be together)

She said that on my face

Me: so cuz you prepared to lose your life for a man you not even sure he loves you? 

Her: wait? Lose life!? I told you May is scared of me :) 

I slapped her so hard on her face she looked at me then touched where I slapped her

Her: what the f*ck? 

I slapped her again 

Me: Open your eyes you are in danger! I am not ready to lose you! You are leaving the country and I will help you 

Her: I can't I am broke :(

Me: follow me

I took Mrs Kopano's phone from the drawer we went to the back house 

Her: where are we going? 

Me: just shut up and follow me!

She followed me I opened the door

Her: This bitch__

She went to her fuming 

Magamase: I want my dad! I want my dad :'(

She said punching and slapping Mrs kopano

Me: stop it!

I pushed her away I then looked at Mrs Kopano I took out my gun

Me: how much did you get for my uncles organs

I cocked 

Her: 20 million :'(

Me: where is it?

I hit her with the back of my gun

Her: I only have R13 million 

Me: what happened to R7 million? 

Her: I gave it to Victoria :'(

Me: why?

I said that sitting down on the floor 

Her: she is the one who introduced me to Magamase. 

Me: how do you know Victoria? 

I said looking at Magamase 

Mrs K: They worked together at Kopano  Constructions 

She said that looking down she couldn't look at Magamase and Magamase was sitting down crying

Magamase: just kill her cuz :'(

Me: She is of great use not now! 

Her: kill her!

I stood up then went to Magamase I helped her stand up

Me: You my cousin 

I said smiling at her

Me: Worth R13 Million 

Magamase: _____

She nodded with tears falling down 

Mrs K: that's my money!!!!

I slapped her so hard she fell on the bed

Me: You have no shame!

She was crying saying "my money! My money "

Me: here is your phone transfer that R13 Million into Magamase's account now or I shoot. 

She took the phone she did the transactions 

Me: good!

Magamase looked at her phone smiling I took the chemical. I injected that evil woman then we left

Me: take a quick shower you have to go!

She ran to the shower I made myself food. She came back clean in jeans and top with flat shoes 

Me: do you have passport? 

Her: passport? 

Me: Damn it! Village girls! Okay you will take a little vacation to Durban! You will stay in a hotel when you get there go do passport It takes 2 to 3 weeks then you will go overseas 

She nodded 

Me: Now take your bags I am taking you to the airport 

We went to my car I drove to the airport we got there. I packed my car. I went to buy the ticket for her and the plane was leaving immediately!! When I got into my car Emily's car pulled off

Me: Magamase take your bags here is your ticket go

Emily came fuming 

Her: she is not going anywhere!

Me: Emily I don't have time for this let my cousin go!

Magamase ran away with her bags Emily ran after her okay now I am losing respect for this woman! I ran after her I pulled her back

Me: are you deaf?

She slapped me so hard 

Her: You ungrateful b*tch 

I slapped her back we started fightingI punched her she ducked she punched me I got a shock of my life I went to her fuming I tried to punch her again she blocked me then kicked my face I fell down. I stood up fast I ran for my life then I looked at Emily 

Me: I will not let mom kill my cousin 

Her: You planed this! You asked your cousin to sleep with your mother's man!

Security was pulling her away she was yelling at me

Me: I am ready for May Ndamase___

I started my car I drove off


By now Universe should know I am as bad! See it's been 2 weeks May and I attending fighting classes! We are doing incredible well. We kind of took a break from GYM after that scandalous fight well it's not a break the owner showed us the door. We focused on fighting and I must say we doing a great job!

I heard the announcement Magamase is going to Durban. I was driving home.

Me: Universe you don't know me :)

I said that taking my phone there's a student that we gave a bursary for last year but she failed I think I will need her. Her name is Nomasonto.

Nomasonto: Mrs Smith

Me: I might give you a second chance just one last chance! 

Her: Oh my God really Mrs Smith? 

Me: you need to do this job first 

Her: What job?

Me: there's a girl who just took a flight to Durban how far are you from the airport? 

Her: I can be there in 20 minutes 

Me: great go there you will see a dark tall girl who will come out of a plane from Johannesburg. She has black and white braids wearing white top and jeans. Don't go to her just follow her. I want to know where she will be staying just keep a close eye on her.

Her: Yes ma'am

Me: I will send you R1000 just for transport and food while you watch her

Nomasonto: Thank You

Me: Don't fail again! 

Her: I was dumped by my boyfriend. I am over Qhamani now!

Then I thought of May 's nephew he's studying there too

Me: Qhamani Ndamase? 

Her: wow you know him

Me: Yoh!

I rolled my eyes then hang up I then called May 

May: friend 

Me: babe Universe sent the slut to Durban 

Her: what? Universe is betraying me again!?

Me: she even fought me

Her: she did what!?

Me: That girl will do anything for Magamase 

Her: Then she is better off death !

I could hear her breathing heavily 

Me: I have a much better plan ! 

Her: what is that? 

Me: Just come back you will see  _


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