{Sis MAY}

I really don't know what to do right now! I am disgusted disappointed angry no I am furious! I can't believe Hamilton Kopano is doing this to me! Having sex with cheap sl*ts in his office? I thought he was a decent young man! I thought he was better than this! I gave him benefit of the doubt. I humiliated myself and agreed to marry him! I am not sure if I want to walk down the aisle anymore! At least not with him! He is such a boy! People are laughing that I am dating a 25 year old! That's humiliation enough but this? 

Me: what the hell is going on here_?

Hammer jumped off Magamase he was shocked to see him. Their clothes were all over the office they were all naked having sex on his dest

Hammer: Baby __


I didn't have no energy I couldn't hold the tears anymore and I am not going to wipe them no! This breaks my heart I have a right to cry Hammer betrayed me

Magamase stood up smiling at me! This b*tch!.....this b*tch has a nerve the audacity!  to smile at me. I couldn't move I don't know I wanted to jump into her and beat the living hell out of her but I was just standing there!

Magamase: Oops :)

She said with a smile. Hammer gave her death stare

She laughed sarcastically.  Then went to her clothes 

Her: Granny you disturbed our third round :p

Hammer slapped her so hard on her face. That statement was a knife in my heart

Me: I can't do this___

I said that with my hands in the air I ran to the door. Hammer ran after me

Him: baby I can e....

I slammed the door on his face. I didn't want to hear it! He just said he can explain? Really? He is going to explain to me how good that trash's cookie is!?

I went to the elevator. It didn't want to open. I took out my phone I called Emily

Emily: babes

Me: Emily i just found Hamilton having sex with his former PA in his office 

Emily: what?! I am downstairs I am coming up

Me: wai...

She hung up I don't have a choice I have to wait for her. The elevator opened she came out taking off her heels.

Her: where are they _?

Me: I am going to Mthatha I am late I can't do this Emily :'(

Her: where are they? I got this!

Me: I am taking the private jet :'(

Her: F*ck! Just talk! 

Me: the office

She ran away then yelled 

Her: take the jet and go!!!!

She went fuming running to the office I took the elevator. I went down stairs. I called Rhabaxa when I got to my car

Rhabaxa: bozza

Me: Please drive Nobuntu to the Smith mansion I am leaving with her you will find the jet waiting there 

Him: where is the jet? I have a date bozza 

Me: Rhabaxa! Don't test me!!! Don't you know where the plane is?

I was shouting 

Him: Golf course lady April 

He said that with a low voice 

Me: I want to find Nobuntu there do you hear me!?

Him: yes ma'am 

I hung up

Me: Stupid boy_

I dialled Universe number 

Universe: mom

Me: don't call me that!__

Her: what is going on mom!?

Me: what is it that you want from me Universe :'( ?

I was shouting and sniffing

Her: mom you are crying what's wrong ?

Me: if you planed this! You and your trash will pay when I come back from Mthatha

Her: what are you talking about! ?

Me: I found your trash f*cking my man in the office _!

Her: What!?

I hung up she brought that trash into my life! I hate her! And she is going to pay!


I was with mom and grandma watching TV when I heard a door bell ring. I went to open. It was Carlos what the hell is he doing here? He had flowers in his hands

Him: hello :)

Me: ☹

He can't show up here! He broke my sisters heart and his sugar mama is here my mother that is :(

Madlamini: Zonke don't be rude let the guest in!

I moved he came in my mom was standing with a bowl of fruit salad eating when she saw Carlos she let go of the bowl

Madlamini: Nobuntu! 

I gave mom death stare

Madlamini: who are you young boy

Me: this grandma is Mzonke Qakathayo's son he was dating Universe 

Madlamini: what happened ?

I looked at Carlos then at mom

Rhabaxa came down

Rhabaxa: Nobuntu bozza says we will find her at Smith mansion 

Mom: I am not leaving tonight tell her :)

She said that looking at Carlos with a naughty look

I looked at grandma

Me: Grandma do you know why mom changed her mind about leaving?

Madlamini: No I am surprised she couldn't wait anymore now suddenly she is not leaving 

Me: she is sleeping with this boy☹

I said looking at Carlos fuming

Nobuntu: Zonke!

Carlos looked down

Madlamini: Intoni! (what!)

Me: yes that's why Universe dumped this boy!

Nobuntu: stop lying Zonke

Madlamini: I thought you changed

She said standing up fuming going to my mom

Mom: Rhabaxa let's go 

She ran out gran didn't run after her. I looked at Carlos 

Me: Out_!

Carlos: Can I see Universe? 

Madlamini stood up she went for the Broom Carlos ran out

Madlamini: My family is cursed ! We really need to go to church 

Me: I agree with you grandma :(


Carlos and I we have been having sex but no talk of relationship. I am getting impatient now! I need to talk to NomaThongo 

Me: NomaThongo! 

She said she is with me all the time I can't connect with her! We lost connection

Me: Damn it! NomaThongo talk! 

No response! I guess I will have to call her 

 I took my phone 

NomaThongo: Charice 

Me: what is going on? 

Her: what do you mean?

Me: why you not talking  when I call your name? 

Her: why should I follow your instructions when you can't follow mine!?

Me: what do you mean!? Carlos went to her! He said he wants to make things right with Universe why did you let that happen?

Her: why you don't follow my orders?

Me: what orders? 

Her: did you apologise to that white woman!?

Dammit I forgot 

Me: shit it slip my mind I am sorry Thongo 

She hung up on me


I ran to Hamilton's office when I got there. I found them kissing. They looked drunk the office smelt a bar

Me: Hamilton you are unbelievable! You still continue with this even after you got caught!

Hammer: why not? I am dead already that crazy woman is going to kill me

He said that with a drunk voice  Magamase pulled Hamilton to him. My stomach boiled at that instant

Magamase: where were we lover boy?

She said that kissing Hamilton. 

Me: I am sorry to do this Hamilton you will be a problem 

I said that pulling him he turned around i kicked his balls so hard. He went down.

Me: Now it's me and you little wh*re !__

I went to her fuming I beat the hell out of her with my heel she was bleeding I kept hitting her head she managed to push me then she ran out

Me: That was nothing compared to what May is going to do to you! 

I said yelling then elevator closed with her in it


I was ready for our date that guy said we have a date at 3 now he changes his mind he says now

Robert: I wonder why he changed his mind

I looked at him

Me: good question

I said that fixing my my hair I don't have long hair. 

Me: I don't trust him I have to go with my knife I will stab him to death if he tries to be smart

Him: I don't think he knows you 

Me: he better or I will stab his ass :(

Robert laughed 

Me: I have to go

I went to him we kissed 

Him: make me proud 

Me: you know me :)

I went to the car I drove to town. It was just a 10 minutes drive because of traffic lights we live in town. I got at Paul kruger street he said we will meet there next to that little Park. I packed then got out of the car. My phone rang it was a number I don't know. I was busy concentrating on it because this person was buzzing not calling. Then I felt something hit my head I turned around 

Her: Nondindwa! (b*tch!)

She kept on hitting me I just smiled at her she is pissing me off! I don't want to act here 

Her: Leave my husband alone!

Damn it! this guy didn't tell me he was married. I ran to the park I went under the tree she was still beating me up people were watching. When we got under the tree I took out my knife. 

Me: Goodbye __

I blocked the stick. Her eyes popped out stabbed her just above her breast I guess I got the heart! She went down immediately! I stabbed her stomach when I stabbed the heart again I could see she was already gone

Me: say hi to your ancestors ___

I sucked her blood from the knife then I ran to my car when I stabbed the heart again I could see she was already gone

Me: say hi to your ancestors ___

I sucked her blood from the knife then I ran to my car I drove off.

{Sis MAY}

I was in a plane with Nobuntu and John the pilot! I was in my own world thinking I don't want to be disturbed when I am thinking and Nobuntu was doing a great job by being quiet. I sent Qhamani an sms to come to the airport 

John: we here 

Me: oh already 

Me: John can you sleep here  I want to go home tomorrow early in the morning 

Him: I didn't plan that though I don't have any card with me

Me: you will sleep in my house with my nephew 

I want to sleep at my brother's house today I need to be at home so that my Ancestors can visit me. 

We walked out we left the jet there we went to the car I took the front seat John and Nobuntu took the back seat 

Me: boy 

Him: hey aunt let's go 

He drove very fast.

Me: we first take John to my house then we go to your home boy 

Him: Yes ma'am

The drive was very short just what I want we got to my house we went to show John his room


I was helping Funky prepare the dinner in fact we were done with it. Qhamani told me that my sister is coming. I decided against telling Funeka I want to surprise her she is going to meet my sister for the first time

Funeka: Who are these guests baby?

Me: you will have to wait 

Her: I am not good with surprises

Me: tough my baby tough 

I said kissing her

Her: baby I was thinking

Me: yes?

We were preparing the table she came to me brushing my shoulders

Her: Nobuntu can't be trusted you know her and her behaviour with men

Me: yes? 

Her: how about you sign everything to me. And change your will :)

That was unexpected 

Me: why?? I am young I am only 38 you talk like I am dying 

Her: things happen baby :)

Me: No! I don't like this conversation 

Then I heard a car outside I pulled her hand 

Me: it's just go welcome our guests

Her: :(

Me: smile you want my sister to see you grumpy 

I said opening the door 

She let go of my hand

Her: your sister is here_?

Me: yes baby :)

Then I looked at the door 

Me: welcome guys

It was May Nobuntu and Qhamani when I looked at Funeka she was no longer next to me

Me: where is this woman now? 

I said looking next to me 

May: she came to the door with you? 

I nodded she pushed me out of the way she ran in

Me: what is going on!?

{Sis MAY}

I pushed my brother out of the way! She is not getting away with this never I saw her running to the stairs she was about to the first step I ran to her she was wearing heels she ran up then missed a stab she rolled down 

Me: Come down b*tch__

I said that taking out my gun she was already out 

Vuyani: what are you doing May !?

He came running Qhamani blocked his dad his dad fell he didn't let him up. I shot Funky with all the bullets on my gun her dress had hole of my bullets her chest was a mess Vuyani was crying for me to stop Nobuntu had her hands on her eyes she didn't want to see this

Me: No one messes with my family___

I said that then spit on her lifeless body. Then I went to Nobuntu I helped her stand up

Me: You do what you did in April again I will do way worse that what I did to your sister__

Nobuntu: ______

She was nodding with tears running down 

Me: Boy we need to bury the body at the back yard now!

I said that looking at Qhamani 

Him: Yes ma'am :)

I walked to the table I took a chicken drumstick I took a big bite

Me: Anyone joining me at the table :( ?

I said that sitting down 

Vuyani: ____


Me: oh.... 

I took a glass I pored a glass of juice I gulped all of it

Me: The both of you made me the person I am today and you gonna dig her grave__

I said that kicking Funky's dead body then I walked away 


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