Dammit! I can't believe this stupid man decided to call me so early in the morning! I have been ignoring his calls I don't know why I decided to answer now!. I guess when God decide to expose you he chooses times like these ! I have to think! I have to be smart about this I mean Hammer is not stupid! I have to say something convincing to him! There is no time to stutter now.I have to put my head up and face this man. ...

I hang up the call immediately! ....

Me: Baby! I didn't see you there :)

I saidwearing a fake smile ....

Hammer: Charice who wants to ruin our wedding?  

I went where my baby was sleeping. I took him then tried to breast feed him...

Hammer: Baby I am talking to you!

Me: baby I don't want to talk to you about this.

Him: ain't we suppose to be a team in this relationship? If we can't be honest to each other now what is the use of this wedding?

Did he just say that? I have to think fast!....

Me: Baby you know that we planned for 350 guests.

Him: yes? 

I put the baby down I went to Hammer I put my hands on his neck...


Me: I hate family members who never showed no interest in your life! Suddenly when you get married they want to be part of it :'(

I was teary now and my tears did their magic again!....

Him: Hey baby don't cry what is it? Who is this family member? 

Me: My uncles from mom's side. they hated my mom now they want to come. I tod them we catered for 350 guests and  they said it's not their problemthey are coming baby! :'(

I was crying now for real. Well I am crying because I am scared that next time I won't be this luckyhe is going to find out what's going on and I'm going to kiss this good life goodbye :'( ...

Him: okay baby? it's fine we can do exception for extra 20 people. just call them and tell them they are welcome to come :)

Me: oh babyyou are so sweet but you didn't have to.

I said that kissing his lipswe kissed for few seconds then he pulled out...

Him: bath my little girl we have a busy day.

Me: yes Mr Kopano :p

Him: love you :p

Me: love you more hubby

Him: to be! Not yet 

He laughed then walked out

I let out a heavy sigh...

Me: that was close.

I went to check if he disappeared to the room yes he did I locked the nursery. I have to call one of the Thugs I know his name is Jaco. we are both from the Cape flats in Cape town& he works as a petrol attendant at some Garage in town. I dialled his number....

Jaco: Charice 

Me: hey Jaco how are you?

Jaco: what a surprise I am good how are you?

I rolled my eyes ....

Me: I am great man thanks. I have a job for you.

Him: ja I am listening.

Me: Do you know the Smith family? 

Him: ja I know you mean Mr Gregory 's family?

Me: exactly! I want you to do some business for me in their house.

Him: what is that Charice? 

Me: I want you to go to their house on Friday night and......

I then checked the door ....

Him: and what?

Me: I want you to go their garage and make sure they can't drive any car the next day! Do something stab the wheels or something I don't know what you gonna do okay :'(

Him: hey calm down! Are you okay?

Me: I feel like Gregory is gonna ruin my wedding and I want to make sure that he doesn't go anyway on Saturday please help me! O want his car wheels flat that day.

Him: why would that man do that to you though? 

Me: hey Jaco! you are not suppose to ask questions just do as I say.I will pay you good money.

Him: okay consider it done!

Me: great!

I hang up. I don't want Gregory there On my wedding day. i feel like this man wants to ruin my life and I won't let him! I can't lose the man I worked so hard to be withNO :'( !


I don't know what is going on with Charice lately she is so secretive and jumpy  I have no idea what the hell is wrong with her. This is suppose to be the happiest moment of our lives we are getting married but here she isso secretive and jumpy! That uncle story I didn't buy I just let it go I don't want to fight her not now we are getting married in 2 days we are suppose to be joyful now. I heard from the news last night that May is taking the stand today and she is also going to be sentenced I wish her the best. I don't want to get involved! I am done with that life I am a respected CEO of a multi million company. I can't be associated with such peopleno never! I won't let it happen again! It's just a pity that she is carrying my babies

I don't know how am I going to see them but what I know is that I will never visit her in prison! I'd rather live without knowing my children.  I don't care! The only important thing to me right now is my business. 


Nodo not tell me that we are back to square one! No! I want my mother home! She is a wreck.I can tell by looking at her. She is broken I hate seeing her like this I mean she is 8months pregnant for God's sake. we have to get her out of this prison she doesn't belong here .

After Mr Botha asked that bomb question I couldn't read Emily's face! I couldn't tell if she was disappointed in herself or she was mad that she didn't think of that one!

I was still looking at her with tears in my eyes.

She fleshed a conniving smile...


Emily: Who do you think I am Mr Botha?

She saidstanding up from the chair.she went to the side where my mother was sitting she massaged her shoulders.....

Her: When I came here I had everything calculated I brought my I.T guru he removed all the trace of the docket file ;)

She then kissed my mom's cheek.

I jumped up then went to my mom. I hugged her Mr Botha went to Emilyhe high five her....

Me: did you hear that mom? You are going home :'(

I uttered those words with tears in my eyes....

Emily: MayI told you baby! I got you.nowMr Botha can you go get this thing over with?!

Mr Botha: Yes ma'am :)

He walked out ....

Mom: Thank you so much Emily babe :)

She stood up then went to hug Emily they hugged for few seconds then broke it....

Mom: sweetiehow did you get the docket?

Emily looked down I also want to know how she got it I can't wait to hear this one I looked at Emily with my hands folded on my chest waiting for her to explain....

Emily: Promise you won't judge me :'(

She was teary...

Mom: what? No baby you did this for me why would I judge you? Sweetie you didn't judge me after you found out that I killed people.

She then looked at me I guess she wanted to know if I won't judge her why would I? She has been nothing but a great friend to my step mom. there's no way I would judge her....

Me: I will never judge you Mrs Smith.

She swallowed her saliva she took a deep sigh. I was so impatient to know....

Her: Let's sit down.

We sat down looking at herwaiting for her to tell us what's going on...

Emily: Mfazwe.... I asked Mfazwe to steal the docket from Nomalanga your mother. 

She saidlooking at me.....

Me: She is not my mother :(

I then folded my hands...

Her: sorry babe :)

She smiled ....

Her: I was willing to pay him any amount of money.

She then looked down...

Mom: then what happened?

Emily: he said he wanted a million rands.

We were shocked to hear that! This man is money hungry I guess Police don't get paid enough....

Us: What!?

Her: That's not all

Mom: No! What else?

Her: he wanted to sleep with me.

Us: What!?

This is ridiculous! So many demands! I know my mom deserves life in jail for killing so many people but this man is such a dirty pervet man!

She continued....

Her: Yesterday I had to lie to my husband I told him I had a gala dinner in Johannesburg I slept with detective Mfazwe at my Hotel :'( .

My mom's hands were on her mouth she was amazed by what Emily did for her! So many sacrifices..

Mom: You did all that for me :'( ?

Emily stood up she went to hug mom.....

Emily: I want you to give birth in a comfortable environment I want you to raise your babies in a warm homenot here! I feel dirty for sleeping with Mfazwe but it was worth it.

Wow I can't believe this woman..this is just amazing she is what I call a real friend to mom...


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