A lot has happened! I mean something I have worked on and failed to make was done by someone else and accomplished exceptionally well! YesI am talking about May.I decided to let it go little did I know that someone else was working on the same goal as me! I was so happy when I heard that May got arrested and I can't believe it's been 9months and she's been behind bars. My wife tried everything to free May but she failed! I couldn't be happier! My wife has no idea that May stabbed her in the back and slept with me. I guess my wife is a good person. that's why I love her so much! But I feel like people like May take advantage of her kindness and that pisses me off but there's nothing I can do my wife doesn't trust me anymore after she heard and saw the things I have been up to nothing I say matters to her anymore but I know she loves me. I have been faithful to her all these months and I am proud of myself. I heard that Charice had given birth to a baby girl. I can't wait to see my daughter I tried to call her so many times but she doesn't wanna speak to me! She doesn't take my calls and that breaks my heart . Emily and I have two boysthey are studying overseas. Charice's child is my first daughter I want to be part of my baby girl's life.she's denying me that opportunity! If I wasn't scared of my wifeI would go to the Kopano house and see my child but that would only cause problems for Hamilton and Charice then that will mean my wife is gonna find out that I made my PA Pregnant. That would be the end of us. But there's something weird about this whole thing why didnt May tell Emily about Charice carrying my baby? I mean they are buddies after all see this selfishness I say about May? She is not the real friend to my wife. Another thing that makes me confused is the fact that my wife is so happy and her happiness is just super weirdit's like she is pretending! She is up to something no! actually let me change that! She is up to no good! I am just praying that it has nothing to do with ending our marriage! I love that woman! 


It's Thursday morningthe day of the trialthat is not going to happen :p! Guys I have done something really bad! I sacrificed a lot to free May. Because I walked in with Universe you might think Universe was part of the plan no! She is not! Universe landed that dayshe just came back from East London to finish her degree. I am not proud of what I did but that doesn't matter.My best friend is going to be freethat's all that matters to me! I have planned so many things. I didn't know I can be this conniving! I surprised myself too but I don't care. I woke up early and took a shower.I dressed up in a tight Jean red top and a blue jacket. I just let my hair hang looseI took my handbag.my husband was still asleep he is a boss at her job anyway.so he always go to work late. I took my car keys then let. I started the engine then I thought of Mr Botha May's lawyer. I have to call him. I dialed his number while on the way to May's house to pick up Universe. Mr Botha's phone rang 3 times& he answered...

Mr Botha: good morning Mrs Smith.

Me: how are you Mr Botha?

Mr Botha: it's a beautiful day I am great :)

Me: it is.isn't it?

I then giggled.....

Him: what is on your mind? I am getting ready to go to the station.

Me: I called about that I need a favour.

Him: yes?

Me: if it happens that they free May before I get there please keep her there! I don't want her to go home yet. We will take her to the Hotel.

Him: Why?

Me: you don't have to know everything but let me just say her boyfriend is getting Married Saturday who knows we might attend.

I did the devil laugh again.....

Him: ha ha ha! You guys are unbelievable .

Me: I know :p

Him: okay.Consider it done.

Me: and Mr Botha?

Him: yes?

Me: would you talk to the parole board to keep May's release a secret? You know the publicthey might say she is not welcome in the outside world.

Him: you are right about that thank you Mrs Smith.

Me: see you later Mr Botha.

Him: Bye .

I hang up I didn't know the call took this long that I saw myself at the gate of May's apartment.

They opened for me I drove in I packed my car. I went to knock a young boy opened....

Him: Good morning ma'am

He said that brushing his eyes

a young boy opened....

Him: Good morning ma'am

He said that brushing his eyes I guess I am a early bird....

Me: Good morning boy can I come in?

Him: of course.

He moved aside I walked in...

Me: I am Mrs Smith May's friend

Him: I am Qhamani her nephew we got here last night for the trial.

Me: okay boy go back to bed just call Universe for me I will make myself a cup of coffeeif you don't mind.

He smiled ....

Him: feel at home.

Me: Thank you boy.

He walked up I didn't have breakfast in my house because I didn't want my husband waking up and asking questions he doesn't know about May's release why would I tell him? He doesn't really care about my friend. Universe walked down .....

Universe: Mrs Smith! 

Me: Don't tell me you just woke up!

Her: it's too early it's 7 am!

Me: so you want them to release your mom without us?

Her: No. but....

Me: No buts! Remember we should be there so that we can take her to my hotel without anyone seeing her. now go take a quick shower and pick an outfit for May! 

Her: yes ma'am

Me: Make sure there's a hat and sunglasses.

Her: okay coolI'll be back soon!

Me: cool.

I sipped my coffeeI didn't struggle because May had a coffee machine so I made it quick....


It's show time! I can't wait to see May leave this dumb place! May is one of my favorite clients.she respects me and she trusts me and my workshe has recommended so many people to me so this is why I feel bad that I couldn't take her out of here! What surprises me is the fact that she still believes in me even though I disappointed her! I guess that shows how great she is as a person. I know some people label her as this evil woman! They don't know her. get to know May you will see how exceptional she is. Yesshe told me everything! I can't blame her for the things she did to stay out of jail! No one wants to go there! Besides all of those people wronged her!

I packed my car then went in Universe and Mrs Smith were sitting on the chairs at the reception area....

Me: Good morning guys

Them: Mr Botha

Me: I will be right back.

I said that passing them going to the receptionist...

Me: Viola.

She looked up.....

Her: Good morning Mr Botha how can I be at your help this morning :)

Me: is Nomalanga in yet? :)

Her: yes he just got in.

Me: Thank you :)

Her: Mr Botha!

I turned around...

Me: yes Viola 

Her: Good luck for today.

I fleshed a smile....

Me: I don't need itViola but thanks anyway ;)

I walked back to the two ladies there's something bothering me though....

Me: Emily we shouldn't have our hopes up before I know the answer of this question.

She sat up straight looking a bit nervous....

Her: Yes?

Me: Did you delete the Docket file from their system too? Because they have the copy and the one on the system .

Universe looked at her.Oh God! don't tell me she didn't! I am so defeated as the lawyer :'( back to square one


It's Thursday and Saturday I am getting married.I am excited to marry my gorgeous CEO ! We moved from the town house my baby bought us a big house in a classy quiet high class area. We were in bed he was sleeping peacefully! I can't believe my man is going to be all mine on Saturday! I thank the person who nailed that May!

While I was busy admiring my fiance.  I heard my baby crying.I woke up I took my phone then went to the door. I can't leave my phone while Gregory is busy calling me! This man wanna ruin things for me! I got to the nurserymy phone rang! You won't believe who it is! It's Gregory :'( what the hell does this man want from me? He asked me to abort my child now all of the sudden he wants to be part of it?....

Me: What?

Him: Hello to you too mother of my daughter .

He said with a sleepy voice it sounded sexy but I don't care!....

Me: Stop calling me that! 

I shouted! this man is really pissing me off....

Him: the only thing I want is to see my daughter that's all .

Me: she is not your daughter!

I said that in a low voice....

Me: what do you want?you're going to ruin my wedding! 

" who wants to ruin our wedding? " said a voice behind me! God its Hammer. I am dead!


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